SandWedge® Conductivity Enhancement System

Halliburton's SandWedge® enhances proppant pack conductivity for improved long-term production.

The SandWedge system technology can improve fracturing results and virtually eliminate incompatibility issues. Other benefits includes:
  • Reduces/eliminates fines migration
  • Protects against proppant diagenesis
  • Enhances fracture conductivity
  • Enhances frac fluid clean-up
  • Improves permeability of the proppant pack
  • Compatible with all water-based fracturing fluids, including seawater


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SandWedge® Conductivity Enhancement System

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Summary Summary SandWedge® Conductivity Enhancement Service
Enhances Proppant Pack Conductivity for Improved Long-Term Production. Now available in Lite, Plus, and Max Systems Tailored to Treatment Requirements
Summary Summary AQF-2™ Foaming Agent
AQF-2™ anionic surfactant and foaming agent is used to stabilize the gas and liquid levels of foamed fracturing fluids.
Summary Summary SandWedge® conductivity enhancement system
The SandWedge® conductivity enhancement system helps enhance fracture conductivity resulting from water-based fluid treatments.
Summary Summary Calibr℠ and SandWedge® Services Reduce Sand Flowback
A combo solution significantly increases production
Summary Summary Halliburton Delivers Improved Aqueous-Based Conductivity Enhancement System with SandWedge® ABC Enhancer
HOUSTON – Feb. 16, 2012 – Halliburton’s continuous research focused on achieving highly conductive fractures has resulted in a new aqueous-based version of the SandWedge®...
Summary Summary Fracturing Fluid Systems
The fluid systems are designed to implement a treatment according to design in order to help increase production and improve the Operator’s return on investment.
Summary Summary OptiKleen-WF™ Viscosity Reducing Agent
In fracturing unconventional gas reservoirs, friction reducers have been shown to cause fracture face damage and have demonstrated damaging effects to fracture conductivity.
Summary Summary GasPerm 1000SM Service
Helps Control Fracture Face Damage and Boost Production from Unconventional Gas Reservoirs
Summary Summary SandWedge® ABC Aqueous-Based Conductivity Enhancement System
Halliburton’s continuing research focused on achieving highly conductive fractures has resulted in a new aqueous-based version of SandWedge® enhancer.
Summary Summary AccessFracSM Stimulation Service
Enhanced Proppant Distribution Provides Improved Access to Complex Fracture Networks in Shale Formations
Summary Summary AquaStimSM Water Frac Service
Advanced Technologies Focused on Improving Production from Unconventional Reservoirs
Summary Summary Delta FoamSM Service
Halliburton’s Delta FoamSM service has been specially formulated for low pressure and water sensitive reservoirs where operators have often encountered difficulty in effectively employing production enhancement methods.
Summary Summary Ex-Tension Pac(SM) Service Effectively Controls Sand, Increases Gas Production (Case History) Sign in required
A 10,250 ft well in a Frio sand formation needed to be block-squeezed prior to testing. The operator shot the interval and tested it for production. But after short periods of flow, the surface equipment would plug up, and the perforations became covered with formation fines. Although the average flow rate tested at 27 BOPD and 400 MCFD with a BHP of 7400 psi, continued production had become uneconomical.
Summary Summary SandWedge® Conductivity Enhancement System
SandWedge® Conductivity Enhancement System improves fracturing results and virtually eliminates incompatibility issues for improved long-term production.
Summary Summary Fines Migration Control
Recently completed studies of production profiles of wells treated with SandWedge agent—as well as the results of recent third-party laboratory tests—have confirmed that invasion of formation materials into the proppant pack and loss of effective fracture width are the two leading causes of production declines following propped stimulation treatments.
Summary Summary AquaStim Water Frac Service
AquaStim service provides advanced technologies focused on improving production from unconventional reservoirs.
Summary Summary FracFactory® Well Stimulation Service
Halliburton’s FracFactory® Well Stimulation Service can help accelerate an operators’ time-to-money, help improve operating efficiency for multi-well projects, reduce environmental impact, and reduce HSE exposure.
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