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SPIDR is a well testing and well surveillance solution that captures high-quality well data without wellbore intervention.

Unconventional DFIT™ Testing Analysis
Unconventional DFIT™ Testing Analysis

Unconventional Well Testing

  • Diagnostic Fracture Injection Testing (DFIT™)
  • Test ultra-low permeability formations in real time for reservoir and formation properties
  • Analysis of the DFIT data can be used to optimize the hydraulic frac design

Accurate conversion to downhole pressures

For gas wells, Halliburton uses a proprietary modification of the Cullender-Smith routine to convert wellhead pressures to bottom hole pressures. For water production or injection, we use an incompressible-flow model. For accurate conversion to BHP of oil wells, the accuracy varies with the quality of the input data (i.e., rates, pressures, and PVT recombination information). Based on test objectives and well conditions, we can optimize the test procedure to mitigate or eliminate possible sources of error. For multiphase wells, we have developed proprietary correlations that can handle mist, annular mist, bubble, dispersed bubble, and churn flow.

SPIDR Data is equivalent to Downhole Data
SPIDR Data is equivalent to Downhole Data

Nonintrusive, highly effective 

Customers use the SPIDR system for pressure-transient testing without the cost and risk of running gauges downhole. Because the SPIDR is nonintrusive, it can be used to test wells where downhole gauges are impractical, including: 

  • Highly deviated wells
  • Horizontal wells
  • Wells with tubing restrictions
  • Sour-gas wells
  • High-pressure wells
  • Wells with high bottomhole temperature

Accuracy by design

SPIDR acquires high resolution pressure data at the wellhead during flowing and shut-in, which is then converted to bottomhole conditions. The conversion is accurate for wells that have no standing liquid column. Halliburton has proven the SPIDR system on thousands of wells all over the world for more than 25 years. 

SPIDR specifications

Full-Scale Pressure

15,000 psi (103 MPa)

Resolution (Internal Transducer)

0.01 psi (68.95 Pa)


≤0.01% of full scale


≤0.01% of full scale


≤0.01% of full scale


≤0.01% of full scale

Thermal Compensation

Indicated pressures unaffected by ambient temperature changes within the operating ambient temperature range of 15°F to 180°F (-26°C to 82°C.)

Maximum Memory Capacity

16,000,000 data sets in single-channel mode

Power Supply

alkaline "D" cells

Dimensions, LxWxH

5-3/4 in. x 5-3/4 in. x 9 in. (146 mm x 146 mm x 229 mm)


8.5 lb (3.8kg)


Modified cast-aluminum Class 1, Group D enclosure with chemical-resistant finish

Programmable Sample Logic

Data storage rate controlled by programmable sample interval and pressure window

Sample Rate

One per second

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