Maximizing Drilling Performance

The NitroForce RS High Performance Motor is designed to provide rotary steerable systems with the Torque and Power to maximize drilling performance and drill longer runs reliably. NitroForce RS motor can run above a any rotary steerable system, such as the iCruise intelligent RSS, combining the benefit of smooth and precise trajectory control together with the power to boost penetration rates and hence improve drilling performance.

The novel durable design is suited for extended reach applications. When limited by rig capacity, the system enables maximizing downhole RPMs for effective transfer of energy hence improving penetration rates and reducing well delivery time. 

Achieve longer runs

The NitroForce RS is equipped with an innovative flow restrictor device that extends the performance window of rotary steerable systems. This novel design provides a controlled flow bypass through the bearings, maintaining the hydraulic power delivered to the rotary steerable system for prolonged periods of time purposely suited for extended reach applications.

Reliable drilling performance

The NitroForce RS motor maximizes the power transfer to the bit overcoming damaging vibration mechanisms and improving the RSS system reliability.i

Extended rig capabilities

Running the NitroForce RS motor above the RSS expands the rig’s operating envelope to improve drilling performance and efficiency. The system maximizes the RPMs in rigs with limited top drive capabilities and enhances energy transfer to the bit, decreasing drag, stick and slip, and hence optimizing performance. 


  • Customized design adaptable to various applications
  • Extended runs with durable design
  • Decreased well delivery times with faster ROP
  • Improved performance with expanded rig capabilities  


  • Controlled flow restriction
  • Higher speed and higher torque power sections
  • High flow capacity  
  • High-strength titanium flex shaft transmission
  • Proprietary high-torque connections
  • Integral blade stabilizers with increased flow capacity
  • Proprietary high-performance elastomers
  • Catchers on both the rotor and mandrel

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