Field-proven and superior drillability

The drillable frac plug is a field-proven composite product that provides superior zonal isolation across perforated intervals during wellbore stimulation but with the added benefit of exceptional drillability during wellbore cleanouts. Its unique composite material and efficiency during drillout make drillable frac plugs ideal for horizontal applications.


Utica Shale - Case Study

Record-Setting Lateral Completion Achieved with Obsidian® Plugs

Halliburton and Eclipse resources set 124 frac plugs averaging 5.3 frac stages per day


Durability and drillability

Halliburton drillable frac plugs are available in a variety of models that are categorized based on temperature rating. 

Fas Drill® Ultra Frac Plug

Halliburton Fas Drill Ultra frac plugs provide zonal isolation of the wellbore between multistage stimulation treatments. Designed with composite slips and rated up to 10,000 psi, the Fas Drill fac plug is ideal for horizontal completions, allowing for higher pump rates and leaving less debris to recover from your wellbore, saving you time and costs. 

Obsidian®  Prime Frac Plug

The Obsidian Prime frac plug is an enhanced version of the field-proven Obsidian composite plug that is already well known for providing superior zonal isolation across perforated intervals during wellbore stimulation. This new design has the added benefit of exceptional drillability during wellbore cleanouts, and its unique composite material, compact design, and durability make it ideal for horizontal applications.

Regime® SLD Frac Plug

The Regime SLD frac plug delivers the proven performance of the Fas Drill Ultra frac plug in a lighter weight, total composite design, for improved reliability and superior drillout performance. This metal-free frac plug allows for rapid removal while maintaining bi-directional holding capability. In addition, the mandrel-less design eliminates the need for steel shear screws, which reduces the risk of damage to the casing or bottomhole assembly (BHA) during wellbore cleanout. 

Regime® SLS Frac Plug

The Halliburton Regime SLS composite frac plug delivers high performance in a compact design while increasing reliability and reducing risk during both placement and drillout. This mandrel-less plug sets from bottom, which allows for faster run-in speeds and decreased water use during pumpdown operations.



Average millout time 4.5 minutes less than typical plug

Fas Drill Ultra frac plugs reduce time and difficulty of millout operations in Williston Basin 


Frac Plug related products

Illusion® Dissolvable Frac Plugs

Illusion® Dissolvable Frac Plugs

This high-performance frac plug provides zonal isolation of the wellbore during stimulation treatment and customized dissolution times

Cementing Retainers and Bridge Plugs

Cementing Retainers and Bridge Plugs

Halliburton drillable squeeze packers and bridge plugs offer enhanced reliability, reduced rig time, and quick drill out.


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