Based on the success of the Halliburton Evo-Trieve® retrievable bridge plug design, the MEV0™ mid-expansion retrievable bridge plug is a high-performance retrievable monobore plugging device that can be set at a predetermined point anywhere in the tubing or casing. With more than a decade of field-proven success, the Evo-Trieve bridge plug continues to meet operator requirements for reliable intervention solutions. The MEV0 mid-expansion retrievable bridge plug offers the same proven features as the original Evo-Trieve bridge plug design and is V0-qualified per API11D1 4th Edition for up to 5,000 psi and 212°F with the capability to pass tighter restrictions than standard bridge plug offerings. It features a chassis that includes large slip and element footprints for improved pressure-holding capability and minimized tubing/casing damage. The MEV0 mid-expansion retrievable bridge plug can be deployed via slickline, e-line, coiled tubing, workstring, and the RELAY™ digital slickline system and can be retrieved with industry-standard GS pulling tools.


  • Standard model supplied with H2S packing element system
  • Superior proven debris tolerance
  • Field-tested packoff system withstands pressure reversals across the plug
  • Industry-preferred jar down equalizing feature
  • Easy-access retrievability tool engagement in highly deviated well profiles


  • Based on a field-proven reliable design with successful global track record
  • Wellsite friendly—no special redress tools necessary
  • Capability to pass tight restrictions within the well completion

Design and application

  • Temporary or permanent qualified mechanical barrier
  • Compatible with eRED® valves to save time and reduce risk by eliminating interventions during well operations
  • Readily adapted to install pressure gauges or the DynaLink® wireless acoustic telemetry system to monitor below the tool in real time
  • Suited for deep-set barrier applications and shallow-set well plugging applications before Christmas tree removals and repairs to surface wellhead equipment

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