Advanced stimulation treatment  

Selecting a friction reducer that performs in frac water and is compatible with fluid additive is critical to successful stimulation that achieves desired well productivity.

When stimulation treatments demand more effective clean-up and stimulated volume, or when they use source water with high salinity, an advanced friction reducer that delivers performance beyond the limitations of conventional chemistries is required.

Excelerate friction reducers are custom designed to optimize stimulation treatment performance in a wide range of complex applications. When dealing with complex water quality, Excelerate friction reducers can help minimize the risk of operational failures and extended pumping costs.

Excelerate Friction Reducers

Features and benefits

  • Improve efficiencies by reducing friction that can lead to expensive operational costs
  • Compatible with a wide range of water qualities to enable the use of recycled waters
  • Access to advanced test methods and technical expertise ensures you have the right product for the treatment
  • Delivers efficient polymer break and clean-up to avoid damage which may result in costly remedial treatments

Excelerate friction reducer
Excelerate friction reducer

Reduce resistance with improved fluid flow


Customized stimulation treatment


Compatible with water qualities and fluid additives


Avoid blocked fluid problems

Dependable performance for successful stimulation

The Excelerate friction reducer portfolio provides exceptional performance and value for unconventional and tight gas fracture stimulations. The frac fluid can reach deeper into the rock formation by reducing friction, creating more effective fractures. This allows for better access to the trapped gas or oil, leading to increased production and improved well performance.

Whether it is the ability to perform in freshwater reliably or to effectively function in source water with higher total dissolved solids (TDS), Excelerate friction reducers deliver outstanding results in dynamic environments. These products offer the following benefits:

  • Enables effective friction reduction over a broad range of source water salinity characteristics, up to 300,000 parts per million of total dissolved solids.
  • Offers rapid, on-the-fly hydration across a broad range of water salinity options.
  • Reduces damage caused by polymer residue by using lower concentrations.
  • Delivers controlled polymer break by utilizing effective breaker technologies to provide superior clean-up for more extensive, flowing, stimulated reservoir volume. 

Optimized friction reducers tailored to your well

Because unconventional reservoir treatments vary, Excelerate friction reducers offer performance options so that the fluid system is optimized for reservoir characteristics, frac source water, and job design.

Halliburton’s advanced testing is important to ensure you have the right friction reducer for your reservoir. By testing your different chemistries, it allows operators to evaluate the performance under realistic field conditions. The performance evaluation ensures that the chemistries recommended allow for more efficient fluid flow and higher pumping rates.

It’s important that your friction reducer is compatible with other additives and chemicals. Pre-job testing helps identify any compatibility issues that may arise when different chemicals are mixed. Halliburton’s technical experts can assess whether a friction reducer interacts negatively with other additives or if it leads to undesirable changes in the fluid’s properties. By identifying compatibility issues early on, potential operational problems can be avoided.

Real-world conditions require advanced testing to obtain insights into how the chemistries will perform under actual operating conditions. Factors such as temperature, pressure, water quality, and the presence of reservoir fluids can influence performance. Testing provides accurate performance predictions and informed decision-making.

Effective polymer break and clean-up 

Excelerate friction reducers deliver impressive results bundled with OptiKleen-WF™ breaker to provide optimum performance.

Production needs to be on time and on budget. If you do not break your polymer efficiently, it can create damage, causing issues with oil production. A superior fluid system must not only perform during a frac, but after the frac. Excelerate friction reducers bundled with OptiKleen WF breaker allows a controlled polymer break to ensure permeability isn’t affected by frac fluid damage.


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