Advanced solutions for paraffin and asphaltene control

Halliburton offers the industry's most complete array of paraffin and asphaltene control systems. We can customize a treatment precisely to your well conditions for the most cost effective and economical remedy available. Systems are available to prevent deposition and to remove existing deposits.

Asphaltene and paraffin deposits

Asphaltene and paraffin deposits can choke off production and create expensive mechanical problems. If not properly controlled, organic deposits will restrict asset profitability due to: 

  • Decreasing production 
  • Increasing pumping pressures 
  • Fouling of level controllers by deposits 
  • Increased risk of pigging operation 
  • Reduction of storage capacity in tanks 
  • Increased demulsification difficulty

With customized treatments for asphaltene and wax deposition, Halliburton can help design a solution that will prevent deposition and remove deposits, keeping wells and productivity running smoothly. Check the chart to see what treatment is suited for your well condition. 

Solutions for asphaltene and paraffin deposits

DuraKleen® Asphaltene Removal Service

DuraKleen® Asphaltene Removal Service

DuraKleen uses an environmentally enhanced water/aromatic solvent emulsion system to clean and dissolve asphaltene deposits.


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