MC valves designed to work in injection wells

We use the MC (flapper-type) injection valves to automatically shut-in the tubing string when injection stops or flow reverses. MC injection valves are spring-loaded, wireline-retrievable valves with large bores. The MC injection valves also feature sealing areas that are out of the direct flow path. 

We designed the valves to be held open by injection pressure for fluid passage. If injection flow becomes static or reverses for any reason, the spring and/or reverse flow causes the valves to close. These valves are designed to remain closed until pressure differential across the valves is equalized and injection is resumed.


  • Injection wells


  • MC valves have sealing areas that are out of the direct flow path


  • Designed to automatically shut-in tubing string if injection is stopped or if flow reverses
  • Installed and retrieved by wireline under pressure
  • Designed to be set on various Halliburton lock mandrels
  • Can also be located on large bore intervention packers

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