Long-term solution for removing asphaltene deposits

Halliburton’s advanced chemistry, DuraKleen, uses an environmentally enhanced water/aromatic solvent emulsion system to clean and dissolve asphaltene deposits. DuraKleen supports long-term production rates and offers an improved environmental and safety footprint. 

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Proven Success

DuraKleen has proved highly successful in cleaning/dissolving paraffin and asphaltene deposits for the long term.


Discover a different and more sustainable approach for removing organic deposition:

  • Strips asphaltenes and waxes from tubulars as well as the formation
  • Provides a longer-lasting treatment
  • Improved environmental and safety footprint as compared to traditional asphaltene removal systems
  • Contains no BETX (benzene, ethyl benzene, toluene, or xylene)
  • Flash point greater than 145ºF (63ºC)
  • Requires less transport of chemical components due to high water content
  • All components are fully miscible
  • May be batch mixed or easily mixed on-the-fly
  • Can be applied wherever heavy oils are produced

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