Halliburton has launched the latest Supplier Guide for 2024

Suppliers play a crucial role in supporting Halliburton's strategic initiatives within the supply chain. Suppliers should adhere to the same quality and on-time delivery standards that we at Halliburton strive to provide to our customers.

Ariba SLP is the preferred method for registering suppliers to do business with Halliburton. This includes getting set up as a new supplier and maintaining master data in the future. Suppliers will need to be registered in Ariba SLP; part of the process is to create a profile and provide all relevant information/documents directly in the system(i.e., address, contact information, banking details, etc.). To be registered in Ariba SLP, please contact your local procurement team for further assistance.

To request to be enabled on the SAP Business Network, emails can be sent to the SAP Enablement team at

Note: Iportal - Taulia Portal is planned to be discontinued by the end of 2025. Please contact your local buyer or category manager to make the necessary changes to migrate to SAP Business Network


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