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Specific Challenge

Build, land, and drill lateral section in a single run, in high temperatures

REGION - United States REGION - United States

United States

REGION - United States


  • Design motor to tolerate very high temperature – up to 340°F
  • Build, land, and drill lateral section in a single run, shoe-to-shoe


Utilize NitroForce 500 motor

  • Re-designed for improved reliability in harsh environments
  • Optimized power section parameters


  • Finished drilling 7,467 ft in one shoe-to-shoe run
  • Accomplished job on time, in 114 drilling hours and 169 circulating hours
  • Navigated 10°/100 ft DLS in curve
  • Maintained < 0.5°/100 ft in lateral
  • Satisfied customer with smooth operation while running the completion string


The enhanced NitroForce® high torque, high-flow motor proved its exceptional drilling performance in the harsh, high-temperature conditions of the Eagle Ford shale formation. It enabled smooth building of the curve despite dogleg severity (DLS) of 10 degrees per 100 ft and drilling of the entire lateral to total depth (TD) in just one run, trouble-free.


The operator was challenged with running an extra string of casing and having to downsize the lateral hole to 6.75 in. To meet this requirement, they needed a premium, 5-in. motor solution capable of finishing the curve section and drilling the lateral to TD in extreme high downhole temperatures, reaching 340°F.

ft in a single curve-lateral run


Circulating hours


Downhole temperature


The 5-in. NitroForce motor with a titanium flex shaft eliminated the need for seals or rubber boots, making it able to withstand rising temperatures. It was modified to run with a high torque 6/7 10.0 extended length power section and operate at a speed of 0.84 rev/gal, able to handle flow rates up to 350 gpm. This enhanced design of the motor provided an excellent rate of penetration (ROP), enabling the well to be finished on time.


The newly designed NitroForce motor continuously drilled the entire section in 114 drilling hours and 169 circulating hours. The motor started the run with 42 degrees of inclination, and then navigated consistent doglegs to finish the curve and continue into the lateral. In the lateral, the motor equilibrium averaged less than .5°/100 ft of change while rotating, minimizing the need to slide and increasing the overall ROP. After drilling 7,467 ft, the assembly reached a TD of 20,215 ft and an ultimate bottomhole temperature of 340°F. The customer was extremely pleased with the motor’s ability to smoothly and efficiently run the completion string with the desired reliability.


Sperry Drilling Mud Motors

Sperry Drilling Mud Motors

NitroForce® High-Torque, High-Flow Motors

Re-engineered to expand the drilling envelope.

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