High-performance and high-flow rate injection valve

We achieve high throughput using a unique valve configuration that minimizes turbulent and potentially erosive flow. Operation is not dependent on a specific flow rate, pressure, or setting depth, thus negating the need for adjustment over time. 

The valve incorporates a metal-to-metal valve and seat energized by the combination of an integral spring and well pressure acting from below. 

The WI injection valve can be deployed on a wireline lock or through-tubing pack-off device, providing flexibility not available with alternative injection valve systems. 

As a result of the simple design with fewer parts, redress and repair costs are considerably lower than those for other injection valve systems. 


  • The WI injection valve is primarily used in water injection applications as an alternative to conventional tubing or wireline-set safety valves


  • Compatible with all known lock systems
  • Dedicated designs to suit Halliburton EB0 intervention packers
  • Enhanced internal flow profile
  • Simple design and construction
  • Flow-loop testing performed to establish pressure drop versus pump rate


  • Designed to be used as a retrofit solution in water injectors in which a tubing to annulus leak has occurred
  • Designed to deploy below the leak point to eliminate uncontrolled annulus pressure increases when the injection stops

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