Take real-time control of your well plan execution

Take real-time control of your well plan execution

Even the best plans must evolve. What if you could control well operations at your site with fewer risks and higher precision?

Landmark March 16, 2022

Even the best plans must evolve. What if you could control well operations at your site with fewer risks and higher precision? The challenge is in how to effectively manage the delivery of real-time engineering solutions across all parties at the site on an evergreen well plan in an up-to-date and relevant manner.

Digital Well Automation® is a DecisionSpace® 365 solution that helps provide real-time control of your operations from the initial plan to the as-built status. It allows you to orchestrate, connect and automate all aspects of your operation at the rig site to deliver your well construction projects reliably and efficiently.

Orchestrate, Connect, and Automate Your Well Operations

Digital Well Automation helps orchestrate the execution of your well plan directly with the driller. By ensuring consistent delivery of well plan with effective continuous improvement, you can bring down your well construction time by up to 20 percent.

Stay in Control

A connected well plan that integrates completely with rig actions and machine instructions enables you to always be in control of the execution of your well plan. This means better visibility, reduced downtime, and greater productivity for you and your team.

Stay Effective

A digital assistant that integrates your wellsite science to an open platform paves way for newer strides in design and implementation. You can combine your well activity plan with rig drilling procedures for a full-fidelity plan of execution. This can reduce the decision-making time and facilitate continuous improvement through final delivery of the as-built well plan including all the operational context and details.

Enhanced Performance

Automate orchestration of your well plan, drilling procedures, set points, and targets with your drilling rig system seamlessly – Digital Well Automation comes with fully interoperable capabilities with a growing number of rig equipment suppliers and drilling contractors to help make your operations smoother and hassle-free.

Stay Synchronized

Plan, automate, and synchronize the implementation of your well plan and wellsite services instructions with your driller and drilling rig system without breaking a sweat. Optimizing well operations was never this easy.

Stay Flexible

Automate your well construction applications and services on an open platform that also enables you to build and deploy your own solutions into the decision-making workflow. Our growing library of real-time well engineering applications can help you deploy customized data-driven solutions at the wellsite within a secure, open, and managed environment.


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