Faster well delivery with quick and reliable downhole information 

The QuickPulse automated directional gamma service from Halliburton delivers quick and reliable downhole information to help operators drill longer laterals faster, make sound decisions, and reduce well time.   

The service provides downhole updates as fast as every 3 seconds and transmits surveys in as little as 24 seconds, with strong pulse signals that consistently transmitted to surface through friction reduction devices.  

Its small-footprint design allows faster rig-up time and minimizes a need for human intervention for downhole operations.

Small-footprint design

The simple design of QuickPulse system allows up to 70% faster rig-up time. The surface detection is fully automated, allowing the system to be fully operated remotely in downhole. Through the rigsite automation, the system brings minimal physical footprints at rig site and reduction of health, safety, and environment (HSE) exposure.

Introducing QuickPulse™ Automated Directional Gamma Service

View how QuickPulse™ can help faster and consistent well delivery.

Introducing QuickPulse™ Automated Directional Gamma Service

Key Benefits

Reducing Well Time

  • Obtain faster data rates

  • Minimize invisible NPT caused by Friction Reduction Devices (FRDs)

  • Increase BHA longevity for longer runs through automated detection 

  • Reduce HSE risks and increase drilling efficiency with large flow rate ranges

Drilling to Produce

  • Drill longer laterals with increased detection range 

  • Prevent steering in the wrong direction unknowingly

Enhancing Reservoir Understanding

  • Make better geosteering decisions from faster gamma updates 


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