Sand Control in Producer Wellbores


Oil sands are a viscous blend of extra heavy oil (bitumen), sand and water. Through the use of steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) and cyclic steam stimulation (CSS) methods, the bitumen is heated to allow it to flow. The flow of this lower viscosity oil toward the wellbore brings large volumes of sand to the wellbore interface naturally. Heavy oil operators have experimented with a wide variety of sand control technologies over the years to help prevent the plugging of production liners with unwanted sand.


Halliburton’s premium sand control screens increase the productive life of producer wellbores through effective sand control. Our unique technology, formed from a series of custom-designed, diffusion-bonded surface filter layers, gives precise pore size control and provides the highest solids retention and plugging resistance possible. Originally developed for heavy oil sand control applications, its multi-layered construction makes it ideal for a broad range of solids control applications. In fact, the more challenging the solids distribution, the better the performance of the screen compared with other screen products since it filters out progressively smaller particles from the production stream as flow moves towards the basepipe.

In SAGD completions, it is especially critical to prevent steam breakthrough at the producer. Halliburton’s suite of EquiFlow® flow control devices for SAGD wells offer industry-leading solutions to maximize production efficiency and improve operators' steam-oil ratio (SOR).

EquiFlow® OptiSteam™ Flow Control Device for SAGD Injectoroptimizes steam flow in SAGD injection wells by balancing steam injection throughout the length of a completion.

EquiFlow Autonomous Inflow Control Device for SAGD Producer is the market leader in autonomous ICDs. With no moving parts, electronics, or elastomers, it provides high reliability for the life of the well.

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