Purchasing Goods and Services

Halliburton expects suppliers to adhere to our standard terms and conditions or the terms of a master agreement, whichever is applicable. Halliburton is committed to excellence and customer satisfaction with products manufactured and services provided by Halliburton or through its suppliers and sub-suppliers. The Halliburton Supplier Guide is intended for suppliers interested in the various e-commerce solutions offered by Halliburton.

Halliburton Buying Channels

Halliburton makes purchases with approved suppliers using one of the below buying channels. Several options are available to transmit orders as well as invoices between Halliburton and suppliers. 

  • Purchase Orders 

  • E-Catalogs 

  • Procurement Card 

  • E-invoicing solution 

Halliburton prefers e-invoicing as described within the Supplier Guide. This guide provides detailed information on each of our buying channels and additional information on becoming a supplier to Halliburton. Information about how to contact Accounts Payable can also be found within the guide.

Supplier performance and relationship management

Suppliers are expected to deliver goods or render services in accordance with the specifications and requirements stated in contractual terms and purchase orders. Halliburton also expects that all products and services will be delivered on time, by the stated delivery due dates. Halliburton conducts periodic supplier performance reviews to ensure continuous improvement and adherence to contractually agreed upon pricing and performance standards. Corrective action plans may be developed to address shortcomings in performance. 

Local content and supplier diversity

We establish and foster relationships with suppliers who can provide Halliburton with strategic and competitive advantages for our local operations while expanding the capacity and competency of national and local industry suppliers. Halliburton shapes local sourcing efforts to the specific governmental, cultural and economic needs of each country. Additionally, Halliburton supports small, minority-owned and women-owned businesses throughout our U.S. supply chain. 

What defines these types of suppliers is not the same around the world. Halliburton recognizes there are differences and varied models to reflect the governmental, cultural and economic development needs of each country in which we operate. In the United States, Halliburton focuses on the utilization of minority, women and small business enterprises (M/W/SBEs). 

Halliburton is committed to providing safe, cost-effective services by leveraging our global network to deliver world-class services to our customers. Effectively managing the commodities purchased ensures delivery of the lowest total cost of acquisition of materials, equipment, and services around the world. 

Supplier Portal Information

SAP Ariba: Halliburton Supplier Information Portal

Ariba Network is the preferred transaction method for suppliers wanting to do business with Halliburton.

Ariba Information

Supplier Portal Information

iPortal: Halliburton Supplier Information Portal

The iPortal provides 24/7 visibility of invoice and payment status, electronic invoicing capabilities, comprehensive supplier self-services, and the ability to accept early payment offers – all free of charge!

iPortal Information

Supplier Portal Information

HSN: Halliburton Supplier Net

HSN is a web-based application which enables collaboration between Halliburton and suppliers on purchase orders, invoices and engineering processes commonly used in a manufacturing environment.

HSN Information

Supplier Portal Information

EDI: Electronic Data Interchange

EDI is a way to exchange business documents electronically with Halliburton using established standards for file formats and transmission methods. Partners looking to optimize business processes and avoid manual data entry can benefit by using EDI.

EDI Information