Pressure differential (velocity) subsurface controlled wireline-retrievable safety valves

Storm Choke™ J safety valves are velocity-type, wireline- retrievable valves that are normally opened, direct-controlled valves. These valves operate on a spring-loaded, flow bean, pressure-differential principle and are designed for high-volume wells. A through-conduit design lessens turbulence and the possibility of sanding-up after closing. A detent mechanism provides a positive snap action closure at the valve’s predetermined disaster rate. A metal-to-metal ball and seat assembly is used for the primary closure mechanism seal.

When the valve is operating, a spring holds it off its seat until the well flow reaches a predetermined rate. When the pressure differential across the bean exceeds the spring force, as a result of a rupture in a flowline or the surface equipment, the valve is designed to close and shut the well. To reopen, the valve pressure must be fully equalized either by applying pressure in the tubing from the surface or by running a prong to allow equalization from below. When pressure is equalized, the spring will open the valve automatically.





  • High-rate wells
  • Deep-set applications 
  • Wells with no provisions for surface-controlled valves 


  • Detent mechanism 
  • Metal-to-metal ball and seat assembly  
  • Through-conduit design


  • Positive snap-action closure
  • Through-conduit design lessens turbulence and sand-fouling problems
  • Run and set by standard wireline methods 
  • Adaptable to any Halliburton lock mandre
  • Designed to locate in any Halliburton landing nipple
  • Can be located on large bore intervention packers 

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