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1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. UAE (UTC+04:00)

Trajectory planning is one of the first steps in any preliminary well design life cycle. For a long time, this was mainly done by directional drilling companies using isolated methodologies without any sub-surface integration. For unconventional onshore development, the need for simulating more realistic scenarios of multi-well pads in a short period of time have increased exponentially year after year. The typical scenario involves heavily populated fields of vertical wells and new complex horizontal wells trajectories where the need of skilled well planners is very high. 

As the Well Planning software became popular within the geologist’s community to plan preliminary trajectories, this tool was also exposed to the drilling engineers. Both geoscientists and engineers began to collaborate and were able to make decisions in the same environment. Nowadays, drilling engineers are more involved in trajectory planning so one of the main goals of Well Planning software, part of the latest DecisionSpace® 365 Geosciences Suite, is to close the gap between drilling and geoscience workflows by adding new and enhanced features. 

This webinar will cover the S+J trajectory profile, footage calls, field summary anti-collision and gun barrel features overview in the latest release.

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Ana Armenta

Ana Armenta

Well Construction Support Analyst