With proven technologies for optimizing production, Halliburton provides cost-effective approaches to fracturing, pinpoint stimulation, acidizing/near-wellbore cleanout, and conductivity endurance.

Resin technology developed by Hallibiurton has resulted in SandWedge enhancer and Expedite agent for long term proppant pack conductivity.
Technical Papers - OnePetro

Technical Papers

Learn about the latest technology breakthroughs from one of the energy industry’s top innovators.

Technical Papers - OnePetro


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Summary Summary Operator nearly doubled initial well injectivity with proven fluidic oscillator technology
Boots & Coots provided innovative process and comparison for optimizing matrix treatment effectiveness
Summary Summary Halliburton to Provide Solutions for Accessing TNK-BP’s Tight Oil Reserves in Russia’s Krasnoleninskoe Field
TNK-BP has selected Halliburton to provide an integrated services solution to increase production from the complex and challenging tight oil reserves...
Summary Summary Entire CleanSuite™ System successfully implemented in Haynesville Shale
El Paso Corporation completed first natural gas well using all four CleanSuite™ technologies
Summary Summary Thermatek RSP Rapid Set Plug
Summary Summary CobraMax HJA Service
Depiction of CobraMax HJA and how the tool operates
Summary Summary Thermatek Zonal Isolation Material
Summary Summary Cobra Frac H Animation
Animation Of The Cobra Frac H Process
Summary Summary Solvent Removes Downhole NORM-Contaminated BaS04 Scale
A Research project in Canada demonstrated that a solvent can remove barium sulfate (BaS04) scale contaminated with NORM from wells.
Summary Summary Delivering operational, financial benefits to Permian stimulation projects
Integrated bacterial control solutions extend the health of wells
Summary Summary Unconventional Wisdom Oilfield Technology March 2013
Oilfield Technology Magazine, March 2013 Article explains how unconventional fracturing can be understood through statistically matching fracture networks to microseismic data
Summary Summary Advanced Multizone Stimulation Technology
SPE Paper #95778 - Advanced Multizone Stimulation Technology
Summary Summary The American Oil & Gas Reporter - Refracturing Extends Lives of Unconventional Reservoirs
The ability to refracture source rock reservoirs has the potential to extend the life of the “shale revolution” beyond the normal 20-30 year productive life of a reservoir. It is considered the best option for combatting the more rapid decline rates of unconventional reservoirs.
Summary Summary Solvent-free consolidation system controls proppant flowback
An aqueous-based consolidation system aids in maintaining production rates in fracture-stimulated wells.
Summary Summary Wells with OilPerm™ surfactants and formation fluid mobility modifiers (FMMs) performed 300% better than similar wells on 30-day cumulative oil production
How custom chemistry increases production over the life of wells
Summary Summary Carbonate 20/20SM Acidizing Service Eliminates Need for Proppant, Adds More Than $1.5 Million in Value
After being shot; a 16;000 foot well in a Cotton Valley Formation was still only flowing at 8.2 mmcfpd at 1;680 psi FTP with a positive skin. To increase production; the operator wanted to fracture the well with proppant but had not previously pumped into it.
Summary Summary ZCA Acid System and Carbonate 20/20 Service (SM) Increase Oil Production by over $233;000 (Case History)
An operator had drilled a 9;746 foot well and was considering its ASL limestone formation as a potential zone. However; after it went into production; the well barely produced at a measurable rate; and most of that production was water with traces of oil.
Summary Summary SurgiFracSM Service Used to Stimulate Open-Hole Lateral Adds More Than $927;000 in Value in Just Six Months (New Mexico)
A 2;000-ft open-hole lateral had been drilled in a 4;600-ft Yeso formation well�in a mature�field that the operator believed was depleted. After the lateral was cleaned out and an acid wash hadbeen performed; the well still failed to produce oil. To revive the well; the operator asked Halliburton for an effective method to stimulate the entire lateral and connect it to the formation's natural fracture system.
Summary Summary Halliburton Integrated Well Intervention Vessel (IWIV) Spearheads Operational Efficiency in Gravel Packing
Halliburton recommended the deployment of an Integrated Well Intervention Vessel (IWIV) to perform a gravel-pack treatment in Malaysia which shortened a 14-day operation to just 36 hours.
Summary Summary Fracturing Fluid Systems
The fluid systems are designed to implement a treatment according to design in order to help increase production and improve the Operator’s return on investment.
Summary Summary OptiKleen-WF™ Viscosity Reducing Agent
In fracturing unconventional gas reservoirs, friction reducers have been shown to cause fracture face damage and have demonstrated damaging effects to fracture conductivity.
Summary Summary ADP™ Advanced Dry Polymer Blender
ADP™ Advanced Dry Polymer Blender for Fracturing Fluids - Environmental Advancement Eliminates the Need for Hydrocarbon-based Concentrates
Summary Summary MISCO2 FracSM Service
CO2 Miscible Hydrocarbon-Based Fracturing Fluid System Designed for Stimulating Gas Reservoirs Up to 135°C – Especially Suited for Low Pressure and/or Water Sensitive Gas Reservoirs
Summary Summary GasPerm 1000SM Service
Helps Control Fracture Face Damage and Boost Production from Unconventional Gas Reservoirs
Summary Summary Cobra Frac H Service
Cobra Frac® H service enables a virtually unlimited number of frac stages in a horizontal section plus post-frac analysis to determine the e9ectiveness of the treatment.
Summary Summary Seawater-based Fluid System for Fracturing and FracPacSM Service (SeaQuest® HT Service)
SeaQuest® HT service includes a new, proprietary fluid system that helps achieve enhanced well performance and more flexible service delivery for both shelf and deepwater operations:
Summary Summary CleanStim™ Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid System
CleanStim™ fracturing service uses a new fracturing fluid formulation made with ingredients sourced from the food industry.*
Summary Summary BioVert NWB Diverter for Near-Wellbore Applications
Manage Fluid Placement for Fracturing, Acidizing, Sand Control and Water Control Treatments
Summary Summary AquaStimSM Water Frac Service
Advanced Technologies Focused on Improving Production from Unconventional Reservoirs
Summary Summary BaSO4lvent™ Agent
Helps Cut the Cost of Removing Barium Sulfate and Strontium Sulfate Scale
Summary Summary Cobra Elite Service
Operators can now quickly and cost-efectively stimulate multiple zones that require larger, higher rate treatments than are possible with conventional coiled tubing-based fracturing. CobraElite® fracture stimulation service uses Hydra-Jet perforating service with a unique bridge plug that can be set and unset multiple times without coming out of the hole.
Summary Summary SilverStim® UR Fracturing Service
New SilverStim® UR fracturing fluid is optimized for fracturing low-temperature coalbeds and other unconventional gas producing reservoirs. This fluid system enables Operators producing from low-temperature reservoirs to take advantage of the proven performance of guar-based borate crosslinked fluids with virtually no damage to the formation.
Summary Summary ShaleEval Service
Halliburton ShaleEval shale formation evaluation service through the Duncan Technology Center (DTC) is designed to help operators, geologists, and engineers answer key questions at critical junctures during the life of the shale asset.
Summary Summary Halliburton Hydraulic Fracturing
Halliburton Company was founded on one of the most profound advancements in protecting the environment from which hydrocarbons are produced.
Summary Summary pHaserFrac(SM) Service
Salt Tolerant, CO2 Compatible and Cold Temperature Capable Fluid System Helps Prevent Clay Swelling and Fines Migration
Summary Summary Mimic™ Device
Directly Measures the Ability of a Fracturing Fluid to Transport Proppant
Summary Summary The PermSeal System
The Halliburton PermSeal® family of well conformance products has been designed specifically to help reduce production expenses and help re-establish well productivity.
Summary Summary Sirocco Fracturing Service
New Sirocco service extends the proven benefits of low polymer fracturing fluid to higher temperature wells with the added benefit of salt compatibility.
Summary Summary Delta FoamSM Service
Halliburton’s Delta FoamSM service has been specially formulated for low pressure and water sensitive reservoirs where operators have often encountered difficulty in effectively employing production enhancement methods.
Summary Summary MistFrac(SM) Service (Data Sheet)
New Technology Enables More Effective Fracturing Treatments in Sensitive Reservoirs. MistFrac(SM) service uses an ultra-high-quality nitrogen foam fracturing fluid that, compared to conventional foam fracs, provides several advantages: results in less water contact on formations; minimizes reservoir sensitivity problems associated with clays, iron minerals, high foamer concentrations, and large volumes of fluid; provides improved ability to place proppant in water-sensitive formations compared to straight N2 or CO2 fracs; provides fast, clean breaks at very low reservoir temperatures; cleans up better after treatment for improved conductivity; requires less equipment, personnel, fluids and chemicals on a location while reducing fluid disposal costs; helps get the well on line quicker.
Summary Summary ViCon NF™ Fracturing Fluid Breaker
Improved Fracture Fluid Cleanup Capability Provides Virtually 100% Retained Permeability with Mid-to-High-Temperature Fracturing Gel Systems
Summary Summary AccessFracSM Stimulation Service
Enhanced Proppant Distribution Provides Improved Access to Complex Fracture Networks in Shale Formations
Summary Summary Eventful MSM Advantage
Microseismic monitoring is a technology that has been employed for about 40 years to measure downhole processes. It is rooted in earthquake seismology and, thus, the basic theoretical underpinnings are clearly known. As an engineering technology, however, there are many possible variations in the approach that can yield considerably different outcomes.
Summary Summary CE Marked Fracturing and Cementing Pumps
Halliburton Pumps that Meet the Requirements of Relevant European Directives
Summary Summary SandCastle PS-2500 Proppant Silo
Revolutionary Vertical Proppant Storage System Saves Space and Reduces On-Site Emissions
Summary Summary AccessAcid Sales Data Sheet
AccessAcid stimulation service improves acid coverage in sandstone and carbonate reservoirs.
Summary Summary EquiSeal Conformance Service
Designed to help control unwanted fluid production in horizontal or highly deviated wellbores.
Summary Summary ExpressKinect Manifold
ExpressKinect Manifold offers streamlined technology to improve rig-up operations.
Summary Summary ExpressKinect Wellhead Connection Unit
ExpressKinect WCU offers a single-line rig-up to the wellhead for safer, more efficient rig-up operations.
Summary Summary Q10™ XLE Pumping Unit
Q10™ XLE Pumping Unit Low noise, low emissions, high pressure pumping units
Summary Summary RockPerm™ Service
RockPerm™ service is a laboratory testing process performed by specially trained technicians in local area labs.
Summary Summary BA-2™ buffering agent
BA-2™ buffering agent is a pH-control agent that helps regulate crosslink times for Pur-Gel III™ fluids prepared in cold mixing waters or treatments that have short transient pipe times.
Summary Summary Sanfix A resin
Sanfix A resin is a thin furfuryl alcohol, resin-diluent mixture that is used as the resin component in Sanfix, Enriched Sanfix, and Hydrofix™ sand-control services.
Summary Summary WG-22™ gelling agent
WG-22™ gelling agent is a powdered, “one-bag” blend of a high-viscosity, rapidly gelling, intermediate-residue guar gum mixed with a nonionic surfactant, a free-flow agent, and a suspending agent.
Summary Summary CL-23™ Crosslinking Agent
CL-23™ delayed-crosslinking agent is compatible with carbon dioxide (CO2) when used with certain buffering agents.
Summary Summary MatrixFlo II™ breaker
MatrixFlo II™ breaker is a liquid, delayed release acid breaker that deeply penetrates a formation to provide a more complete break and enhanced fluid conductivity.
Summary Summary TB-41™ crosslinker
TB-41™ crosslinker is a white, powdered crosslinking agent.
Summary Summary WG-11™ guar gelling agent
WG-11™ is a chemically modified, low-residue guar gelling agent used in aqueous fracturing fluids.
Summary Summary MO-76™ activator
MO-76™ activator is one of the two major chemical components used in the My-T-Oil IV™ system, a gelled-oil system that can be mixed continuously.
Summary Summary ViCon NF™ high-temperature breaker
ViCon NF™ high-temperature breaker is used with Gel-Sta™ stabilizer in fracturing fluids.
Summary Summary WLC-4™ particulate fluid-loss additive
WLC-4™ particulate fluid-loss additive is designed for water-based, gelled fracturing fluids. This additive can also be used with 100-mesh sand to help control leakoff in natural fractures.
Summary Summary TB-101™
TB-101™ agent is the initial and secondary gelling agent used in the Temblok 100™ system.
Summary Summary SEM-5™ emulsifier
SEM-5™ emulsifier is a cationic liquid that can be used with most waters to form an emulsion.
Summary Summary OptiFlo-LT™ acid additive
OptiFlo-LT™ is a delayed-release acid additive that helps decrease the pH of fracturing fluids.
Summary Summary TLC-80™ diverting agent
TLC-80™ is a diverting agent that temporarily protects producing zones during workover operations.
Summary Summary WG-31™ gelling agent
WG-31™ gelling agent is a powdered, “one-bag” blend of high-viscosity, rapid-yielding, intermediate-residue guar gum mixed with a nonionic surfactant and a suspending agent.
Summary Summary Guidon AGS Acid Diversion System
Summary Summary SandWedge® Conductivity Enhancement Service
Enhances Proppant Pack Conductivity for Improved Long-Term Production. Now available in Lite, Plus, and Max Systems Tailored to Treatment Requirements
Summary Summary DCA-32014 Microemulsion
DCA-32014 microemulsion is our advanced offering for flowback technology. Utilizing proprietary microemulsion technology, DCA-32014 microemulsion expands the reservoir contact area and helps improve fluid flow to increase recovery factors.
Summary Summary ROCC™ Remote Operations Command and Control Center Capabilities
Optimize Completions, Improve Service Quality, Enhance HSE Performance
Summary Summary CleanStim™ AUS Fracturing Fluid
Fully disclosable version of CleanStim® fracturing fluid formulation made entirely from components sourced from the food industry. It provides an extra measure of HSE protection. Plus, it normally provides better results than conventional fracturing fluids.
Summary Summary Stim Star IV
Stimulation vessel designed to meet offshore Gulf of Mexico requirements.
Summary Summary Twin Panther Pump Trailer
Twin Panther Pump Trailer
Summary Summary ConductorSM Fracturing Service
Advanced Pillar Fracturing Technology Provides Improved Long-Term Production from Specially Selected Formations
Summary Summary PERMVIS™ VFR-10 Friction Reducer
PERMVIS™ VFR-10 friction reducer can effectively perform in waters with a variety of ions (sodium, calcium, sulfates, strontium, magnesium, iron, chlorides).
Summary Summary My-T-Oil IV Fluid
Continuously Mixed Gelled Oil System
Summary Summary Stim Star Arabian Gulf Stimulation Service Vessel
Halliburton introduces the first stimulation vessel designed specifically for dedicated use by Saudi Aramco.
Summary Summary FR-76™ Friction Reducer Agent
FR-76™ liquid friction reducer is designed to be used in fresh water and low TDS (total dissolved solids) brines.
Summary Summary KelaStim Service
Enables More Effective Acid Stimulation of High Temperature Formations, up to 400° F
Summary Summary Q10™ Pumping Unit
Today’s shale fracturing treatments have stretched the abilities of legacy pumping systems to the extreme edges of the performance envelope.
Summary Summary DCA™-34003 Load-recovery Enhancer
DCA™-34003 load-recovery enhancer delivers all the benefits of Halliburton’s proprietary conductivity enhancement technology developed to enhance frac-fluid recovery following water-based fracturing treatments using proppants.
Summary Summary CL-28M™ crosslinker
CL-28M™ crosslinker is a water-based suspension of a borate mineral. It is one of the delayed crosslinking agents used in Hybor™ fracturing fluids.
Summary Summary K-42™ Crosslinker
K-42™powdered organic crosslinker is an essential component of the low-temperature formulation of PermSeal™ 600 conformance service.
Summary Summary CL-24™ crosslinker
CL-24™ crosslinker is the crosslinking agent in the Thermagel™ fluid crosslinked gel system. This fluid system was developed to treat wells with bottomhole temperatures (BHTs) greater than 300°F (149°C).
Summary Summary GS-5™ additive
GS-5™ additive is the viscosifying component of LGC-V™ and LGC-VI™ liquid gel concentrates.
Summary Summary MO-66™ crosslinker
MO-66™ crosslinker is one of two activators in the My-T-Oil III™ fluid system. The My-T-Oil III system is a batch-mixable, oil-based fluid that can enhance fracturestimulation results when used in a well.
Summary Summary HPH Breaker™ enzyme breaker solution
HPH Breaker™ is an enzyme breaker solution that maintains effective activity at higher pH levels than conventional enzyme breakers.
Summary Summary GBW-3™
GBW-3™ is a low-temperature breaker most commonly used in the Waterfrac process.
Summary Summary HII-124B™ Corrosion Inhibitor Intensifier
HII-124B™ corrosion-inhibitor intensifier, when used with some reducing agents, helps convert ferric iron to ferrous iron in unspent acid.
Summary Summary MA-300™ Polymer
MA-300™ polymer is a white, solid powder used as a range extender and/or gelling agent in conformance applications such as Matrol™ Plus HT services.
Summary Summary HII-500M™ Corrosion Inhibitor Intensifier
HII-500M™ soluble intensifier is used with corrosion inhibitors.
Summary Summary K-38 Crosslinker
K-38 is a solid nondelayed crosslinker. It was designed for use in borate-crosslinked fluid systems.
Summary Summary HZ-10™ Polymer
HZ-10™ polymer is a low molecular-weight copolymer that forms the H2Zero® gel sealant system when combined with HZ-20™ crosslinker.
Summary Summary HAI-404M™ Corrosion Inhibitor
HAI-404M™ inhibitor is a cationic acid corrosion inhibitor for use in hydrochloric acids up to 400°F (204°C) in 15% HCl.
Summary Summary HZ-20™ Crosslinker
HZ-20™ crosslinker is a colorless to slightly yellow liquid component of the H2Zero® gel sealant system.
Summary Summary Perm D™ Conformance Additive
Perm D™ conformance additive is an azo compound that acts as the high-temperature initiator in PermSeal™ and PermTrol™ service treatments, both of which are in-situ polymerized gelation systems that reduce permeability to water.
Summary Summary Perm C™ Conformance Additive
Perm C™ conformance additive is an azo compound that acts as the low-temperature initiator in PermSeal™ and PermTrol™ service treatments, both of which are in-situ polymerized gelation systems that reduce permeability to water.
Summary Summary CU-3™ Reducing Agent
CU-3™ is a reducing agent commonly used in the Matrol™ and Matrol II™ processes to help reduce MA-15™ crosslinker and initiate crosslinking.
Summary Summary Perm A™ Conformance Additive
Perm A™ conformance additive is the monomer in PermSeal™ and PermTrol™ services, both of which are insitu polymerized gelation systems that reduce permeability to water.
Summary Summary CW-1™ buffer
CW-1™ buffer is a granular material used to adjust the pH of fracturing fluids.
Summary Summary SCP-2™ Solid Scale Inhibitor
SCP-2™ solid scale inhibitor is a solid polyphosphate scale inhibitor placed along with the proppant during fracturing treatments to inhibit scale formation.
Summary Summary MA-22™
MA-22™ polymer is a conformance tool used for water control in well stimulation.
Summary Summary GS-6™
GS-6™ additive suspends guar in LGC-8™ liquid gel concentrate.
Summary Summary WG-17 LXP™ Free-Water Control Agent
WG-17 LXP agent helps prevent solids from settling and helps control free water. It can also be used for mildly retarding cement slurries and increasing slurry viscosity.
Summary Summary Activator IT™ Activator
Activator IT™ activator is used in INJECTROL® IT service, an internally catalyzed silicate system that achieves depth-of-matrix penetration for helping control water flow during drilling, completion, production, and injection operations.
Summary Summary CL-30™ crosslinker
CL-30™ crosslinker is a metal oxide crosslinker used in the K-MAX-PlusSM service, Max-Seal™ service, and Z-MAX™ service. CL-30 crosslinker causes the WG-33™ gelling agent to crosslink by raising the pH of the solution.
Summary Summary Perm E™ Conformance Additive
Perm E™ conformance additive is an azo compound that acts as the mid-temperature initiator in PermSeal™ and PermTrol™ service treatments, both of which are in-situ polymerized gelation systems that reduce permeability to water.
Summary Summary WOR-Con®-W2 Polymer
WOR-Con®-W2 polymer is the active polymer in WOR-Con® service. It reacts with rock surfaces, decreasing the formation’s relative permeability to water.
Summary Summary WLC-6
WLC-6 fluid-loss additive helps reduce gel filter cakes. It is ground to a particle size appropriate for fracturing operations.
Summary Summary Fe-5A™ iron-control agent
Fe-5A™ iron-control agent is an 80% active solution of Fe-5™ iron-control agent. It is the active component in the Ferchek® SC iron-reduction system.
Summary Summary AQF-2™ Foaming Agent
AQF-2™ anionic surfactant and foaming agent is used to stabilize the gas and liquid levels of foamed fracturing fluids.
Summary Summary HAI-72E+™ Corrosion Inhibitor
HAI-72E+™ acid corrosion inhibitor is used in hydrochloric acid (HCl) blends.
Summary Summary OSR-100™ Fluid-Loss Additive
OSR-100™ fluid-loss additive is an oil-soluble resin used for fracture-acidizing operations. During the treatment, it flows with the fracture-acidizing fluid to control fluid losses to the formation.
Summary Summary CL-31™ crosslinker
CL-31™ crosslinker is a concentrated solution of a nondelayed crosslinker. It was designed specifically for Boragel™ system fluids, but it also helps control the crosslink times of Hybor™ system fluids. Hybor™ system fluids.
Summary Summary BaSO4lvent™ additive
BaSO4lvent™ additive (pronounced “bay solvent”) is a solution that helps remove barium sulfate and strontium sulfate scales from injection, disposal, gas, and production wells.
Summary Summary CT-Armor™ Corrosion Inhibitor
CT-Armor™ liquid inhibitor helps prevent acid treatments from corroding coiled tubing (CT).
Summary Summary Matriseal® O Diverting Agent
Matriseal® O diverting agent is primarily used in oilproducing sandstone formations. When added to an aqueous carrier fluid, it provides a dispersion of a finely divided, oil-soluble polymer with a high melting point.
Summary Summary WLC-7™ fluid-loss additive
WLC-7™ is a fluid-loss additive designed specifically for use with fracturing fluids. It is an organic solid ground into a fine powder.
Summary Summary HYG-3™ buffer
HYG-3™ buffer is a weak acid that helps control the pH of fracturing fluids.
Summary Summary Oxol II™ oxidant
Oxol II™ is a solid oxidant that helps remove polymer buildup from injection and production wells. Oxol II oxidant is also the breaker of choice in Flo-Pac™ fluid for gravel-packing operations.
Summary Summary AS-7™ Surfactant/Antisludging Agent
AS-7™ nonionic surfactant functions as an antisludging agent in acid solutions. AS-7 surfactant may act as a chemical barrier between asphaltene particles and acid, helping prevent the precipitation of acid sludge.
Summary Summary HII-124C™ Inhibitor Intensifier
HII-124C™ intensifier helps enhance the inhibiting properties of corrosion inhibitors such as HAI-85M™ acid corrosion inhibitor. HII-124C intensifier is also a component of the Ferchek® SC iron-reduction system.
Summary Summary BC-200™ crosslinker
BC-200™ crosslinker is a hydrocarbon-based slurry that is used as the crosslinker/buffer component in Delta Frac® 200 fluids.
Summary Summary SandWedge® conductivity enhancement system
The SandWedge® conductivity enhancement system helps enhance fracture conductivity resulting from water-based fluid treatments.
Summary Summary Parachek® 160 Paraffin Inhibitor
Parachek® 160 polymeric paraffin inhibitor alters the structure of paraffin, decreasing the paraffin’s ability to cluster and adhere to steel surfaces.
Summary Summary HV-60™ intensifier
HV-60™ intensifier is a fine particulate used for preparing HV Acid-60 (Carbonate Emulsion Acid). HV-60 intensifier allows the emulsion to be prepared continuously, eliminating the need for batch-mixing.
Summary Summary Formic acid
Formic acid is an organic acid used in high-temperature sour-gas wells. Formic acid provides an alternative to hydrochloric acid (HCl), which causes chloride cracking of the stainless-steel tubulars often used in sour-gas wells.
Summary Summary HAI-81M™ Corrosion Inhibitor
HAI-81M™ acid-corrosion inhibitor is used in all hydrochloric acid (HCl) systems.
Summary Summary WAC-9™ fluid-loss additive
WAC-9™ is a fluid-loss additive designed for use in gelled fracturing fluids. fracturing fluids.
Summary Summary XL-1™ crosslinking agent
XL-1™ is a crosslinking agent used in acid gel operations. When XL-1 crosslinker is used, crosslinking occurs as the acid spends on the formation.
Summary Summary MO-75™ gelling agent
MO-75™ gelling agent is used in the My-T-Oil IV™ system, a gelled-oil system that can be mixed continuously.
Summary Summary MA-100D™
MA-100D™ gelling agent is a temperature dependent polymer used in high-temperature (160° to 225°F) Matrol™ 3+ service formulations.
Summary Summary Perm Z™ monomer
Perm Z™ monomer is a low-toxicity acrylate monomer that can be used in the PermSeal™, PermSeal™ 600, and PermTrol™ services.
Summary Summary H2Zero™ Service
Halliburton’s H2Zero™ service uses a revolutionary polymer
Summary Summary Excelerate™ Friction Reducers
The Excelerate™ friction reducer portfolio provides exceptional performance and value for unconventional and tight gas fracture stimulations.
Summary Summary FightR™ Friction Reducers
FightR™ friction reducer portfolio provides exceptional performance and value for unconventional and tight gas fracture stimulations.
Summary Summary Pen-5M™ Foaming Agent
Pen-5M™ agent is a nonionic foaming agent that can help lower surface tension.
Summary Summary Tarchek™ Asphaltene Inhibitor
Tarchek inhibitor helps control asphaltene deposits that eventually stop oil flow. Tarchek inhibitor can be placed by a squeeze treatment, continuous injection, or with other stimulation fluids.
Summary Summary BE-3 Biocide
Bacteria degradation can quickly reduce the viscosity of high-viscosity gels stored in tanks during warm or hot weather.
Summary Summary Ferchek® A Reducing Agent
Ferchek® A reducing agent is an iron-sequestering agent, a reducing agent, and an oxygen scavenger. All of these properties are useful in retaining iron compounds in solution.
Summary Summary LoSurf-2000S™ Surfactant
LoSurf-2000S™ surfactant is a solid, powder surfactant. It is a blend of anionic nonemulsifier and an anionic hydrotrope. LoSurf-2000S surfactant can be used as a surface-tension reducer and nonemulsifier in fracturing and acidizing applications.
Summary Summary Thermatek™ service
Thermatek™ rigid setting fluids are a new generation of chemical treatments used to provide engineered solutions for a wide range of problems encountered when drilling or producing fractured, unconsolidated or watered out formations. These fluids are the basis of Thermatek(SM) service. This new service is also an ideal solution for plugging or temporarily isolating specific zones.
Summary Summary CobraMax Fracturing Service
Provides the Performance of Conventional Through Tubing Fracturing with the Speed and Versatility of Coiled Tubing Operations. New CobraMax service enables more efficient performance than ever before possible for fracturing multiinterval vertical wells.
Summary Summary DFIT Analysis Service
Challenge: How to determine pore pressure and permeability critical fracture design parameters in a well containing 26 zones when pressure-buildup tests are impractical and wireline formation testers have proved ineffective?
Summary Summary WaterWeb Service
Halliburton's new WaterWeb service uses unique polymer chemistry to help create oil-water separation in the reservoir, impeding water flow and enhancing hydrocarbon flow to the wellbore.With the WaterWeb service, the resulting improved oil/gas recovery potential stems from a reduced water column giving improved natural lift for the residual oil and/or gas. In addition, it helps justify prolonged and sustained production by enhancing reservoir drainage.
Summary Summary SandTrapSM Formation Consolidation Service
New Developments for Through-Tubing Applications Enable Use of Resin Consolidation for Oil and Gas Sands Requiring Sand Control. With recent emphasis on recovery of bypassed hydrocarbon reserves and extending field production, through-tubing sand control techniques present an economically attractive completion option. Since economics is a key decision criterion in these types of developments, the availability of reliable and cost-effective through-tubing sand control techniques can be a major deciding factor.
Summary Summary SCA-130™ Sulfide-Cracking Inhibitor
Liquid additive for acid systems helps prevent sulfide cracking and enables sulfide scavenging
Summary Summary ExpressSand Delivery System
ExpressSand delivery system - efficient proppant management
Summary Summary Halliburton Fracturing Technology is Designed to Maximize Efficiency
Halliburton is deploying world class fracturing fleets designed to meet the demands of unconventional fracturing. Engineered solutions reduce our footprint, improve service quality, and reduce personnel exposure at the well site. Realize your efficiency goals with Halliburton.
Summary Summary SandCastle video
video of PS 2500 vertical sand storage bin transitioning from horizontal to vertical
Summary Summary Clay/Mineralogy (Multimedia)
StiMRIL services uses MRIL magnetic resonance imaging logging technology to determine which zones have clays present and which are clay free. This determines the type of completion fluid that should be selected to optimize production and reduce clay swelling.
Summary Summary MicroScout® Service and MicroScout® Plus Service
The Halliburton MicroScout® service is the first to provide a means of extended stimulation of unconventional reservoir microfractures for increased recovery of hydrocarbons. For even further stimulation, the MicroScout Plus service provides deeper penetration into the formation for increased conductive complexity.
Summary Summary CobraMax DM in Shale
CobraMax in Shale
Summary Summary AquaStim Service RedTech Audio File
Advanced Technologies Focused on Improving Production from Unconventional Reservoirs Halliburton’s new AquaStim water frac service technologies are already helping operators achieve better fracturing results: • Improved production. • Improved load recovery. • Minimized sand and formation material flowback. • Reduced fracture face damage.
Summary Summary AquaStim Water Frac Service Video
AquaStim video describes AquaStim service covering GasPerm 1000, FR-56, SandWedge, and OptiKleen-WF along with case histories.
Summary Summary New Interventionless Fracturing Technique Rescues Stranded Assets
Diversion technology helps increase lengths of lateral and number of clusters effectively fracture-stimulated
Summary Summary PropStop AOGR 0209
Treatment Stops Proppant Flow Back
Summary Summary Manufacturing Approach to Fracturing Limits
In the Rocky Mountains in Wyoming, a manufacturing approach is being developed to enable fracture stimulation of hundreds of gas wells from one semipermanent location that can operate around the clock.
Summary Summary Conductivity Endurance (Frequently Asked Questions - External)
Frequently Asked Questions for Conductivity Endurance
Summary Summary Kuwait Oil Company now produces more than 1000 barrels of oil per day from wells that had not produced anything for 15+ years.
SurgiFrac® NWB Service created microfractures that helped avoid gas breakthrough from nearby zone.
Summary Summary Halliburton stimulation treatment increases well’s production by 13,093 barrels of oil per day in an HP/HT reservoir
Successful acid stimulation treatment exceeds customer expectations
Summary Summary Carrizo Oil and Gas Improve Well Performance in Multi-Well AccessFrac® Service Field Study
Carrizo Oil and Gas used AccessFrac® stimulation service on a large-scale field trial in the Eagle Ford shale play in an effort to increase the number of effectively stimulated perforation clusters and to improve well performance. Results have shown the wells utilizing the AccessFrac service maintain higher flowing pressures indicating an increase in stimulated reservoir volume.
Summary Summary PermStim service case study in the Eagle Ford
PermStim™ fracturing fluid system helps Magnum Hunter Resources increase production in the Eagle Ford Shale
Summary Summary AccessFrac® Stimulation Service Improves Cluster Efficiency Without Quantifying Stresses
The limited availability of diagnostic data for multiple wells in Oklahoma hindered the operators’ ability to effectively design a limited-entry perforating scheme, along with stimulation treatments. AccessFrac® stimulation service was deployed in an attempt to improve cluster efficiency and ultimate recovery from the wells. Wells utilizing AccessFrac service showed initial production rates 2.7 to 3.2 times higher than comparable offsets.
Summary Summary RockPerm Permian Basin Case Study
Custom Chemistry Improves Well Performance: RockPerm™ Service Enables Customized Fracturing Fluid Solution Delaware Basin, Texas
Summary Summary Proprietary diversion technique succeeds in difficult non-cemented lateral
Halliburton’s AccessFrac® Service overcomes non-cemented lateral environment to accomplish diversion, provide stimulation, and deliver superior production.
Summary Summary CobraMax DM Service Case History: East Texas
A Low Risk and Efficient Operation Maximizing Stimulated Reservoir Volume in the Austin Chalk
Summary Summary MicroScout® Service Enhances Well Production in Woodford Shale Play
MicroScout Service improves production rates by 10-15 percent
Summary Summary Halliburton’s KelaStimSM Service
In the offshores waters of Angola, a principal customer was losing production from one of its best wells.
Summary Summary Halliburton Introduces AccessFracSM Service
HOUSTON – Oct. 31, 2011 – Halliburton (NYSE: HAL) is combining unique diversion technologies and pumping capabilities to create a process that helps enable operators achieve better long-term production from shale formations, thereby maximizing asset development.
Summary Summary Halliburton Introduces Revolutionary Vertical Proppant Storage System
SandCastle™ PS-2500 proppant storage silo enables using a smaller pad size for fracturing operations and enhances environmental performance.
Summary Summary Halliburton Delivers Improved Aqueous-Based Conductivity Enhancement System with SandWedge® ABC Enhancer
HOUSTON – Feb. 16, 2012 – Halliburton’s continuous research focused on achieving highly conductive fractures has resulted in a new aqueous-based version of the SandWedge®...
Summary Summary Halliburton’s SandCastle® Storage Unit Technology Wins Meritorious Award For Engineering Innovation
HOUSTON – May 6, 2013 – Halliburton’s (NYSE: HAL) SandCastle® PS-2500 vertical proppant storage bin was awarded E&P magazine’s Meritorious Award for Engineering Innovation at the Offshore Technology Conference today.
Summary Summary Halliburton’s New Fracturing Service Helps Increase Production for Magnum Hunter Resources in Eagle Ford Shale Formation
HOUSTON – (Sept. 13, 2012) – Halliburton announced today the commercialization of its new PermStimSM fracturing service.
Summary Summary Halliburton Opens Three New Remote Operations Command and Control Centers
HOUSTON – (June 26, 2012) – In an initiative designed to help operators further optimize completions and reduce health, safety, and environment (HSE) exposure...
Summary Summary Halliburton Introduces FracHeightSM Service
HOUSTON – Feb. 4, 2014 – Pinnacle Technologies, a Halliburton (NYSE: HAL) service, announces its latest innovation in fracture diagnostics. FracHeightsm service is a hybrid tool that combines fiber optic wireline conveyed microseismic receivers with Pinnacle’s downhole tiltmeter sensors that directly measure the formation movement associated with fracture dilation.
Summary Summary GasPerm 1100SM Service
Helps Control Stimulation Fracture Network Damage and Boost Production from Unconventional Gas Reservoirs
Summary Summary IntelliScan™ Equipment Monitoring System
The Halliburton IntelliScan™ equipment monitoring system enables early-time detection for maintenance needed of high-pressure pumping equipment.
Summary Summary DCA™ -21004 Frac Diverter Agent - Far Field Fracture Network
DCA&#153-21004 agent helps improve fluid and proppant placement by enabling redirection of treatment placement within the fracture network by sealing on proppant or fracture throats to help redistribute fluid and proppant flow within the fracture network.
Summary Summary DCA™ -21003 Frac Diverter Agent - Near Wellbore
DCA™ -21003 agent is a disclosable fracturing diverter agent for use in AccessFrac service applications where disclosure of fluid component material composition is required. DCA-21003 agent helps improve fluid and proppant placement across a treatment interval with multiple perforation clusters.
Summary Summary DFS-CWG™ Fracturing Fluid System
DFS-CWG™ fracturing fluid system uses a new fracturing fluid formulation made with ingredients sourced from the food industry.*
Summary Summary Zonal Coverage Acid (ZCA™) System
Crosslinked Acidizing Fluid System for Carbonates
Summary Summary Chemistry Scoring Index for Production Enhancement
Provides a Solid Basis for Choosing More HSE-Focused Chemistry for Stimulation Treatments
Summary Summary CobraMax® DM Service
Enables High-Intensity Multistage Fracturing with Proppant Concentration Control
Summary Summary MOC/One ™ Slurry for Selective Water Control
MOC/One™ slurry uses Halliburton’s unique MicroMatrix® ultrafine cement mixed with a hydrocarbon carrier fluid. The slurry is designed to selectively shut off water flowing into a wellbore.
Summary Summary Hot Rock™ Acid (HRA™) System
High Temperature, Low-Corrosion Acid System with Enhanced Fluid-Loss Control Properties
Summary Summary Hybor™ Fracturing Fluid
The Hybor fluid system is one of the industry’s most popular and widely used fracturing fluids.
Summary Summary Halliburton Minerals Handbook
Halliburton Minerals Handbook
Summary Summary Carbonate Completion™ Acid (CCA™) System
Solution for Additive-Compatibility Problems with Anionic Surfactants
Summary Summary SandWedge® ABC Aqueous-Based Conductivity Enhancement System
Halliburton’s continuing research focused on achieving highly conductive fractures has resulted in a new aqueous-based version of SandWedge® enhancer.
Summary Summary FDP-S1007-11 Formation Mobility Modifier
Helps Improve Production from Unconventional Oil Reservoirs
Summary Summary ShaleLog® Service - Shale Formation Analysis for Fracturing Treatment Design Optimization
The Halliburton shale formation analysis and fracturing treatment design optimization process (ShaleLog® service) provides information critical to developing a shale asset:
Summary Summary WG-35 Gelling Agent
WG-35 gelling agent is a powdered, high-viscosity, rapidyielding, intermediate-residue guar gum.
Summary Summary Acid Solutions for Sandstone Formations
Sandstone Completion™ acid is our most versatile sandstone acidizing system.
Summary Summary My-T-Oil V™ Fracturing Fluid
Oil Gelling Surfactant Technology for Preventing Damage Due to Polymer Residue
Summary Summary TechCommand® Center (TCC) 5000 Mobile Command
Command Station for Data Acquisition and Job Control During Hydraulic Fracturing Treatments
Summary Summary Halliburton Vessel-based Modular Solution (VMS) - A4
Flexible Stimulation System Designed to Meet Offshore North Sea Requirements
Summary Summary HAI-404M™ Corrosion Inhibitor
HAI-404M™ inhibitor is a cationic acid corrosion inhibitor for use in hydrochloric acids up to 400°F (204°C) in 15% HCl.
Summary Summary BE-7™ Bactericide
EPA-Registered Oil-Field-Use Microbiocide Suitable for Batch-Type and On-the-Fly Treatment of Water
Summary Summary FB4K Blender
Halliburton’s FB4K blender is designed with versatility in mind. The combination of three sand screws, three dry feeders and seven liquid additive systems means Halliburton can meet the requirements of virtually any fracturing design.
Summary Summary DuraKleenSM Service
DuraKleen service uses an environmentally enhanced water/aromatic solvent emulsion system that represents an important advancement in maintaining long-term production rates.
Summary Summary Cla-WebSM Clay Damage Control Additive for Low Permeability Formations
Provides Improved Clay Damage Protection and Enhanced Environmental Performance
Summary Summary HT-2000 Pump Trailer
HT-2000 Pump Trailer
Summary Summary HQ-2000 Pump Trailer
HQ-2000 Pump Trailer
Summary Summary Carbonate Acid Fluid Systems
Wells completed in carbonate formations usually require an acidizing treatment for optimal performance.
Summary Summary CleanStream Service—Ultraviolet Light Bacteria Control Process for Fracturing Fluid
CleanStream service, an ultraviolet (UV) light bacteria control process, uses a mobile unit capable of treating fracturing fluid at rates up to 100 bbl/min. Using the service enables Operators to significantly reduce the volume of biocides used to treat for aerobic and anaerobic (sulfate reducing) bacteria.
Summary Summary SandStim Service
A chelant-based acidizing fluid for sandstone formations, SandStim fluid has less risk of damaging the formation than traditional acid blends.
Summary Summary EquiSeal™ Conformance Service
Summary Summary DeepQuestSM Service
DeepQuestSM service helps enable fracpack and hydraulic stimulation of ultra-deep reservoirs without exceeding the safety limits of surface equipment, tubulars, and high-pressure manifolds.
Summary Summary Halliburton Geomechanics Laboratory
Accurate Analysis of Geomechanical Properties to Improve Exploration, Drilling and Completion Design, and Reservoir Management
Summary Summary Conformance Portfolio
Expert Solutions for Water Source Problems
Summary Summary CobraMax H Fracturing Service
Pinpoint stimulation technology to Effectively Fracture Horizontal Wellbores and Overcome the Effects of Flow Convergence
Summary Summary CoalStim® Service
Helps Boost Cash Flow From CBM Assets
Summary Summary HT-2000 Pump Trailer
HT-2000 Pump Trailer
Summary Summary HAI-OS™ Acid Inhibitor
HAI-OS™ inhibitor is an environmentally friendly acid corrosion inhibitor applicable to a broad range of temperatures, acid mixtures, and mixing Euids.
Summary Summary DeepQuest HT Fracturing Service for HPHT Reservoirs
DeepQuestSM HT service enables fracture stimulation of high pressure and high temperature reservoirs without exceeding the safety limits of surface treating equipment and wellbore tubulars.
Summary Summary Halliburton Vessel-based Modular Solution (VMS)
Flexible Stimulation System Designed to Meet Offshore North Sea Requirements
Summary Summary Musol® Mutual Solvent
Musol® solvent is primarily used during acidizing operations in silicate formations to help reduce or prevent the adsorption of surfactants from the acid to the formation.
Summary Summary CYPHERSM Seismic-to-Stimulation Service
Delivering enhanced profitability in shale and tight reservoirs through basin knowledge, operational experience, and continuous validation
Summary Summary CYPHER Service
The tailored approach of the CYPHER service is the execution of integrated workflows designed to provide asset understanding, planning, and development for shale and tight reservoirs.
Summary Summary CYPHER Service (A4)
The tailored approach of the CYPHER service is the execution of integrated workflows designed to provide asset understanding, planning, and development for shale and tight reservoirs.
Summary Summary Fas Drill® Drillable Composite Tools - Customer Webinar Sign in required
Webinar of Fas Drill® Drillable Composite Tools
Summary Summary Breakers Sign in required
This Best Practices article describes the latest Halliburton technology to help design engineers and fracturing customers select and use fracturing fluid breakers effectively. Chemical descriptions of breakers and the breaking process are presented here. Note that this article focuses on water-based fluids and does not cover oil-gelled fluids and breakers.
Summary Summary Laboratory Tests for Acidizing Treatments Sign in required
Laboratory support for stimulation treatment design is available at Halliburton's Duncan Technology Center (DTC) in Oklahoma, USA, and Halliburton's European Research Center (ERC) in Leiderdorp, the Netherlands. Testing Capabilities
Summary Summary Fracture Acidizing Sign in required
The main objective of a stimulation treatment is to increase the rate at which the formation delivers hydrocarbons naturally. When a customer decides to stimulate a particular well, as much information as possible about that formation and wellbore configuration must be obtained. This information will aid in candidate selection, and may indicate whether a matrix of fracturing treatment will best stimulate the formation.
Summary Summary Using SUPRA EHC With Nitrogen Sign in required
Fracture-acidizing can sometimes be more effective if vertical fracture areas exposed to acid can be controlled. The SUPRA EHC process involves controlling the densities of the acid as well as the preflush and overflush fluids used in a fracture-acidizing treatment. Laboratory studies indicate that fluids in a fracture will not only move horizontally because of fluid injection, but also vertically if the fluids injected have significant density differences. If such differences exist, the preceding fluid may over or under run the treatment target.
Summary Summary Carbonate Matrix Acidizing Treatments Sign in required
This Best Practices document provides guidelines for designing successful matrix acidizing treatments.
Summary Summary SurgiFrac® Service Increases Production; Adds Approximately $112,000 of Value (Case History) Sign in required
An operator needed to accurately place an acid treatment throughout a 1600 foot horizontal open hole section of a 6,765 foot well in the Niagaran reef.
Summary Summary Devonian Stimulation Increases Value by Approximately $2.75 Million (Case History) Sign in required
An operator needed to provide adequate stimulation for a 12,000 foot well in a Devonian formation with open Strawn perforations above the completion packer.
Summary Summary Ferchek® SC Iron Control System Outperforms Competition; Adds over $1.5 Million in New Production (Case History) Sign in required
An operator wanted to stimulate a six foot Wolfcamp Limestone zone with 20% HCl acid in order to increase production on a 5,100 foot well.
Summary Summary MRIL® Tool Finds New Zone, StiMRIL Confirms It Sign in required
A customer working in a South Texas field drilled his first prospect and wanted as much technical support as possible to determine the potential of the well.
Summary Summary ZCA Treatment Increases Oil Production by Approximately $51,000 (Case History) Sign in required
An open hole completion in a mature San Andres water flood well needed to be acidized to clean up scale that had accumulated in the wellbore and reduced production. A pressured-up water zone was present below the producing horizon. As a result, the wellbore needed treatment that covered the entire open hole without excessive rates that could extend a fracture into the bottom water zone.    
Summary Summary Recommended Flowback Procedures (Best Practice) Sign in required
A complete review of the reservoir and fracturing treatment needs to be made before developing a flowback procedure. The most critical parameters to consider are water sensitivity of formation, closure stress, proppant type used, fracture geometry, and type of fracturing fluid used.
Summary Summary SandWedge® Conductivity Enhancer Sign in required
Following is a Best Practices guide to the proper handling, design and usage of SandWedge® Conductivity Enhancer.
Summary Summary Bacteria Problems in Fracturing Gels Sign in required
Bacteria have a long history of causing viscosity instability in batch mixed gels. In fact, when in a favorable environment, sufficient numbers of bacteria can be the chief cause of gel degradation.
Summary Summary Diversion in Matrix-Acidizing Treatments Sign in required
The success of matrix acidizing treatments depends on the placement of acid to remove near-wellbore formation damage effeciently. The acid should be placed so that all potentially productive intervals accept a sufficient quantity of the total acid volume. If significant permeability or formation damage variations are present in the interval to be treated, acid will enter the zones with the highest permeability or least formation damage, leaving little acid to treat what may be the most productive zones.
Summary Summary Fluid-Loss Additives Sign in required
The leakoff characteristics of a fracturing fluid are an important parameter in the design and execution of a hydraulic fracturing treatment. Reducing the amount of fracturing fluid that leaks off into the formation during a treatment will increase the fracturing fluid volume that is available to maintain or propagate the fracture.
Summary Summary Scale Prevention Sign in required
Scale is a solid mineral deposit usually formed from produced salt water. Because water constantly dissolves and deposits solids, scale is an endless problem in the petroleum industry. Scale occurs in primary production wells, secondary wells, injection wells, disposal wells, and pipelines that connect wells to tank batteries. Wherever water production occurs, a potential for scale formation exists. The types of scale most often encountered are listed in Table 1, Page 2.What Causes Scale?
Summary Summary PermStim Fracturing Service Sign in required
Overview of PermStim service with fluid comparison video
Summary Summary Experience, Research Show Best Designs for Foam-diverted Acidizing (Paper / Article) Sign in required
Guidelines developed from field experience and laboratory tests increase the probability of removing damage and stimulating production with foam-diverted acid treatments.
Summary Summary HydroChek® Service Eliminates Water Production, Adds Approximately $80 Million in Value (Case History) Sign in required
An operator had enjoyed significant success using Halliburton HydroChek® service to reduce water production in an offshore well. Now, that operator wanted to use that technology to restore production in a 2,845 foot well on the same platform that had been shut in because of water entering through a channel behind the pipe. 
Summary Summary Frequently Asked Questions regarding Expedite Customer Sign in required
Frequently Asked Questions regarding Expedite
Summary Summary Unconventional Completion Solutions
Unconventional Completions Brochure
Summary Summary SoluCem Cement in Horizontal Shale Wells Enhances Fracture Efficiency
Horizontal wells are normally fracture stimulated in multiple stages to help increase production. Limited entry perforating is used to achieve stimulation over a wide interval. Cementing horizontal shale wells using SoluCem™ cement provides significant benefits.
Summary Summary Cobra Frac® Animation
Cobra Frac® Animation
Summary Summary Cobra Frac Service
Operating in today's aging reservoirs, operators are challenged with finding an effective method for stimulating shallow sand formations in under pressured gas reservoirs. In addition, in long intervals, an initial fracturing treatment may not effectively
Summary Summary Integrated Completions
Delivering Better Wells, Easier and Faster
Summary Summary High-temperature drilling and completions in the Haynesville Shale
Continuous improvements helped oil company double production from high-temperature wells
Summary Summary SeaWave Offshore Water Treatment Service
Halliburton’s SeaWave service offers a versatile solution for effective and consistent processing of water for discharge for offshore completions and production.
Summary Summary Starting Multi-Chem Scale Control Program at Completion Reduces Workover Costs
A producer in the Rocky Mountains requested a cost-effective scale inhibitor be added to the completion fluid to prevent downhole scale formation in the early stages of the well’s life.
Summary Summary Bakken Operator Reduces Water Injection by 76%
Multi-Chem worked with a Bakken operator to address a severe salt deposition issue. After relying on high volume fresh water continuous treatments to maintain normal production, a patented halite control product, MX 2-3875, was introduced to control salt precipitation and reduce the required fresh water volumes.
Summary Summary Paraffin Deposits Video
When the challenge is paraffin, the solution is Multi-Chem. Paraffin wax can be a pipeline nightmare because paraffin deposits are a leading cause of decreased production.
Summary Summary Deep Water Application
In offshore production, learn where complications can arise in your production system and how Multi-Chem can address your issues – substantially increasing the producing life of the well.
Summary Summary Mature Fields Application
See where problems can arise in your production system and how Multi-Chem can bring you an innovative suite of customized solutions that can help reduce your operating costs.
Summary Summary Operator in the Gulf of Mexico Successfully Inhibits High Molecular Weight Paraffin
An operator in the deep water Gulf of Mexico developed a subsea gas well through a six mile pipe-in-pipe insulated flowline, and upon first production, it became clearly evident the condensate had much higher paraffin content than anticipated.
Summary Summary Operator Returns Plugged SWD Well to Full Production with Customized Chemical Treatment
An operator was experiencing plugging issues that kept re-occurring in its saltwater disposal (SWD) well in the mature Roseland Plantation field, along the Gulf Coast of Louisiana.
Summary Summary Squeeze Treatment Recovers Production from an Under-Producing Well
An customer experienced considerable scale formation of CaSO4 and CaCO3 downhole in one of its assets. The challenge to control the high scaling potential produced brine contributed to a loss of 10,000 BOPD across the field and resulted in the shut-in of 10 of the 70 wells.
Summary Summary Unique Matrix Treatment Boost Production 26 Percent in Mature Asset in Latin America Region
In mature oilfields, production can decline as fields are affected by the presence of water, resulting in increased production costs. This was the case of Mexico’s Cantarell field, an aging offshore field in the Bay of Campeche.
Summary Summary SeaWave Service Chemical-Free Water Treatment Enables Safe Discharge in Strictly Regulated Offshore Environment
In offshore wells, Southern Brazil, where environmental regulations are among the strictest and rig costs among the highest in the world, one Major Operator is using the SeaWave service from Multi-Chem, a Halliburton Service, to successfully treat flowback and production water for safe and compliant discharge from a number of platforms.
Summary Summary Petroleum Well Construction Book Sign in required
Halliburton is pleased to contribute to this important volume addressing vital technologies of the petroleum industry. Well construction represents a formidable investment for our customers and we are committed to providing high-value solutions encompassing the entire spectrum of the field.
Summary Summary FracTrac® Service Microseismic Fracture Mapping
Enables real-time monitoring of fracture treatments for optimized results.
Summary Summary Microseismic Source Mechanisms Must Be Understood Before Results Can be Accurately Interpreted
Microseismicmapping has proved to be a valuable technology for monitoring hydraulic fractures and other reservoir processes.
Summary Summary Software
Halliburton’s state-of-the-art stimulation software technology is designed to provide further detailed knowledge of the reservoir that in turn allows for the most cost-effective customized treatment to be recommended.
Summary Summary Fracture Engineering
Center of Excellence for Fracture Engineering
Summary Summary FracTrac® Microseismic Fracture Mapping Service
Pinnacle Technologies offers FracTrac® microseismic fracture mapping service, a diagnostic technique that measures created hydraulic fracture dimensions and azimuth.
Summary Summary CYPHER Seismic-to-Stimulation Service | Halliburton
CYPHER service applies geoscience techniques and applied engineering to help minimize cost and maximize the net present value of your reservoir assets.
Summary Summary AquaStim Water Frac Service
AquaStim service provides advanced technologies focused on improving production from unconventional reservoirs.
Summary Summary FracFactory® Well Stimulation Service
Halliburton’s FracFactory® Well Stimulation Service can help accelerate an operators’ time-to-money, help improve operating efficiency for multi-well projects, reduce environmental impact, and reduce HSE exposure.
Summary Summary Stimulation
With proven technologies for optimizing production, Halliburton provides cost-effective approaches to fracturing, pinpoint stimulation, acidizing/near-wellbore cleanout, conductivity endurance and water management.
Summary Summary Water Management - Products
Whether the intent is to completely shut off a water producing zone or to reduce the water production while improving hydrocarbon production from the same zone, Halliburton technologies and experience are available to provide the solution.
Summary Summary CobraMax® DM fracturing service with Downhole Mixing
Optimize each fracture treatment by real-time control of rate and proppant concentration at the perforations in response to reservoir pressure with the use of CobraMax® DM fracturing service with Downhole Mixing
Summary Summary Stim Star Borneo
Southeast Asia
Summary Summary Stim Star III
Gulf of Mexico
Summary Summary HOS Hawke
Bay of Campeche
Summary Summary Vessels
Halliburton's vessel stimulation fleet is designed to deliver the latest, most cost-effective technologies and skilled personnel to operators' wellsites, worldwide.
Summary Summary HOS Saylor
Bay of Campeche
Summary Summary Stim Star IV
Gulf of Mexico
Summary Summary Conformance/Water Control
Halliburton’s water management technology applies processes to reservoirs and boreholes to reduce water production
Summary Summary H2 Zero® Service
Organically crosslinked polymer system for water and gas shutoff.
Summary Summary EquiSeal™ Conformance Service
Custom water and gas shutoff system for horizontal or highly deviated wellbores.
Summary Summary MOC/One™ System
The MOC/One system is a hydrocarbon-based micro-matrix cement slurry for selective water shutoff.
Summary Summary BackStop™ Water Conformance Control Service
BackStop™ Water Conformance Control Service controls unwelcome water production by introducing an exceptionally capable water control agent at the shallow part of the formation around perforation tunnels.
Summary Summary QuikLook® Reservoir Simulation Service
QuikLook® Reservoir Simulation Service is Developed to optimize the design and placement of unwanted fluid shutoff treatments allowing data to be interpreted with unprecedented speed and accuracy.
Summary Summary CW-Frac℠ Water Control Service
CW-FracSM Water Control Service is Next-generation technology for helping control water incursion when fracturing near a water zone
Summary Summary CrystalSeal® Water Conformance Control Service
CrystalSeal® Water Conformance Control Service Treats injection Wells to Provide Improved Sweep Efficiency and Economics by Preventing or Remediating Direct Communication with Producing Wells
Summary Summary Thermatek® Fluids
A new generation of chemical treatments used to provide engineered solutions when drilling or producing fractured, unconsolidated or watered out formations.
Summary Summary WaterWeb® Water Control
WaterWeb® Water Control Uses unique polymer chemistry to help create oil-water separation in the reservoir, impeding water flow and enhancing hydrocarbon flow to the wellbore.
Summary Summary Resins
Resin technology developed by Hallibiurton has resulted in SandWedge enhancer and Expedite agent for long term proppant pack conductivity.
Summary Summary SandWedge® Conductivity Enhancement System
SandWedge® Conductivity Enhancement System improves fracturing results and virtually eliminates incompatibility issues for improved long-term production.
Summary Summary Fines Migration Control
Recently completed studies of production profiles of wells treated with SandWedge agent—as well as the results of recent third-party laboratory tests—have confirmed that invasion of formation materials into the proppant pack and loss of effective fracture width are the two leading causes of production declines following propped stimulation treatments.
Summary Summary Expedite® Proppant Flowback Control
Expedite® Proppant Flowback Control was developed to improve proppant flowback control and to help reduce time to production flowing fracture treatments.
Summary Summary Proppant Flow Capacity
Following a fracturing treatment, several forces are at work to reduce the ability of the proppant pack to flow hydrocarbons. These include proppant flowback, fines intrusion, proppant crushing, and diagenesis.
Summary Summary Proppant Diagenesis
The diagenesis process occurs rapidly in a fracture. Under heat and pressure, the proppant reacts with the formation face to form deposits that plug proppant pack porosity. Halliburton’s proppant coating technologies help alleviate diagenesis.
Summary Summary EZ-Stim Service
Helps Improve Efficiency of Hybrid Fracturing Treatments and Stimulating Long Horizontals
Summary Summary Frac of the Future™
A step change improvement in modern fracturing operations.
Summary Summary Q10™ Pump
Complete new pump design provides higher horsepower and reliability than any other pump in the industry, also with a reduced environmental footprint
Summary Summary SandCastle™ PS-2500 Vertical Storage System
Revolutionary vertical proppant storage system saves space and reduces on-site emissions
Summary Summary Breakers
General Overview of Halliburton's Breaker Technology
Summary Summary LoSurf™ Family of Surfactants
The LoSurf™ family of surfactants helps to optimize the performance of Halliburton’s fracturing fluids.
Summary Summary Breaker Technology
Chemicals used to reduce the viscosity of fracturing fluids are called breakers.
Summary Summary Ex-tension PacSM Service
Ex-tension Pac SM service provides improved productivity from high perm formations at no additional cost.
Summary Summary Fracturing Fluid Additives
Halliburton uses specially designed additives to maximize fracturing fluid potential. These additives are customized to work with Halliburton fluid systems.
Summary Summary Friction Reduced Water Treatments
Historically, fracturing treatments using friction-reduced water for the fracturing fluid (commonly called water fracs) have relied mainly on hydraulic horsepower and minimal amounts of proppant.
Summary Summary Hydrocarbon Based Systems
Halliburton’s gas well stimulation technology uses an oil-based fluid system for formation compatibility and provides rapid recovery of the fracturing fluid.
Summary Summary MISCO2 Frac®Service
Helps enable rapid recovery of frac fluids from the producing formation helping achieve more production faster.
Summary Summary My-T-OilSM V Service - Oil-Based Gel System
Developed for use in oil wells, My-T-Oil V service uses a continuous mix, cross-linked anionic surfactant oil-based gel system.
Summary Summary ROCC™ Remote Operations Command and Control Center
Halliburton’s new ROCC facilities help optimize fracturing operations by reducing the number of personnel travelling to and from the wellsite and ensuring the availability of technical experts when needed.
Summary Summary Remote Operations Command and Control
Remote Operations Command and Control
Summary Summary ConductorSM Fracturing Service
The ultimate goal of well stimulation is to get higher production out of an asset.
Summary Summary Sigma® Process
Achieving maximum asset performance requires an in-depth understanding of the interdependence of all the technologies that affect the outcome of field development strategies. The Sigma® process enables the Operator and Halliburton team to take advantage of Halliburton’s integrated structure to achieve unprecedented asset performance.
Summary Summary Transcend™ Permeability Enhancers
The Transcend™ Permeability Enhancer portfolio is Halliburton’s premiere offering for flow enhancing technology.
Summary Summary RockPerm™ Service
RockPerm™ service is a laboratory testing process performed by specially trained technicians in local area labs.
Summary Summary AccessFrac® Stimulation Service
AccessFrac stimulation service is Halliburton’s process to optimize proppant distribution for improved long-term production performance.
Summary Summary Fracturing Treatment Design and Monitoring, and Asset Development
The SigmaSM process was created to improve the profitability of multi-well hydraulic fracturing programs.
Summary Summary fracture-face-damage-control
The issue of how fracturing fluids damage the productivity of propped fractured wells is easily 50 years old.
Summary Summary SeaQuest® Service
Applicable in both shelf and deepwater environments, this service includes a new proprietary fluid system with characteristics that help achieve enhanced well performance
Summary Summary Water-based Gel Systems
Halliburton's water-based gel systems are enhanced, proprietary fluid systems
Summary Summary CleanStream® Ultraviolet Light Bacteria Control Process
CleanStream® ultraviolet light bacteria control process enhances environmental performance by reducing the volume of conventional biocides required.
Summary Summary Delta Frac® Fracturing Fluid
Halliburton’s advanced fluid technology introduces an optimized borate fracturing fluid with high viscosity and as much as 33% less gel concentration known as Delta Frac® Fracturing Fluid.
Summary Summary ADP™ Advanced Dry Polymer Blender
The ADP™ advanced polymer blender enables mixing any of Halliburton's fracturing fluids using a dry polymer, eliminating the need for Hydrocarbon-based concentrates.
Summary Summary UniStim™ Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid System
Salt tolerant, CO2 compatible, and cold temperature capable fluid system minimizes clay swelling and fines migration to enhance frac treatment.