High Pressure High Temperature (HP/HT)

Delivering success in HP/HT reservoirs through experience, innovation and reliable technologies

As conventional sources of oil and gas decline, operators are increasingly turning their attention to unexplored or underdeveloped areas. High temperatures and/or high pressures are often found in these uncharted territories, presenting complex challenges including casing buckling, accelerated drilling fluid chemical reactions and rock collapse.

Halliburton is well equipped to handle your HP/HT challenges

Halliburton has more than 1,500 global HP/HT experts and the largest selection of HP/HT capabilities in the industry. Our experts approach HP/HT challenges by initially establishing a detailed understanding of your reservoir. After developing the most effective plan, we help operators execute, using the latest HP/HT evaluation, well construction, completions and stimulation technologies.

Halliburton continually creates innovative HP/HT technologies and processes that increase efficiency, recovery, safety and reliability in our specialized HP/HT research and development (R&D), Testing and Manufacturing facilities. These world-class facilities are equipped with the greatest number of test wells and cells in the service industry.

Challenge spurs innovation that creates better tools and technologies

From high pressure oil reservoirs in the deepwater to deep, hot, high pressure gas reservoirs, operators entrust Halliburton with their toughest challenges.