Production and operations optimization

Halliburton helps oil and gas companies improve their production and operating efficiency by selecting and engineering the right tools and technologies. For example, Halliburton designs, implements, monitors, and optimizes artificial lift systems, using such tools as nodal analysis.

Halliburton supports oil and gas companies in developing integrated asset models encompassing the reservoir, wellbore, and surface facilities. These models can help oil and gas companies identify and eliminate bottlenecks, improve operating efficiency, and reduce costs per BOE.

Halliburton is a leader in digital oilfield design and implementation.  Digital oilfield technology enables oil and gas companies to identify upsets in real time and assess the causes of problems, such as unexpected production declines, using automated engineering, digital twins, and data analytics. The results are lower downtime and more efficient day-to-day field operations to increase production and lower costs.