Even the best plans must evolve. The challenge is in how we effectively manage delivery of real-time well engineering solutions across all parties at the well site on an evergreen well plan that is always up to date and relevant.

Digital Well Automation® gives you real-time control of your operation from initial plan to as built status, enabling you to orchestrate, connect and automate all aspects of your operation at the rig site to deliver reliably and efficiently on your well construction projects.

Control the Operation

Orchestrate the execution of your well plan directly with the driller.

Access to the Data

Connect multiple sources of data and the full context of your operation from planned to as built status.

Enhanced Performance

Automate orchestration of your well plan, drilling procedures, set points, targets, and limits with the drilling rig system.

Up to 20% reduction in well constuction costs

Control the Operation

Stay in Control

A connected well plan that fully integrates with rig actions and machine instructions enabling you to have control of the execution of your well plan at any time.

Access to the Data

Stay Connected

Shared access to a single trusted source of all well construction data including the contextual details of the operation.

Enhanced Performance

Stay Synchronized

Automate the implementation of well plan and wellsite services instructions with the driller, and the drilling rig system.

Stay Effective

A digital assistant that integrates your wellsite science on an open platform, enabling effective continuous improvement of design and implementation.

Stay Aligned

View, analyze, and connect critical operational decisions across the extended drilling team in real-time.

Stay Flexible

Automate your well construction engineering applications and services on an open platform which also enables you to build and deploy your own solutions into the decision-making workflow.


Orchestrated Execution of the Well Plan

Integrate your well activity plan with the rig drilling procedures for a full fidelity plan of execution. Keep the plan connected and up to date in real-time, reducing decision-making time and improving continuous improvement through final delivery of the as-built well plan including all the operation context and details.

Context Driven Visualizations

Interpret and make decisions from data shown in operational context. From traditional stream data views across depth to plant level views of the drilling system, Digital Well Automation is flexible enough to provide the right visualization for any need.

Smart Alarms

Create your own custom alerts from simple limits and triggers or create complex alerts from your own algorithms and states.

AI and ML in Real-time

As well as having access to Landmark’s growing library of Real-time Well Engineering applications, you can deploy and manage your own data driven solutions at the wellsite within a secure open and managed environment.

Drilling Rig Integration

Fully interoperable capabilities with a growing number of rig equipment suppliers and Drilling Contractors

Digital Well Operations Inside

If connectivity is an issue, deploy your Landmark Digital Well Operations capabilities natively at the well site on Digital Well Automation.

IIOT Gateway Protocols

Template driven, rapid connectivity of data on any industrial or oil and gas specific data protocol makes configuration and integration of operational data easy. Digital Well Automation support WITS, WITSML, OPC-UA, OPC-DA, ModBus, TCP and UDP protocols as well as several custom rig contractors and OEM interfaces.

Cyber Security

Built around the ISA standards for automation Digital Well Automation conforms to ISA/IEC 62443 standards for safety and security of industrial control systems.

Plan and Design a Well Today. Start Drilling Tomorrow!

Plan and Design a Well Today. Start Drilling Tomorrow!

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