Halliburton Wireline Supports Four Offshore Wells for INA Croatia

Halliburton Wireline provided innovative solutions and real time support to complete the operation successfully

March 16, 2023 – Halliburton Europe recently provided offshore wireline services for Croatian INA Group company in the Adriatic Sea. The Wireline team completed logging operations on four wells, including 17 successful combined runs without any health, safety, and environment issues and zero Non-Productive Time.

With a total of over 272 hours of operational time, Halliburton secured all personnel and equipment onsite, met the customer’s timeline for the project and executed the operation successfully. This allowed INA to evaluate well results and make operational decisions in real time. The team also developed an integrated measurement and analysis workflow that was instrumental to identify substantial production potential and new hydrocarbon zones in offshore Croatia.

The Halliburton team provided innovative solutions and worked in real time to support INA’s subsurface team with formation testing and integrated petrophysical interpretation. For thin layer characterization, Halliburton provided the Xtended-range water-based mud imager (XMRI), which helps to determine sandstone layers and net-pay counts.

Additionally, the team acquired density and neutron porosity in enhanced vertical resolution to facilitate shaly sand analysis and adjust the porosity and gas saturation of sandstone layers. The team used the Reservoir Description Tool to measure real-time fluid density, capacitance, and resistivity during pump out and confirmed the gas zones were productive. The team differentiated between moveable and bound hydrocarbons using Halliburton’s magnetic resonance technology, MRIL.


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