HP/HT Challenges & Solutions

Higher pressures and temperatures pose significant challenges—and opportunities
Reservoirs with pressures and temperatures deemed higher than what was considered typical in the past are now frequent targets for exploration and development.

However, temperature and pressure affect the physical strength, electronic function, sealing technology and chemical reaction of a technology or process. This imposes very real limitations on much of the technology currently available to help develop these reservoirs. To further complicate matters, most service companies are hesitant to invest in HP/HT R&D and new technology because the market size for high pressure/high temperature wells is still small relative to conventional wells.

So how can high pressure and high temperature reservoirs be explored and developed successfully and cost effectively?

Halliburton experts work with clients to better understand their reservoir and develop customized well plans specific to their asset. Through continuous collaboration, our specialists recommend solutions, not just specific technologies, to help the client get to production faster and safer.

Our capabilities in HP/HT are the most extensive in the industry and one-of-a-kind due to our commitment to clients and our strong engineering, R&D and testing facilities. Our technologies have proven to be effective and reliable time over time making Halliburton the go-to provider for all of your HP/HT needs.