Simul-Frac Operations

Reducing Days on Location and Time to First Oil

Operators are always looking for new ways to gain efficiencies at the surface. Take the zipper frac, for example. Using a single crew to alternate wireline and pumping operations between two wells resulted in more pumping hours per day. However, it wasn’t long before the industry wanted to achieve more.

Our Halliburton simultaneous fracturing (simul-frac) operations, which also utilize a single crew, can help you achieve over double the gains in lateral footage, in less time, compared to zipper-frac operations.

During simul-frac operations, efficiencies are amplified to significantly reduce days on location by maximizing gains in lateral footage, as well as gains in savings – allowing you to realize first oil faster, while making a significant return on your investment.

Eliminating Idle White Space

Instead of shaving off a few minutes here and there with zipper-frac operations, simul-frac technology enables you to complete more stages in less time – thus allowing you to reduce time on location.

When performing zipper-frac operations on a four-well pad, you are essentially stimulating two wells, while the other two sit idle. Simul-frac operations eliminate this idle white space by continuously making forward progress across all four wells. During a simul-frac operation, you are pumping down two wells, while perforating the other two, allowing you to complete more lateral footage in the same amount of time compared to current zipper-frac operations.

Achieving Peak Performance

While simultaneous fracturing can double your gains without the need for an additional fleet on location, it takes experience and endurance to consistently achieve peak performance – and not all fleets are created equal. If operations stutter due to logistical challenges, equipment maintenance, or other poor planning and execution choices, their systematic value falls apart. Our fracturing equipment is known for its horsepower and endurance, which are critical when you are pumping 160 barrels per minute and hundreds of stages per month.

When managing an operation of this magnitude, there is no room for non-productive time. The Halliburton ExpressKinect® wellhead connection unit (WCU) drastically reduces rig-up time and complexity, resulting in a more efficient and safe operation. The ExpressKinect WCU eliminates up to 85 percent of the high-pressure iron between the manifold trailer and the wellhead. This unit also eliminates the need for zipper manifolds by providing a single-line rig-up capable of reaching multiple wells and handling 120 bpm at 15,000 psi. This means that wellhead exchanges are executed in less than five minutes, thus reducing rig-up complexity and improving cycle times to drive increased efficiency.

Managing activity and monitoring data are also critical to effectively keep up with the pace of these operations. Our control system has the flexibility to monitor valve and pump health, along with volume of sand, stages completed, pumping hours, and lateral feet achieved across the entire simul-frac operation – all from a single tech command center.

If you want to reduce days on location and time to first oil, Halliburton simul-frac operations can help you stimulate more stages across multiple wells at the same time, using a single fleet.

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