Source-less porosity to assess reservoir quality

The nuclear magnetic resonance measurements provided by the range of MRIL®-WD™ sensors enable early identification of critical petrophysical parameters by differentiating between moveable and bound fluids to deliver comprehensive formation evaluation. A real-time assessment of reservoir quality is achieved through a mineralogy-independent measurement of total porosity and the fractionalized porosities of microporosity, total bound fluid volume and moveable fluid volume, along with a continuous permeability estimate.

The MRIL-WD service provides viable source-less porosity answers, while also providing reservoir quality assessments in thin-bed reservoirs and low-resistivity contrast reservoirs.


  • T1 acquisition measurement provides a lateral motion-tolerant method, with minimal pre-job planning 
  • T2 acquisition method while wiping or sliding, with fluid typing using dual wait time or dual echo spacing 
  • Wide range of tool sizes and stabilizer options enables logging reservoirs in multiple hole sizes



Magnetic resonance imaging

Drill to produce

  • Increase the potential success in finding producible oil and gas while avoiding water production through real-time evaluation of the formation properties
  • Highlight reservoir “sweet spots” by identifying geosteering targets to help optimize production when combined with the GeoTap® and GeoTap IDS services

Enhance reservoir understanding

  • Identify reservoir zones often missed by conventional log data
  • Identify total porosity and moveable fluid, providing real-time assessments of reservoir quality with minimum impact from invasion

Reduce well time

  • Provide mineralogy-independent porosity assessments, removing environmental risks often associated with nuclear sources
  • Obtain fundamental petrophysical parameters without the cost, risk, and rig time associated with Wireline services
  • Identify reservoir zones with moveable fluid and permeability to optimize the formation pressure testing and sampling program


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