Innovative and trusted technology to help you imagine, design, build, and assess your ESP design and performance.

SpyGlass ESP Pump-Sizing Software is a cloud-based, cross-platform web application with online and offline capabilities streamlining and integrating several data sources, transforming trust-worthy insights into long-term ESP success.

Easy to use. Fast. Intuitive. Trusted.

  • Industry-leading cloud-based ESP design and analysis application
  • Works on and adapts to any mobile device with seamless online and offline capabilities
  • Built on a foundation of trusted Summit engineering data
  • Utilizes a robust correlation suite of industry-defined algorithms 
  • Allows users to define their unique production goals
  • Intuitive, customizable user interface guides users to ensure practical designs even with minimal inputs
  • Legacy customer data and designs are automatically loaded
  • Multivariate input analysis to quickly model what-if scenarios for optimal performance
  • Power cost studies available for even complex designs
  • Industry-exclusive comprehensive performance evaluation function to quickly evaluate current ESP health
  • Customizable reports with dynamic scenario-driven embedded graphs and a schematic
  • Optimal online collaboration with an easy view and share report functionality
  • Designed and built exclusively by Summit engineers and monitoring personnel with a vision for future machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities

Innovative Technology You Can Trust

"The multi-case scenario comparisons make it easy to make the best choice for equipment selection. We realized a huge cost savings. SpyGlass has been a game-changer for us."

Production Engineer
SpyGlass Pump-Sizing Software
SpyGlass Pump-Sizing Software

The SpyGlass difference

Whether on a PC, tablet, or mobile device, you can design and troubleshoot your pumping system with almost 100 custom-built alerts to guide you in the equipment selection process.

Customizable layouts further enhance design capabilities with embedded graphs and equipment-specific calculations.

Once in production, we take a holistic approach to system analysis, offering comprehensive performance evaluations so you can quickly assess your ESP operating health.

Easy to use 

  • Exclusive customizable interface
  • Agile and fast connectivity
  • Useable across all device platforms - PCs, tablets, and mobile devices
  • Flexible interfaces to quickly change data inputs for complex designs
  • Offline capabilities that automatically uploaded data into our database upon returning to connectivity
  • Quick Start Guide provided
  • Dark mode option available
  • Integration of historical data included

Data integrity and validation 

  • Extracting value from data to leverage the greatest wellbore performance
  • What-if scenario analysis to provide reassurance
  • Built for future artificial intelligence and machine learning abilities

Design and build

  • Design pump, even with limited wellbore data input
  • Build pump to theoretical wellbore needs
  • Display detailed charts and graphs with scenario-driven options
  • Calculate components for specific elements
  • Qualify equipment performance using comprehensive graphs
  • Actionable alerts relating to equipment design specifications to ensure practical design
  • Create PDF and print dynamic detailed schematic


Analysis and reports

  • Detailed sizing reports
  • Power cost studies
  • Calculate carbon footprint
  • Comprehensive performance evaluations
  • Current health of wellbore operation and production


The entire dedicated Summit ESP team, including engineers and monitoring personnel, is available every step of the way, from the design and build phase to reporting and performance evaluations, to help you maximize your production.

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SpyGlass™ ESP Pump-Sizing Software

SpyGlass™ ESP Pump-Sizing Software

Cloud-based application for designing and assessing electric submersible pump performance.


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