Prodigi™ Intelligent Fracturing Service

Designs in Unconventional fracturing require many parameters to achieve optimized stimulation treatment outcomes. The impact of execution (process) parameters on the success of a stimulation treatment is often underestimated. The breakdown process can greatly impact stage treatment results. Prodigi™ AB intelligent fracturing service utilizes automated fracturing control to optimize this process.

Automation Drives Consistency

Establishment of flow rate during the perforation cluster breakdown process often varies from stage-to-stage and well-to-well. Common industry practice is to achieve designed rate as fast as the maximum pressure limitations allow. Prodigi AB provides an engineered approach to breakdown operations. Utilizing real-time measurements and proprietary rate control algorithms, pump rates are automatically adjusted during the breakdown process. This engineered approach drives consistent stage-to-stage performance. Adaptive rate control can support a more efficient breakdown at the perforation clusters, improving the connectivity of fractures.


  • Real-Time Optimization
    • Adaptive Settings
    • Streamlined Decision Making
  • Design Assurance
    • Execution Consistency
    • Process Efficiency
    • Screen-Out Mitigation
  • Faster Learnings
    • Consistent Field Data Set
    • Accelerated Learning Curve

Prodigi™ Intelligent Fracturing Service

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