Tubing-pressure (ambient) subsurface-controlled wireline-retrievable safety valves

Storm Choke™ H safety valves are ambient-type, wireline-retrievable valves that are normally closed and pre-charged with a set dome pressure. When the well flowing pressure drops below the predetermined dome-pressure charge, as a result of a rupture in the flowline or surface equipment, the dome pressure and valve spring are designed to close the valve, shutting in the well.

The H valve is used in wells producing large volumes of abrasive fluids. Its large bore is not restricted by a flow bean. The valve is designed to resist pressure surges. A metal-to-metal ball and seat is used as the primary closure mechanism.

The H valve is ideal for protecting wells with declining bottomhole pressure because this valve is tubing-pressure sensitive instead of velocity sensitive. To reopen, the valve pressure must be fully equalized either by applying pressure in the tubing from the surface or by running a prong to allow equalization from below. The valve will reopen when the tubing pressure acting on the internal piston area overcomes the dome charge.



  • Wells producing large volumes of abrasive fluids 
  • Wells with declining bottomhole pressure » Wells with no provisions for surface-controlled valves


  • Large bore not restricted by a flow bean 
  • Metal-to-metal ball and seat 
  • Designed to resist pressure surges


  • Closes as flowing conditions change 
  • Ball closure cleans itself of debris 
  • Can be used in severe environment wells 
  • Installed and retrieved under pressure using wireline methods 
  • Adaptable to any Halliburton lock mandrel 
  • Designed to locate in any Halliburton landing nipple 
  • Straight-through flow path 
  • Can be located on large bore intervention packers

Storm Choke safety valves offerings

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Subsurface Safety Valves

Subsurface Safety Valves

Halliburton tubing-retrievable and wireline-retrievable subsurface safety valves are a field-proven solution for operators.


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