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In our industry, operational excellence is key to success. With the ever-present risk of well control events, let us help you stay one step ahead.

Our team of experts uses their knowledge of processes, standards, regulations, and industry best practices to conduct a qualitative analysis that compares your company's operational practices with benchmarked standards. We deliver accurate consequence analysis and comprehensive recommendations that meet industry standards, so you can be confident in your operations and minimize the risk of well control events.

Wellhead audit
Wellhead audit

rig audits

We offer auditing on equipment and services

Boots & Coots performed 188 rig audits for a major operator in the US within two years, resulting in a 22% increase in operational excellence scores in one region.

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AUdit Benefit

The audit’s findings allowed us to see our strengths and weaknesses so we could identify areas of focus. Outside of the formal classroom, they are some of the best training tools we have.

Drilling Safety Manager, Major Operator

A unique web-based action-tracking program is available for you to see the status of action items as they are implemented. We offer a variet of audits, including:

  • Coiled tubing audit
  • Well control readiness audit (drilling rig well control equipment audit)
  • Flowback audit
  • Frac audit
  • Rig audit
  • Snubbing audit
  • Wellhead audit
  • Wireline audit
  • Workover – completion rig audit

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