ExpressSand Delivery System

Improved proppant management results in a safer, more efficient operation

The ExpressSand Delivery System provides a step change in proppant management by optimizing the value chain of proppant logistics while also drastically improving HSE and equipment reliability at the wellsite. Increased job sizes and proppant volumes in unconventionals have resulted in additional complexity in bulk storage, logistics and proppant conveyance on location. 

The ExpressSand Delivery System streamlines proppant management while improving safety and efficiencies.  

Streamlined proppant management

Traditional proppant management equals complicated logistics. Multiple trucks are on location for several hours, pneumatically transferring proppant to storage bins during the fracturing treatment. The proppant is then moved from the storage bin to a belt that ultimately transfers the proppant to the blender. The process requires multiple personnel to manage the operation, multiple pieces of equipment, and results in noise and dust generation.

Containerized Sand Delivery System

The containerized sand system consists of a customized base structure, containerized bulk storage, and a heavy-duty forklift. Proppant is delivered to location in a container that sits on the base structure, allowing proppant to be delivered directly to the blender. Meanwhile, an empty container is routed back to the sand source. This streamlined operation maximizes logistics efficiency and minimizes multiple failure points in the process, resulting in improved system reliability.

A safer wellsite

System complexity is drastically reduced. Rig-up is fast, simple, and flexible. Overall HSE exposure is reduced. Additional benefits include:

  • Reduced noise
  • Reduced dust generation
  • Reduced personnel
  • Scalable proppant storage
  • On-time delivery