Increase Reliability

To help address the high costs of exploration and development, Halliburton is bringing new efficiencies to deepwater with reliable equipment and innovative technologies.

Our equipment and systems have proven themselves in the field many times over. Halliburton companies have participated in the vast majority of all producing deepwater wells and contributed to most of the world's deepwater completions. Our software has been used to help unlock more than 80% of the world's deepwater discoveries.

We achieve ultra-reliability through:

  • Well-tested equipment with proven performance in even the most adverse conditions
  • Risk mitigation and contingency planning for deepwater challenges
  • Innovative new technologies that safely save weeks of expensive rig time
  • Resourceful competent experts who combine global experience with local knowledge

Reliability requires safe operations at all times. Without safety, there can be no reliability. Therefore, a critical component of the Halliburton deepwater solution is a high, consistent level of HSE performance.

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Summary Summary HCS AdvantageOne™ offshore cementing system was featured in Upstream Technology Magazine
The HCS AdvantageOne™ offshore cementing system is the next generation of cementing and well-control pump performance for ultra-deep water.
Summary Summary BaraECD® fluid and AFO service help limit downhole losses
BaraECD® fluid and AFO service help reduce downhole losses by more than 60% in critical well, saving $5 million
Summary Summary Environmentally Distinctive Burner
Specifically designed for use in ecologically sensitive areas, where it’s critical to quantify produced emissions. It also delivers industry leading burn performance & automation.
Summary Summary Dash® Large Bore Subsea Safety Sytem
Dash Large Bore electrohydraulic module promotional video shown at ASME BMEA Awards during 2016 OTC
Summary Summary Full Burn
This video illustrates a full system burn using the Environmentally Distinctive Burner (EDB). The parameters for the burn were 6000 BOPD, 10% water cut, and 345 SCFM/MBOPD. The EDB offers unrivaled burn performance and fallout efficiency by using a remote operator interface to adjust flow rates, rotate the burner head, and monitored system parameters. As well as offering system over-temp safeguards, overlapping spray patterns with cross lighting, and a small flame footprint.
Summary Summary Start Up Burn
This video illustrates the startup of the Environmentally Distinctive Burner using combustion air for the pneumatic system. The burner management system, remote operator interface, and dual ignition system create a seamless startup with clean and efficient ignition.
Summary Summary Shut Down Burn
This video illustrates the shutdown of the Environmentally Distinctive Burner (EDB). The burner and/or individual nozzles shut down in 0.3secs. There is a constant air bleed path per nozzle, which burns off residue, reducing the probability of drips or spills. The EDB allows offers real time oil and air manifold monitoring with an audible and visual alarm system.
Summary Summary CHAMP® V 15K Straddle Packer System
Isolate multiple zones with a retrievable packer system
Summary Summary CHAMP® Ion Retrievable Packer
Acoustically controlled packer for complete well testing control
Summary Summary Intelligent Completion Advances Target Improved Reliability in HPHT Conditions, Simplified Deployment
New technologies helping to provide real-time fluid characteristics, faster or remote actuations and optimized production over life of the well. Drilling Contractor September 2017 Issue
Summary Summary DrillFact™ Real-Time Monitoring Service Sign in required
Precise drilling measurements for enhanced decision-making and drilling performance
Summary Summary Middle East: Operator Gathers Valuable Formation Features with the Only Service in Larger Hole Sizes Sign in required
Due to a lack of seismic data in a challenging remote location offshore in the Middle East, an operator was drilling several deepwater pilot holes for gas exploration in order to gain as much information as possible for well correlation and to gather insight into understanding the geological structure and depositional environment.
Summary Summary Azerbaijan: Operator Achieves Record-Breaking Telemetry Rates Despite Challenging Environment Sign in required
JetPulse™ high-data-rate (HDR) telemetry enables operator to anticipate and react to potential problems before significant nonproductive time (NPT) can occur
Summary Summary Brazil: Operator Saves USD 3.4 Million in Presalt Drilling Sign in required
In Brazil’s presalt deepwater reservoirs, being able to accurately drill to the well plan at water depths of over 7,000 feet (2,134 meters) is difficult because of the long and complex salt sections present before reaching the hydrocarbons.
Summary Summary LiquiLite™ Cement Additive
LiquiLite™ cement additive enables efficient delivery of Tuned® Light cement in offshore and remote locations by eliminating bulk blending logistics and allowing for tailoring of slurry density on location.
Summary Summary Operator in Saudi Arabia Optimizes Milling Performance via Real-Time Coiled Tubing Data
SPECTRUMSM Intervention Services Enables Accurate Downhole Motor Positioning and Flawless Operation on Critical Well Mill Out
Summary Summary Intercept® Retrievable Bridge Plug
The Intercept retrievable bridge plug (RBP) is a gas-tight, well-suspension plug ideal for dual-barrier applications.
Summary Summary PetroGuard® Mesh-DS Screen
For sand control applications where a more efficient filtration media is required, the PetroGuard® Mesh-DS screen’s shrouded, non-bonded mesh provides superior solids filtration.
Summary Summary VersaFlex® Big Bore System
Designed specifically for deepwater and subsea markets, the VersaFlex® Big Bore system is ideal for complex well conditions. The VersaFlex Big Bore system does not require landing in a pre-determined profile, helping to eliminate complications common to positioning in mudline/casing wellhead profiles.
Summary Summary XtremeGrip™ Expandable Liner Hanger System
The Halliburton XtremeGrip™ expandable liner hanger system takes the standard VersaFlex liner hanger to the next level. This high-performance, advanced metal sealing technology provides a fully compliant metal seal with a fully bonded resilient elastomeric seal to account for imperfections in the parent casing.
Summary Summary FlexRite® Multibranch Inflow Control (MIC) System (TAML Level 5)
The FlexRite® Multibranch Inflow Control (MIC) system is the newest variant of the award-winning FlexRite isolated tie-back system, allowing a multilateral well to be completed with sand screens, swellable packers, Inflow Control Devices (ICDs) and Interval Control Valves (ICVs) to help maximize production from each multilateral leg.
Summary Summary Wellbore Cleaning Technology
Halliburton's CleanWell® system technology specializes in mechanical wellbore cleaning solutions designed to deliver value-driven results throughout the well construction process.
Summary Summary X-Trieve Retrievable Production Packers
This family of premium retrievable packer solutions is made up of the X-Trieve HC and X-Trieve HP designs, and represents the highest level of capability within the retrievable packer product line.
Summary Summary DepthStar® Tubing-Retrievable Safety Valve
The DepthStar® Tubing Retrievable Safety Valve (TRSV) is a revolutionary new concept in the realm of surface controlled subsurface safety valves.
Summary Summary WellLock® Resin
WellLock® resin can act as an annular barricade against water and gas leaks.
Summary Summary Tuned® Light Cement
Designed to perform effectively in wells with where loss of circulation with conventional weighted cement slurries might occur.
Summary Summary BridgeMaker™ LCM Spacer Fluid
An environmentally friendly blend designed to overcome lost circulation while preparing the wellbore to receive cement.
Summary Summary LockCem™ and LockSeal™ Cement Systems
LockCem™ cement represents a Portland cement and resin blend; LockSeal™ cement is the foam version of the slurry system.
Summary Summary SurePlug™ Process
Enhances hole cleaning, job design, materials selection, and plug-setting operations.
Summary Summary iCem® Service
Runs various simulations according to specific wellbore architecture design data provided by the operator. Based on computational fluid dynamics and finite element analysis, the simulations help enable the evaluation and optimization of cement designs to specifically address the operational and long-term parameters of individual wells.
Summary Summary SuperFill™ Auto-Fill Equipment
Halliburton offers auto-fill assemblies that allow wellbore fluids to enter the casing as it is being run into the wellbore. Surge reduction float shoes and float collars reduce the effective wellbore surge pressure to help operators avoid losing valuable drilling fluid and damaging the formation.
Summary Summary ZoneSeal® Isolation Process
A fully engineered zonal isolation process with automated controls to deliver the benefits of light-weight (foam) cement during placement and for the life of the well.
Summary Summary GasStop™ Cement
Performs effectively in wells with overpressured zones with the potential for fluid influx into the annulus through unset cement using specially tuned systems.
Summary Summary SentinelCem™ Cement
Specifically designed to cure losses and enable further drilling by achieving early static gel strength; helps achieve zonal isolation by accomplishing intended top of cement.
Summary Summary Latex 3000™ Cement Additive
A liquid additive designed to lower equivalent circulating density (ECD) and to impart excellent fluid-loss control, high-temperature suspension properties, and acid resistance to cement slurries.
Summary Summary DeepFX™-L Additive
DeepFX-L additive: A single additive to provide fluid-loss control and shorten transition time to help address shallow water flow concerns.
Summary Summary HCS Advantage™ Cementing System Skid
Twin HT-400™ pump cementing skid designed for hazardous area installation.
Summary Summary HCS AdvantageOne™ Cementing Skid
The HCS AdvantageOne™ skid system is the next generation of cementing and well-control pump performance for ultra-deep water.
Summary Summary The Protech™ Centralizer Family of Products
Halliburton’s Protech™ centralizer family of casing attachments provide a unique solution to casing centralization that utilizes the latest resin, carbon fiber and ceramic technologies to apply wear resistant and/or flow enhancing centralizers, deflectors or protectors directly to customer tubulars.
Summary Summary MaxFire™ Electronic Firing System
Halliburton now offers the MaxFire™ electronic firing system, an ultrahigh-pressure 40,000-psi (276-MPa), fully programmableelectronic firing system. This unmatched technology is alsocapable of low pressure-cycle operation, and allows for immediateor delayed detonation.
Summary Summary Increase Reliability
To help address the high costs of exploration and development, Halliburton is bringing new efficiencies to deepwater with reliable equipment and innovative technologies.
Summary Summary Safe Completions Operations
How can I ensure safety, efficiency, and reliability during my completion operations?
Summary Summary Safe Completions Operations
How can I ensure safety, efficiency, and reliability during my completion operations?
Summary Summary Safe Completions Operations
How can I ensure safety, efficiency, and reliability during my completion operations?
Summary Summary SandWedge® Conductivity Enhancement System
SandWedge® Conductivity Enhancement System improves fracturing results and virtually eliminates incompatibility issues for improved long-term production.
Summary Summary Vessels
Halliburton's vessel stimulation fleet is designed to deliver the latest, most cost-effective technologies and skilled personnel to operators' wellsites, worldwide.
Summary Summary Chemical-Program-Management
At Multi-Chem, our job is to protect your investments. To help us achieve this, we establish a service plan with our customers to continuously monitor and help improve all aspects of the chemical-application program
Summary Summary Flow-Assurance-Engineering
With the immense investments and logistics necessary to operate in deepwater, it is imperative to know that everything in and around your system is working at its peak performance.
Summary Summary N-SOLATE Packer Fluid Systems
High performance insulating packer fluids designed to reduce undesired heat flow by controlling both conduction and convection
Summary Summary Dash® Large Bore Subsea Safety System
The Dash® Large Bore Subsea Safety System is an all-new EH system designed to ease assembly, simplify maintenance processes, communicate real-time landing string conditions, simplify re-latch operations, and provide faster activation response times.
Summary Summary Mechanical Integrity Testing
State and Federal agencies require scheduled Mechanical Integrity Tests (MIT) of wells used for the underground disposal of hazardous materials.
Summary Summary SPIDR® - Self Powered Intelligent Data Retriever
SPIDR® is an acronym for Self Powered Intelligent Data Retriever.
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