Deepwater Solutions

Delivering the lowest cost-per-foot reservoir in deepwater and ultra-deepwater environments.

Deepwater exploration and production presents some of the industry’s most complex challenges, requires three times upfront capital investments compared to onshore operations, and requires long-term commitments —but brings the greatest potential rewards.

Halliburton has an extensive track-record in deepwater plays worldwide, with the basin knowledge and reservoir expertise to help you overcome your greatest deepwater challenges. Whether drilling through pre-salt reservoirs in Brazil, deploying complex completions in the Gulf of Mexico, dealing with high-pressure/high-temperature wells in Asia Pacific, to exploring new frontiers in West Africa, our experts are ready to help you increase production and lower costs at every stage of the well’s lifecycle – in deep water and ultra-deep water environments.

  • Reduce Uncertainty

    Advanced suite of coring, testing, MWD/LWD and formation evaluation solutions provide accurate and reliable subsurface data, helping you make long-term investment and exploration decisions.
  • Increase Reliability

    Safe, efficient, proven HP/HT solutions designed to maximize production in the most adverse conditions, helping you reduce NPT, mitigate risks, and improve overall well economics.
  • Increase Efficiency

    Reliable, high-performing drilling equipment and fluids designed to optimize well construction, manage low-ECDs, and reach target depth in one run, helping you save rig time and costs.

Every step of the way, let’s work together to maximize the value of your deepwater assets.

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Deepwater Reservoir Solution Center (DW-RSC)

Deepwater Reservoir Solution Center

Deepwater geoscientists provide reservoir insight to reduce uncertainty across several domains: geology, geophysics, geomechanics, petrophysics, and reservoir and production engineering.
Environmentally Distinctive Burner

Environmentally Distinctive Burner

2015 E&P MEA Winner, HSE
With industry-leading burn performance and automation, it's designed for the most eco-sensitive areas where it's critical to quantify emissions.

SaltShield™ Cement

2015 E&P MEA Winner, Drilling Fluids/Stimulation
SaltShield cement is field proven to help operators more predictably mitigate the unexpected NPT and operational expenses from salt zones.

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Summary Summary HCS AdvantageOne™ offshore cementing system was featured in Upstream Technology Magazine
The HCS AdvantageOne™ offshore cementing system is the next generation of cementing and well-control pump performance for ultra-deep water.
Summary Summary Halliburton helped operator reinforce casing to meet new deepwater Gulf of Mexico standards
Halliburton Completion Tools and Baroid teamed for record run that saved a major operator $400,000 of rig time
Summary Summary World Oil: Jeff Miller shares his vision for Halliburton's future
In an exclusive interview at the company's headquarters in north Houston, Halliburton President Jeff Miller, newly named as CEO, visited with Gulf Publishing Vice President Ron Higgins and Editor-in-Chief Kurt Abraham, to outline his thoughts and priorities for the firm's next few years.
Summary Summary Halliburton custom drill bit designs nearly double rate of penetration in pre-salt formation
Petrobras achieved record results with Halliburton drill bits in deepwater wells
Summary Summary Exploring one of the world's largest natural gas finds in an area with no oilfield infrastructure
Halliburton’s unique, mobile wireline facilities provide cost-effective, reliable, support for operator’s deepwater exploration efforts in Tanzania.
Summary Summary PermSeal Solution Stops Artesian Water, Geopressured Sand Flows Sign in required
Operators drilling in deepwater off the continental shelf can use PermSeal, an acrylate monomer solution (AMS), to prevent artesian water flows and geopressured sand flows from entering the wellbore. Unchecked water flows can wash cement away from casing, making cementation of conductor pipe expensive and sometimes impossible.
Summary Summary RHEMOD™ L - Product Data Sheet
RHEMOD L suspension agent viscosifier is a modified fatty acid for providing suspension and viscosity in non-aqueous drilling fluids.
Summary Summary COLDTROL® Thinner - Product Data Sheet
COLDTROL® thinner is used to control the rheological properties of oil-based and synthetic-based drilling fluids at low temperatures. It helps prevent low-temperature gelation effects that occur in drilling fluids at low temperatures.
Summary Summary LSNAF System Increases Productivity in HPHT Wells
Åsgardfield in the Norwegian Sea is characterized as having high-temperature, high-pressure field with low permeability sandstone.
Summary Summary BaraH2O™ Slop Unit Sales Data Sheet
Modular, highly efficient slop treatment through chemical and mechanical separation
Summary Summary Cleanup solutions saves operator US$150,000
Direct Displacement Using BARAKLEAN® GOLD Casing Cleaner and CFS™ Modeling Saves 10 Hours on Deepwater Operation
Summary Summary BaraGel™ W-602 Cross-Linked Gel System Delivers Deepwater
After pumping an 8-bbl pill, losses stopped completely, saving operator over $400,000
Summary Summary ENVIROMUL™ system helps operator drill wells in record time
Well Drilled in 29 Days with ENVIROMUL™ Oil-Based Fluid, 31% Faster than Previous Record Well in Field
Summary Summary HYDRO-GUARD® WBM eliminates zero-discharge concerns and related costs
Successful deepwater well drilled with high-performance HYDRO-GUARD® water-based mud avoids zero-discharge costs
Summary Summary Completion Fluid Services help save operator millions of dollars in Gulf of Mexico
Successful removal of N-Solate® 275 insulating gel leads to estimated savings of US$10-15 million on a deepwater well
Summary Summary STEELSEAL®/BARACARB® LCM pill saves $4 million on deepwater well
Hesitation squeeze with STEELSEAL®/BARACARB® LCM pill stops losses and strengthens wellbore in production interval
Summary Summary BARO-LUBE NS Lubricant Saves 7-10 Days of Rig Time
BARO-LUBE NS™ Lubricant lowers torque by 27 percent to stop high torque, drilling resumes in reservoir
Summary Summary PERFORMADRIL Maintains Wellbore Stability & Eliminates Cutting Costs on Challenging Deepwater Angola Project
PERFORMADRIL® System Helps Maintain Wellbore Stability and Eliminate Cuttings Costs on Challenging Deepwater Angola Project
Summary Summary Wellbore cleanout spacers cut filtration time saving operator $150,000
Engineered wellbore cleanout spacers accelerate deepwater displacement
Summary Summary Dynamic pad mud solution provides wellbore stability and reduces costs
Well-planned pad mud operation helps maintain wellbore stability in deviated top hole riser less drilling, saving costs and eliminating casing string from well design
Summary Summary In Less Circulating Time, BaraKlean-648 Casing Cleaner Delivers Brine with less than 2% Solids
BaraKlean-648 cleaner proved to be more powerful than available alternatives and was ideally suited to the technical constraints presented by this application.
Summary Summary BaraXcel™-N HP NAF and BARACARB® LCM Enable Operator to Avoid Sticking Issues in Depleted Sands
BaraXcel™-N HP NAF and BARACARB® LCM Enable Operator to Avoid Sticking Issues in Depleted Sands
Summary Summary Customized BaraXcel™ Fluid System
Customized BaraXcel™ Fluid System Saves Operator More Than USD 4M in Rig Time
Summary Summary Combo LCM Pill Stems Losses in Deeply Fractured Carbonate Formation
LCM treatment saves operator approximately USD 600,000
Summary Summary Customized BaraXcel™ HP NAF
Customized BaraXcel™ HP NAF Cleans Out Heavy Steel Cuttings During Deepwater Milling Operation
Summary Summary BaraXcel™ HP NAF System Eliminates Two Intervals and Cuts Rig Time in Half
BaraXcel™ HP NAF System Eliminates Two Intervals and Cuts Rig Time in Half
Summary Summary UK: BaraKlean® Solutions and CFG™ Modeling Remediate Prior Issues, Enabling Successful Completion
An effective displacement and wellbore cleanup are typically achieved with a combination of chemistry, engineering, and best field practices. Failure to address any of these aspects can quickly consume additional fluids, logistics, and rig resources. When planning cleanup and displacement operations, the designer should anticipate issues such as cleaning efficiency, and should address equipment limitations and mitigate potential problems such as surface volumes.
Summary Summary GOM: BARADRIL-N CT fluid yields effective deepwater coiled-tubing cleanout in one circulation
Versatile drill-in fluid replaces high-viscosity sweeps, saving operator time and money
Summary Summary BaraMesh® Shaker Screens Deliver Superior Performance Over Competitor's Screens
A North Sea operator wanted to reduce shaker screen costs by using longer-lasting and more-efficient screens. The BaraMesh® API 140 screens were run in a field trial in direct comparison to a competitor’s screens. The trial was conducted using two VSM 300 shakers: one with six BaraMesh screens and the other with the competitor’s equivalent API screens.
Summary Summary Angola: LCM Pill Seals loss Zone in Deepwater Angola
By Using HYDRO-PLUG as a Cement Support in the open hole before setting a kick off plug, the cement remained in place and did not allow for any channeling inside the large rat hole that held the junk from centralizers left in the hole.
Summary Summary Innovative Sag-Resistant Fluid Provides Cost-Effective Drilling Solution for High-Angle Wellbore
Months of development and collaboration with the GOM operator yielded an enhanced fluid system that could meet each of the challenges presented by this extremely difficult wellbore.
Summary Summary High-Performance Fluid System Enables Low-Pressure Circulation During Challenging Scab-Liner Run
Major operator recently attempted to run and cement a 12,000-ft scab liner in a well located in the Gulf of Mexico (GOM).
Summary Summary Custom Dual Solids Control Systems on Drillship Maintain High-Rate Processing Over Five-Well Program with Zero NPT
A major deepwater operator in the Gulf of Mexico asked Baroid separation solutions to
Summary Summary Linear Displacement - Animation
Linear Displacement Animation
Summary Summary FACTANT™ - Product Data Sheet
FACTANT highly concentrated tall oil derivative provides both HTHP filtration control and stable emulsification. The product may be utilized in all nonaqueous base fluids and is effective at lower concentrations than traditional additives.
Summary Summary HYDRO-PLUG® NS - Product Data Sheet
HYDRO-PLUG NS lost circulation material hydrates to plug vugular and cavernous formations.
Summary Summary HYDRO-PLUG® - Product Data Sheet
HYDRO-PLUG lost circulation material hydrates to plug vugular and cavernous formations.
Summary Summary RHEOBOOST™ - Product Data Sheet
RHEOBOOST fatty acid blend is used to extend the yield of organophilic clay, thereby helping improve the rheological properties of invert emulsion drilling fluids.
Summary Summary WellSET® treatment helps operator avoid losses while drilling severely depleted sands
WellSET® treatment helps operator avoid losses while drilling severely depleted sands
Summary Summary Azerbaijan: LMP Shearing Unit Doubles Procces Rate, Delivers In-Spec OBM, Saving Over USD 400,000
BP Exploration Ltd. wanted to improve fluid shearing services for its Caspian Sea operations in Azerbaijan.
Summary Summary INNOVERT® fluid demonstrates stability and resilience
INNOVERT® fluid demonstrates stability and resilience in challenging deepwater Angola project
Summary Summary Gulf of Mexico: Innovative Use of N-SOLATE® Packer Fluid in Gulf of Mexico Drilling Operation
Innovative Use of N-SOLATE® Packer Fluid in Gulf of Mexico Drilling Operation
Summary Summary BaraECD® Non-Aqueous Fluid System Helps Customer Reach Reservoir in The Netherlands
A Dutch operator was faced with the challenge of drilling various slimhole wellbores containing a narrow hydraulic window into the Carboniferous-aged Rotliegend reservoir formation in the North Sea, offshore the Netherlands. The well targets were reached by first drilling through the Zechstein salt formation and the Silverpit and Lower Slochteren formations, which are all depleted formations.
Summary Summary INNOVERT® OBM helps operator successfully drill 2,800-m salt sequence
Clay-free INNOVERT® OBM system helps operator drill deepwater wildcat well with 2,800-m salt sequence
Summary Summary BaraECD® System Enables Operator to Drill and Complete Difficult Well
The operator drilled the production interval and experienced some losses due to low pressure sand. Baroid lost circulation pills were pumped and the sand was sealed off and losses cured. The challenge was to run and cement the production string without mud losses, as mud losses of over 50% would require the liner top to be squeezed. With an 11.6 ppg equivalent sand pressure and surface mud density of 15.0 ppg the differential pressure across the sand was 3,786 psi
Summary Summary Operator reaches total depth, using 3% concentration by volume of DRIL-N-SLIDE™ lubricant
DRIL-N-SLIDE™ lubricant eliminates excessive torque and improves rate of penetration in S-shaped well
Summary Summary BaraECD® Fluid System and WellSET® Wellbore Strengthening Treatment Solve Deepwater Subsalt Drilling Challenges
Offset well data indicated that an operator would encounter a high-pressure subsalt sand between the base of salt at 19,200 feet (5,852 meters) and 19,700 feet (6,005 meters) measured depth (MD). A severely depleted sand was known to follow at 19,797 feet (6,034 meters) MD. Controlling equivalent circulating density (ECD) while drilling these sands would be critical to avoiding significant down time.
Summary Summary UK North Sea: BaraKlean®-648 Casing Cleaner Provides Client with Optimized Displacement, Superior Environmental Performance
When a client needed an optimal casing cleanout that would minimize the volume of waste and be environmentally safe, Halliburton Baroid provided its BaraKlean®-648 casing cleaner and Completion Fluids Graphics (CFG™) displacement modeling software, thus saving the client hours on the displacement and thousands of dollars in cleanout costs.
Summary Summary Inhibitive Seawater-Based Fluid Saves US$130k on Offshore Well
36 hours saved in rig time
Summary Summary GOM: Customized Solids-Free Displacement Spacer Delivers Clean Fluid and Saves Filtration
Baroid was requested to conduct a displacement in a deviated well in a water depth of more than 8,000 feet (2,438 meters). This followed a poor experience with a competitor’s system, and included a request to avoid the use of solid weighting agents.
Summary Summary North Sea: BaraLube® W-511 Lubricant Overcomes Tight Clearance to Help Perforating Guns Reach Pay Zone in Deep Lateral
An operator in the North Sea’s Visund field needed to run perforation guns in an extended-reach wellbore with a high stepout and a horizontal section over 1,000 meters (3,281 feet) in length.
Summary Summary Sag Resistant, Economical Fluid Solution for Narrow Margin, Depleted Permeable Zone, High Angle Wellbore
This offshore application presented challenges that included a narrow operating window, high inclination and a depleted permeable zone with serious mud losses.
Summary Summary Combo MOTF and SSRV System Saves Casing Run in Deepwater Development
Baroid Solutions enables operator to reduce Fluid Volumes, creating significant savings
Summary Summary Offshore Slop Treatment Unit Reduces Volume Sent
Offshore Slop Treatment Unit Reduces Volume Sent to Shore by over 90% on Two NCS Operations
Summary Summary BaraECD® fluid and AFO service help limit downhole losses
BaraECD® fluid and AFO service help reduce downhole losses by more than 60% in critical well, saving $5 million
Summary Summary Baroid Helps Operator in Norway Save US$679,000 on Offshore Well
High-Performance Non-Aqueous Fluid Systems and Applied Fluids Optimization Service help Operator save US$679,000 in Norway
Summary Summary Halliburton Integrated Well Intervention Vessel (IWIV) Spearheads Operational Efficiency in Gravel Packing
Halliburton recommended the deployment of an Integrated Well Intervention Vessel (IWIV) to perform a gravel-pack treatment in Malaysia which shortened a 14-day operation to just 36 hours.
Summary Summary Halliburton’s KelaStimSM Service
In the offshores waters of Angola, a principal customer was losing production from one of its best wells.
Summary Summary DeepQuest HT Fracturing Service for HPHT Reservoirs
DeepQuestSM HT service enables fracture stimulation of high pressure and high temperature reservoirs without exceeding the safety limits of surface treating equipment and wellbore tubulars.
Summary Summary SafeguardSM Service
Safeguard risk prevention service is based on API RP75. Its components can be applied at any phase of a project from conception to completion.
Summary Summary Relief Well Directional Planning
Relief well planning is an interactive process where adjustments in other components of the relief well may trigger changes in the relief well directional plan.
Summary Summary Integration Drives Performance and Accelerates Learning Curve in an Ultra-Deepwater Pre-Salt Exploration Drilling Project in Brazil
In Brazil, the Halliburton Integrated Services (IS) technical team is continuously collaborating to optimize well construction and evaluation services in a giant pre-salt field for a major consortium.
Summary Summary Streamlined Well Construction Eliminates 71 Days of Rig Time, Saving Consortium USD 90 Million
Halliburton sets new deepwater benchmark in brazil's deepwater libra field
Summary Summary Integrated Drilling and Logging Approach Maximizes Formation Reservoir Exposure
The Halliburton product service line’s 24/7 support – both in-house and within the integrated real-time operation center (iROC) – ensured that every wellbore section, including the depleted reservoir interval, was drilled with minimal fluid losses and that the wellbore was at total depth (TD) before the oil-water contact (OWC).
Summary Summary Deepwater Solutions
2014 Deepwater Brochure
Summary Summary Integrated services yield efficiency in development
Success in Brazil will depend on a perspective that takes advantage of every step in the E&P process.
Summary Summary Geomechanical Analysis of Casing Failure in Deepwater GOM Well Facilitates Effective Completion Design and Trouble Free Drilling
Following a 13 3/8 in. casing collapse in a subsalt well, partners of the deepwater Knotty Head #1 discovery well were looking to better understand the field geomechanics, especially the casing requirements imposed by the salt overhang.
Summary Summary Deep Water Solution Summary
Deepwater exploration and development presents some of the industry’s biggest challenges—and greatest potential rewards. This environment, defined as water depths greater than 1,000 ft (305 m) demand huge investments in capital and long-term commitment.With an extensive track record in deepwater plays worldwide, Halliburton’s experience and expertise helps our customers meet the challenging technical demands of deepwater projects while understanding – and minimizing – the associated risks.
Summary Summary Intervention applications enhance shallow-water GoM viability
Operators can enjoy robust ROI even at lower prices.
Summary Summary American Oil & Gas Reporter: Outlook 2015: Q&A State of the Industry
A special Q&A with Halliburton's Jeff Miller providing insights on general market expectations as well as specific focal points of technology development in 2015 and beyond.
Summary Summary Deepwater Challenges: Solved Efficiently and Reliably
Halliburton is committed to delivering safe, reliable, and efficient solutions that bring “bottom-line value” to the oil and gas stakeholder.
Summary Summary Deepwater GOM Challenges Span Full Well Process
In the deepwater Gulf of Mexico, the most recent success is frequently followed by the next great challenge.
Summary Summary Arctic and Deepwater Solutions
Halliburton is committed to delivering safe, reliable, and efficient solutions that bring “bottom-line value” to the oil and gas stakeholder.
Summary Summary Arctic and Deepwater Solutions
Halliburton is committed to delivering safe, reliable, and efficient solutions that bring “bottom-line value” to the oil and gas stakeholder.
Summary Summary GeoBalance® Service Helps Operator Save Big in Challenging Deepwater Environment
Automated managed pressure drilling system successfully drills ‘undrillable’ wells in 2,000 meters of water
Summary Summary Dash® Large Bore Subsea Safety Sytem
Dash Large Bore electrohydraulic module promotional video shown at ASME BMEA Awards during 2016 OTC
Summary Summary Full Burn
This video illustrates a full system burn using the Environmentally Distinctive Burner (EDB). The parameters for the burn were 6000 BOPD, 10% water cut, and 345 SCFM/MBOPD. The EDB offers unrivaled burn performance and fallout efficiency by using a remote operator interface to adjust flow rates, rotate the burner head, and monitored system parameters. As well as offering system over-temp safeguards, overlapping spray patterns with cross lighting, and a small flame footprint.
Summary Summary Start Up Burn
This video illustrates the startup of the Environmentally Distinctive Burner using combustion air for the pneumatic system. The burner management system, remote operator interface, and dual ignition system create a seamless startup with clean and efficient ignition.
Summary Summary Shut Down Burn
This video illustrates the shutdown of the Environmentally Distinctive Burner (EDB). The burner and/or individual nozzles shut down in 0.3secs. There is a constant air bleed path per nozzle, which burns off residue, reducing the probability of drips or spills. The EDB allows offers real time oil and air manifold monitoring with an audible and visual alarm system.
Summary Summary CHAMP® V 15K Straddle Packer System
Isolate multiple zones with a retrievable packer system
Summary Summary CHAMP® Ion Retrievable Packer
Acoustically controlled packer for complete well testing control
Summary Summary GeoBalance® Service Helps Operator Save Big in Challenging Deepwater Environment
Automated managed pressure drilling system successfully drills ‘undrillable’ wells in 2,000 meters of water
Summary Summary TRACE DynaGauge™
The TRACE DynaGauge™ is the industry’s first tool that provides real-time knowledge that representative reservoir fluid samples have been collected while the samplers are still downhole.
Summary Summary Environmentally Distinctive Burner
Specifically designed for use in ecologically sensitive areas, where it’s critical to quantify produced emissions. It also delivers industry leading burn performance & automation.
Summary Summary Operator Streamlines Intervention Operations in Deep Water with Dash® Large Bore Subsea Safety System
The electrohydraulic Dash® large bore subsea safety system was specifically tailored for the operation and was deployed for the two-well campaign, providing more real-time data to the operator and giving it the ability to isolate and disconnect from the well faster than traditional systems without compromising safety,
Summary Summary Full Acoustic Control of Drill Stem Test
How a dialogue with the reservoir improved well control, measurement, and analysis.
Summary Summary Acoustic Wireless Telemetry Reduces Uncertainty in Deepwater Drillstem Tests
Advances in acoustic wireless telemetry have led to a novel and reliable alternative approach to not only operating downhole test tools in drillstem test operations, but also to providing real-time feedback of downhole tool status, surface read-out of bottomhole pressures and temperatures, and confirmation of bottomhole fluid sample conditions.
Summary Summary Intercept® Retrievable Bridge Plug Provides V0 Barrier on Two Batch Wells with Zero NPT
Halliburton retrievable bridge plug helps ensure stability and safety
Summary Summary Halliburton Retrievable Tools Save Operator $750,000
Engineered Single-Trip Completion Solution Reduces Time and Cost
Summary Summary Intercept® Retrievable Bridge Plug is Successfully Installed and Then Retrieved After Nine Months in Wellbore
Halliburton Retrievable Bridge Plug Provides Gas-Tight, V-0 Grade Barrier
Summary Summary World's first run with 20-in. RTTS® high-expansion packer takes safety and savings to new heights
In the North Sea, a major operator’s floating drilling rig failed to pull out the wear bushing when running 13 3/8-in. casing, preventing the pulling tool from passing through the upper annular preventer. They needed to quickly find a solution that would allow them to displace to seawater and disconnect the lower marine riser package (LMRP).
Summary Summary Intelligent Completion Technology Enables Selective Injection and Production in Mature Field Offshore China
One operator in the South China Sea was operating in a mature field that had been producing for approximately seven years, and had experienced a relatively steep production decline. The legacy single-string completions installed in the water injector wells prevented the operator from distributing injection rates across the heterogeneous reservoir. This affected the pressure maintenance of the field, resulting in a decline of the reservoir pressure at a higher rate than desired.
Summary Summary eRED® Valve Provides Efficiencies and Time Savings in Downhole Operations
Valve Operates Remotely After 23 Months Down Hole
Summary Summary Intelligent Completion Advances Target Improved Reliability in HPHT Conditions, Simplified Deployment
New technologies helping to provide real-time fluid characteristics, faster or remote actuations and optimized production over life of the well. Drilling Contractor September 2017 Issue
Summary Summary Dual eRED® valves save 30+ hours of rig time for two wells
In the Rong Doi field, Korea National Oil Corporation (KNOC) wanted to test against a plug above the packer to ensure tubing integrity before setting the packer on wells RD-9P and RD-8P in Block 11-2. After a good tubing test was determined, KNOC would then set the packer against the plug that sits below the packer. However, repeatedly setting and removing the plug and prong in the landing string can take up a lot of valuable rig time.
Summary Summary eRED® Valve Replaces Ball-Drop Method to Set Hydraulic Packer
Chevron had previously experienced some challenges when dropping a ball to set a hydraulic packer on another well. Faced with a similar situation on a highly deviated well with a long horizontal section, Chevron recognized the potential for issues when they needed to set the packer.
Summary Summary eMotion®-LV Remotely Operated Barrier Valve Allows Interventionless Completion Installation
Offshore Newfoundland and Labrador, a major operator was looking to increase the efficiency of their deepwater completion deployment by removing all intervention operations.
Summary Summary eRED® Valves Maximize Efficiency During Upper Completion Deployment
In this operation two eRED® valves were used to successfully deploy the upper completion on the Shell Norge Draugen E-4 well while maintaining the highest level of safety.
Summary Summary Use of Remotely Operated Technology Saves 45 Hours Rig Time
In the UK North Sea, Chevron wanted to eliminate interventions during completion installation to reduce the rig time associated with these operations. Halliburton proposed the use of eMotion®-LV remotely operated barrier valve and the Evo-RED® bridge plug to help eliminate a number of intervention runs while increasing the efficiency of the operation.
Summary Summary First intelligent completion in UAE field maximizes production and alleviates infrastructure constraints
This was the first intelligent completion in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) offshore field. The client was evaluating the technology and its economic benefits and how it could alleviate some of the infrastructure constraints, like limitation of well slots that it faced with offshore platforms.
Summary Summary eRED® Valves Save 88 Hours of Rig Time for Upper Completion Project
Remotely Operated Valves Eliminate Requirement of Costly Intervention
Summary Summary Successful execution of the deepest and highest pressure producing wells in the world for client
Not only was this complex project successfully executed, a record was set for the operator, making these wells their deepest and highest pressure producing worldwide.
Summary Summary Hercules™ Horizontal Pumping System Brochure
Versatile horizontal surface pumping system for conventional or unconventional plays
Summary Summary LithoFact® Rock Analysis Service Sign in required
Whole-rock analysis for reservoir insight, precise stratigraphic placement, and maximum reservoir contact
Summary Summary DrillFact™ Real-Time Monitoring Service Sign in required
Precise drilling measurements for enhanced decision-making and drilling performance
Summary Summary GOM: Rotary Steerable System and Industry’s Closest At-Bit Reamer Save Operator 48 Hours and USD 2 Million Sign in required
While drilling on a deepwater rig in the Gulf of Mexico with a water depth of about 8,000 feet (2,438 meters), an operator encountered significant losses in a weak zone due to depleted sands near the bottom of this section of the well.
Summary Summary Latin America: IPM Helps Operator Save Estimated USD 1 Million for New Wells, While Increasing Production in Mature Field Sign in required
During a drilling campaign in Latin America, an operator discovered that some legacy mature wells lacked adequate survey data, thus increasing the level of uncertainty and the risk of below-acceptable separation factors (SFs), or clearance, for drilling new wells.
Summary Summary Gulf of Mexico: Sperry Combines ALD™ and DGR™ Sensor Data for Innovative Solution in Difficult GOM Deepwater Well Sign in required
In this deepwater well in the Gulf of Mexico, the customer began experiencing problems with the borehole after successfully drilling to the conventional core point of the main reservoir.
Summary Summary Brazil: Turbopower™ Turbodrill Delivers Longest Run in Brazil Pre-Salt Sign in required
Safely and economically drill the 8-1/2 inch interval of a deepwater pre-salt geological formation.
Summary Summary Brazil: Turbopower™ Turbodrill Delivers Field Record ROP in Pre-Salt Carbonates and Saves Three Days of Rig Time Sign in required
In spite of the poor drillability of the challenging formation, the Sperry Turbopower turbine delivered the fastest ROP in the pre-salt of this field, drilling the 8-1/2-inch hole 348 meters to total depth in 79.55 hours, achieving a field record ROP of 4.4 m/hr and saving the operator three days of rig time.
Summary Summary Brazil: Operator Saves US$75 Million in Ultra-Deepwater Well with High Vibration and Salt Creep Issues Sign in required
An operator had a plan to drill a 5,734-ft (1,748-m) ultra-deepwater well in 149 days that was characterized as having high vibration issues in a salt formation and a long history of competitor failures.
Summary Summary Oman: Operator Proves Cost Savings With LWD High-Resolution Imaging Service Sign in required
Borehole imaging is one of the most rapidly advancing technologies in wireline logging and logging while drilling (LWD). In an onshore horizontal well in Oman, an operator needed more details of the geology in the reservoir in order to gain a better understanding of the distribution of faults, natural fractures, borehole breakouts, and drilling-induced fractures along the well path.
Summary Summary Mexico: GeoTap® Service Saves Pemex Approximately US$2 Million by Determining Correct Casing Point Sign in required
Offshore Mexico, Pemex was drilling a deepwater oil-producing well in the Maximino field and needed to measure formation pressure to calibrate the geomechanical model in order to properly set a 9-7/8-in. casing shoe.
Summary Summary Gulf of Mexico: Geo-Pilot® GXT 9600 Rotary Steerable System + Quad-Combo Solution Delivers Section Benchmark Performance in Ultra-Deepwater Exploration Well, Saving Operator Approximately $2,200,000 Sign in required
This exploratory well in ultra-deepwater near the marine border between the U.S. and Mexican Gulf of Mexico, presented challenging water depths of over 8,000 feet (2,500 meters), a seabed temperature of approximately 35 degrees Fahrenheit (3.5 degrees Celsius), and restrained logistics due to severe weather. The “J” profile well was planned to evaluate hydrocarbon potential in a reservoir located under a multi-fault block near a salt dome. Downhole stress could impact build capability during drilling and make it difficult to achieve the planned well trajectory, which had a maximum inclination of 28.5 degrees and azimuth of 165 degrees.
Summary Summary Azerbaijan: Operator Achieves Record-Breaking Telemetry Rates Despite Challenging Environment Sign in required
JetPulse™ high-data-rate (HDR) telemetry enables operator to anticipate and react to potential problems before significant nonproductive time (NPT) can occur
Summary Summary Brazil: Operator Saves USD 3.4 Million in Presalt Drilling Sign in required
In Brazil’s presalt deepwater reservoirs, being able to accurately drill to the well plan at water depths of over 7,000 feet (2,134 meters) is difficult because of the long and complex salt sections present before reaching the hydrocarbons.
Summary Summary Gulf of Mexico: Sperry Drilling Survey Management Audit Reduces Ellipse of Uncertainty by 600% to Meet Anti-Collision Criteria Sign in required
COMPASS™ well planning database being used by a customer failed anti-collision criteria on ongoing well plans due to unknown Instrument Performance Models (IPM) being applied to historic wellbores.
Summary Summary USA, Southern: Operator Reduces Wellbore Position Uncertainty and Avoids Potential Costly Sidetracks for a Blowout Relief Well Sign in required
While conducting operations on an unconventional relief well for a blowout in a field in the southern part of the USA, an operator observed a discrepancy in the well position after analyzing the data from two separate surveys in the same wellbore.
Summary Summary Gulf of Mexico Geo-Pilot® Dirigo 11K RSS delivers higher torque capabilities in large hole sections of deepwater well Sign in required
In this deepwater Gulf of Mexico well, three large hole sections were planned with the second and third intervals penetrating a massive salt section, which would require excellent torque and steering management.
Summary Summary Gulf of Mexico: Geosteering Solution Successfully Lands Wellbore in Difficult Section, Saving Operator USD 600,000 Sign in required
In a deepwater (water depth of over 7,000 ft (2,134 m)) location in the Gulf of Mexico, an operator was struggling to see the approaching reservoir top during the landing section.
Summary Summary Gulf of Mexico: New Approach Enables Operator to Determine Successful Completion Operation Sign in required
In a deepwater (water depth over 4,000 ft (1,219 m)) Gulf of Mexico subsalt wellbore, an operator sought to run its completion string in a very challenging environment. The upper borehole section had undesired tortuosity and high dogleg severity that had caused operational difficulties in the past.
Summary Summary Nigeria: XBAT™ Azimuthal Sonic and Ultrasonic LWD Service Delivers Real-Time Shear and Compression Data to Help Stabilize Shale Formation in Deepwater Well Sign in required
An operator in Nigeria drilling a shale well in 3,827 feet (1,666 meters) of water encountered issues in determining the actual minimum mud weights needed to maintain stability of the formation.
Summary Summary Gulf of Mexico: GeoTap® Formation Pressure Tester Saves Operator US $3 - 6 Million Sign in required
Sperry Drilling services recommended the GeoTap® formation pressure tester for real-time formation pressure measurements.
Summary Summary Angola: QBAT™ LWD Tool Delivers Reliable Compressional Sonic Data in Fast Pre-Salt Formation, Eliminating Need for Wireline Logging in High-Cost Deepwater Environment Sign in required
In up to 2,000 meters (6,560 feet) of water, offshore Angola, oil companies are exploring the potential of the pre-salt environment which overlays carbonates and sandstone but is primarily hard rock. Typically when logging such “fast” formations, where shear velocity is faster than the compressional velocity of the fluid in the borehole, timeconsuming wireline logging is needed because logging-while-drilling (LWD) sonic tools cannot always acquire reliable compressional sonic data.
Summary Summary Middle East: Operator Gathers Valuable Formation Features with the Only Service in Larger Hole Sizes Sign in required
Due to a lack of seismic data in a challenging remote location offshore in the Middle East, an operator was drilling several deepwater pilot holes for gas exploration in order to gain as much information as possible for well correlation and to gather insight into understanding the geological structure and depositional environment.
Summary Summary U.K. Offshore: Operator Saves Significant Rig Time by Gathering Complete Formation Evaluation Data in Real Time Sign in required
In an offshore U.K. well, an operator needed to obtain a complete formation evaluation (FE) data set to measure reservoir and overburden characteristics in a deviated well.
Summary Summary GOM: Using GeoTap® LWD Formation Pressure Tester, Operator Saves Estimated USD 2 Million Sign in required
A major operator in deepwater Gulf of Mexico needed to replace a failed water injector well to support a maturing field, which was having subsidence and well integrity problems due to a lack of water drive support.
Summary Summary Scandinavia: Operator Saves 3.2 Days and US$5 Million with Geo-Pilot® Dirigo™ RSS Sign in required
An operator in the North Sea planned to drill a deepwater field evaluation well by sidetracking from an existing 8-1/2-inch wellbore.
Summary Summary Latin America: Operator Saves USD 7.2 Million with Improved Drilling Performance and Sets New Field Benchmark Sign in required
Faced with the tough market conditions impacting the industry worldwide, an operator turned to Halliburton Sperry Drilling to help reduce costs in shallow-water fields.
Summary Summary Gulf of Mexico: New LWD Density Service Saves Operator USD 1 Million Sign in required
During a subsalt deepwater project (water depth of over 5,200 ft (1,585 m)) in the Gulf of Mexico, an operator faced significant uncertainties in the geological model below a salt section. In this area, it is often difficult to acquire good-quality seismic images due to attenuation of seismic signals by the overlying salt formations.
Summary Summary Angola: Geo-Pilot® XL 9600 RSS Delivers Record Footage in Single Run and Saves $1.5 Million Sign in required
From a platform in 1,200 feet of water, the objective was to drill a new producer well to 22,698 ft. MD at 73.5° of inclination, evaluate the well with a logging-while-drilling quad combo (LWD), and obtain 25 planned pressure points using a GeoTap® pressure tester.
Summary Summary Mexico: Operator Saves Time USD 7.5 Million in Deepwater Rig Time by Acquiring Crucial Formation Evaluation Data in Real Time Sign in required
An operator on a deepwater well had recently issued an internal mandate seeking opportunities to reduce the authorizations for expenditure (AFEs) associated with drilling its oil and gas exploration and development projects.
Summary Summary Qatar: Turbopower™ turbodrill helps operator save US$3 million in deep exploration well Sign in required
Halliburton’s Turbopower turbodrills application in Qatar. The results confirmed that using this solution to drill these hard formations can be an economical approach with no compromise to safety, steerability, or hole quality.
Summary Summary Brazil: Petrobras Achieves Lowest Cost Per Foot in Brazilian Pre-Salt Sections, Reducing Four Rig Days Sign in required
Petrobras has extensive experience in drilling pre-salt and sub-salt formations in deepwater areas offshore Brazil. The operator was drilling a deepwater well approximately 170 miles (274 kilometers) off the Brazilian southeast coast at a water depth of 6,900 feet (2,103 meters), and the objective was to reduce well time in the pre-salt oil reserves in the Santos and Campos basins.
Summary Summary USA, North Dakota Bakken: Operator Achieves More Accurate Wellbore Placement Using a New Azimuthal Gamma Ray Service Sign in required
An operator in North Dakota’s Middle Bakken shale formation sought a solution that would enable effective drilling and geosteering in a formation with little gamma ray variation, while minimizing drilling costs.
Summary Summary USA, Colorado: Operator Saves Potential Trip-Out and Eight Hours of Rig Time Sign in required
While drilling a well in the Denver-Julesburg Basin in Colorado, an operator experienced directional survey issues with another service provider, where poor calibration was causing the directional surveys to fail the field acceptance criteria (FAC) for total gravity (Gtotal).
Summary Summary Oilfield Technology: M/LWD Q&A Sign in required
2017 Oilfield Technology M/LWD Q&A article discusses the applications and benefits of the Radian™ Service and 9 1/2-inch ALD™ Service
Summary Summary Angola: 24-inch Geo-Pilot® XL System Drills Vertical and Build Sections in a Single Run Sign in required
Angola deepwater exploration well: Vertical and build sections of the 24-inch by 42-inch hole (405 meters/1,329 feet) were drilled in a single run.
Summary Summary Angola: Geo-Pilot® XL System Successfully delivers 24-inch Section of Deepwater Exploration Well with Precise Vertical Control Sign in required
Deepwater exploration project in Angola
Summary Summary Guf of Mexico: GeoTap® Tester Obtains Pressure at 7000 psi to Provide Understanding of Depleted Sand Reservoir Sign in required
Sperry provided a GeoTap tester that could work at up to 10,000 psi overbalance; this was combined with a M/LWD triple combo package and run with Sperry directional drilling services.
Summary Summary Mozambique: Halliburton Matched Drilling System Helps Operator Save $2.5 Million in Deepwater Mozambique Sign in required
The matched system of a GeoForce® motor and FXD84DM bit helped mitigate vibration, maximize ROP and deliver longer tool life through the section.
Summary Summary Gulf of Mexico: Real–Time Density Imaging Guides Successful Single Run from Kick-off to TD in Horizontal Shale Well Sign in required
In this horizontal shale well application, the customer wanted to maintain wellbore placement within predefined zone(s), with the ability to quickly determine when faults were crossed so well plan changes could be made to stay in the correct bed boundary.
Summary Summary Gulf of Mexico: Sperry M/LWD Tools Perform in Environment Exceeding 30,000 psi Sign in required
Provide M/LWD tools capable of operating in the estimated 30,000 psi or higher pressure environment, drilling a 10,000 foot (3,048 meter) or longer salt section.
Summary Summary Brazil: Turbopower™ Turbodrills Deliver Record Performance in First Turbine-Drilled Horizontal Well in Brazil’s ‘Pre-Salt’ Carbonates Sign in required
In this deepwater well drilled from a semi-submersible offshore Brazil, the challenge was to drill a long lateral in a very tough and hard-to-drill formation of silicified carbonates, achieving the directional plan while minimizing costs.
Summary Summary Brazil: Turbopower™ Turbodrill Reduces Drilling Time by Eight Days on Record Run Sign in required
Sperry delivered the longest run to date in Brazil using a turbine. The Turbopower turbodrill drilled the entire 905 meters (2,968 feet) section in one run and saved at least one bit trip.
Summary Summary Brazil: Turbopower™ Turbodrill Helps Save 12 Rig Days in Offshore Brazil Pre-Salt Sign in required
When slow rate of penetration (ROP) made it necessary to pull the rotary steerable assembly from this high-cost, deepwater well located in 1,943 meters (6,375 feet) of water, the operator needed a solution that would provide faster drilling while maintaining directional control in the very hard formation.
Summary Summary Brazil: Drilling Operations at Petrobras’ Deepwater Mexilhão Well Completed in Record Time, Saving Rig Time and $7.5 Million Sign in required
After a string of failures by another drilling contractor, Petrobras called Sperry Drilling to ask if they could finish the last section of the well.
Summary Summary Angola: GeoTap® Formation Pressure Tester Delivers Quality Pressure Data While Saving Valuable Rig Time Sign in required
The operator needed to evaluate pressure for surveillance purposes and connectivity of the reservoir, but with hole inclination of 75 degrees and a high turn in the hole, wireline pressure testing was not an option.
Summary Summary Angola: Successful Introduction of the Geo-Pilot® Dirigo Enhanced Dogleg Rotary Steerable System in Deepwater Block Sign in required
An operator drilling an exploration well a deepwater Angola field challenged Halliburton to drill the 12-1/4-inch hole section from shoe-to-shoe in one run using a rotary steerable system instead of following standard operational procedure for this field.
Summary Summary India: Geo-Pilot Rotary Steerable System Helps Eliminate NPT in Deepwater Gas Well Sign in required
Offshore India The operator drilling a deepwater (water depth 2,400 m / 7,874 ft) gas well had experienced problems with the wellbore driling in a previous section of the well.
Summary Summary Brazil: Halliburton Matched Drilling System Helps Petrobras Save more than $8 Million on Deepwater Well Sign in required
In certain deepwater wells in the Campos Basin, Brazil the 16-inch tophole section is typically drilled with a rotary steerable system through the shale, marl and sandstone formation. Historically, two bits are required to drill the section, and the rate of penetration (ROP) averages 6.3 meters (21 feet) per hour.
Summary Summary Gulf of Mexico: Comprehensive Halliburton Solution Includes World’s Deepest Formation Pressure Test in Deepwater Extended Reach Well Drilled around a Salt Structure Sign in required
In order to drill this deepwater extended reach well while acquiring formation pressures in the harsh environment, Sperry Drilling recommended a solution that combined the Geo-Pilot® rotary steerable system with quad combo formation evaluation sensors and GeoTap® formation pressure testing services.
Summary Summary Egypt, Mediterranean: Halliburton Delivers Vertical Well in Deepwater High-Pressure High-Temperature Environment and Saves Customer over US $1.8 Million Sign in required
Sperry Drilling was approached by an operator to drill a vertical well in the deepwater, high-pressure high-temperature environment of the Mediterranean Sea, where maximum temperature and pressure were approximately 390° F (199° C) and 20,000 psi.
Summary Summary Brazil: Record Run with T245 Turbodrill Eliminates Extra Bit Trip and Reduces Drilling Time by Twenty Hours Sign in required
Sperry delivered the entire 557 meter (1,827 feet) section in one run at an average ROP of 1.72 meters/hr (5.64 feet/hr) and eliminated the additional planned bit trip.
Summary Summary Gulf of Mexico: Extended-Gauge Bit Coupled with Rotary Steerable System Allowed Interval Completion in One Run, Reducing Drilling Time Sign in required
ChevronTexaco needed to achieve extraordinary hole quality in order to obtain accurate data from logging-while-drilling (LWD) and wireline sensors.
Summary Summary Gulf of Mexico: QBAT™ Multipole Sonic Tool Eliminates Wireline Run to Identify Top of Cement in Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Sign in required
One operator challenged Sperry Drilling services to provide a means of identifying the top of cement in deepwater wells, without the costly and time-consuming wireline cement bond logging which greatly impedes deepwater drilling operations.
Summary Summary U.S, Louisiana, Gulf of Mexico: Stellar® LWD Suite Successfully Runs in High-Pressure Environment and Saves Operator $12 Million Sign in required
Two case histories: 1. Stellar® LWD Suite Successfully Runs in High-Pressure Environment and Saves Operator $12 Million 2. Stellar® LWD Suite Wipe Contradicts Existing Log and Saves Operator $170,000
Summary Summary Gulf of Mexico: Sperry Drilling Configures MRIL-WD™ Sensor for Logging High Permeability Formations with Shorter Exposure Times Sign in required
In this reservoir evaluation application, Sperry Drilling services was challenged to provide a solution for distinguishing invading fluids of synthetic oil based mud (SOBM) and native hydrocarbons in high permeability formations with high exposure times.
Summary Summary Mexico: Matched System Helps PEMEX Save over US$20 Million on Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Well Sign in required
PEMEX, the national oil company of Mexico, planned to drill a 3,590 meter (11,778 feet) deepwater vertical exploration well in the Holok Field, located in the Gulf of Mexico, in 125 days. The faulting and structural traps in the Holok field are challenging and can affect the ability to deliver a vertical well.
Summary Summary XtremeGrip System
High-performance, metal-to-metal liner hanger with enhanced hang-weight capabilities in elevated temperatures.
Summary Summary VersaFlex Drop-off Liner System
For challenging lateral wells that require a drop-off liner solution to reach total well depth
Summary Summary VersaFlex Top-Down Squeeze Cementing Valve
Enhanced liner cementing capability
Summary Summary ZonePac™ System
ZonePac system enables gravel packing through alternate-path technology and multiple isolation packers, helping create the necessary compartmentalization for effective zonal isolation.
Summary Summary CleanWell® System Technology
CleanWell® System Technology provides a single-trip solution for drill out, cleanout and displacement to efficiently collect and remove more debris than conventional cleanout systems.
Summary Summary Completion design must advance to improve access to Lower Tertiary
Service providers working on next generation of multi-zone systems
Summary Summary Reservoir complexity, corrosion, mobility drive innovation in pre-salt completion strategies, design (Larger Casing, Liners) - Drilling Contractor May/June 2016
When it comes completion design, well architecture, formation pressure and wellbore cleaning are important considerations for handling the bigger casing strings typically needed to produce in the pre-salt basins. This also impacts selection of liners and liner hanger systems.
Summary Summary Swellable Packer Solves Casing Challenge, Successfully Sealing and Anchoring Tieback Liner
Swellpacker® System Seals and Sustains 113 Tons of Force
Summary Summary ESTMZ (Enhanced Single-Trip Multizone) System
ESTMZ - Frac pack multiple zones in fewer trips with complete formation isolation.
Summary Summary How Chevron saved an average of 18 days per well on three deepwater GoM wells
New Enhanced Single-Trip Multizone (ESTMZ™) completion system sets industry records and improves economics of ultra-deepwater development.
Summary Summary Single-trip solution to set packer and perform negative test saves operator rig time and $1.8 million
A major operator challenged Halliburton to design and execute a single-trip solution to set an EZ Drill® SVB packer and to also perform a negative test from 13 ppg to 9 ppg of mud equivalent with the CleanWell® Inflow Tech® test packer. Additionally, Halliburton would need to install a wear bushing insert while running the operation in hole. When pulling out of the hole, the wear bushing insert would need to be removed and the setting area jetted. Performing these three applications in one run would be a challenge, but the result would save the customer costly rig time.
Summary Summary VersaFlex® Expandable Liner Hanger System Overcomes Pre-Salt and Fluid Loss Challenges
Operator Saves $200K in Rig Time with No HSE or NPT
Summary Summary TOTAL Exploration and Production Indonesia breaks the record with the shortest ESTMZ™ system installation time
After months of working with TOTAL E&P Indonesie’s reservoir, business development, and management teams, Halliburton personnel were able to prove the value and benefit – and low risk –the ESTMZ™ system can provide their well.
Summary Summary Halliburton successfully performs single-trip post-perforation cleanout and deburr run for water injector well
A major operator in Canada planned to install Halliburton’s intelligent completion technology for a water injector well. Halliburton was also tasked to perform the post-perforation cleanout and deburr run in a single trip.
Summary Summary PowerMag® magnets recover debris at a ratio greater than 3:1 over competition
For a major operator in the GoM, Halliburton won its first opportunity to perform a deepwater displacement.
Summary Summary HESS: Advanced Technologies Achieve Exceptional Drilling and Completion Successes
Hess Stampede Profile September 2018
Summary Summary Halliburton Installs 300th FlexRite® System, Including Over 100 FlexRite MIC Junctions, In North Sea
The development of the FlexRite® MIC system enable more advanced multilateral completions.
Summary Summary Halliburton Sets Industry Record for Jack/St. Malo Project
ESTMZ system sets industry record for Jack/St. Malo project in GoM.
Summary Summary Drill Tech® Deburr Mill
Drill Tech deburr mill is designed to remove burrs and leftover materials on the ID of the casing as a result of perforating operations.
Summary Summary XtremeGrip System
High-performance, advanced metal sealing liner hanger that provides a compliant metal seal with a fully bonded resilient elastomeric seal to account for imperfections in the parent casing.
Summary Summary CleanWell® System Technology
CleanWell® System Technology provides a single-trip solution for drill out, cleanout and displacement to efficiently collect and remove more debris than conventional cleanout systems.
Summary Summary Swell Technology Systems for Well Construction
Enhance Well Integrity with Reliable Isolation Solutions
Summary Summary North America: Swellpacker System Eliminates Risks During Deepwater Tieback String Installation
A deepwater US Gulf of Mexico operator decided to run a 7 5/8-in. casing tieback string to sting into a polished bore receptacle (PBR) during well completion. The operator needed to isolate any tieback annular pressure from the surface while also anchoring the tieback string into the PBR. Anchoring the tieback into the PBR is required because of the temperature variations that occur during production operations. The liner had been cemented earlier during the well's drilling phase. The tieback casing was essential to the completion.
Summary Summary XtremeGrip™ System Offers Metal-to-Metal Solution
High-performance liner hanger solves deepwater well challenges in elevated temperature for GoM operator.
Summary Summary Swellpacker® Systems Help Save $3 Million by Reducing Rig Time
Halliburton enables greater productivity in development wells, helping to decrease completion time by 10 days
Summary Summary VersaFlex System Overcomes Pre-Salt and Fluid Loss Challenges with ZERO HSE Issues
First successful VersaFlex system installation for TOTAL Brazil
Summary Summary How a more efficient Halliburton cleanout approach helped operators save days of deepwater rig time
Halliburton’s single-trip CleanWell® system technology saved millions and removed four times more debris than conventional dual-trip cleanouts
Summary Summary New wireline technique for closing RapidShift® sleeves takes less than half the time of conventional methods using coiled tubing
Modified WellTec wireline tractor helps manipulate sleeves and manage reservoir in three wells.
Summary Summary Swellpacker® Water Swelling System Provides Reliable Isolation in ESS Completion
A major operator in Malaysia was using conventional non-Halliburton swellable packers for zonal isolation in its middle completion. However, due to lack of sealing by the competitor’s packers, the operator was facing several challenges.
Summary Summary Swellpacker® Systems Change Well Behavior and Increase Production by 2,000 BPD
Cementing alternative helped prevent formation damage and increase production
Summary Summary First successful installation of parking sub and fluid loss isolation barrier valve in multilateral well
Apache Energy had a subsea multilateral field development off Northwest Australia that required a sand control screen as part of their lower completion in order to control sand production from the targeted reservoirs.
Summary Summary CleanWell® Technology Saves Two Days of Rig Time Offshore
Drill Tech® Scrapers Help Operator Save $850,000
Summary Summary CleanWell® Technology Saves $1.6 Million on Two Wells
Drill Tech® Scrapers Help Save Four Days of Rig Time
Summary Summary CleanWell Systems shave seven hours of rig time for Asia Pacific operator
An operator in the Philippines planned to batch complete two subsea deepwater wells. Due to the well design and remote location of the rigsite, every contingency needed to be considered.
Summary Summary Temporary Well Abandonment System Stays Intact for Nine Years, Despite Hurricane
Just eight days after Halliburton installed a temporary well abandonment system on an operator’s jack-up rig, the rig was found beached in West Cameron. Without these special tools, the workstring that was secured inside the well would have been left standing in the derrick and likely would have blown away with the rig.
Summary Summary Europe: Use of Swellpacker OBM System Behind Casing Helps Ensure TOC Zonal Isolation
A major operator was experiencing poor cement jobs on many of its 13 3/8-in. casings in a field being developed in the Caspian Sea area. The planned top of cement (TOC) for the 13 3/8-in. casing was inside the 16-in. liner. However, the presence of a low-pressure zone in the open hole below the 16-in. shoe often led to cement losses and an inability to place cement entirely into the casing above.
Summary Summary Operator Achieves Record Results in West Africa Deepwater Completions Project
Halliburton expertise helps reduce completions time, optimize operating efficiency and run reliablity
Summary Summary Single-Trip Cleanout and Displacement for Deepwater Pre-Salt Well
While drilling a pre-salt offshore deepwater appraisal well in Brazil, a major operator found that the well needed a robust and efficient single-trip wellbore cleanout system. Due to anticipated well challenges during the completion, they needed to find a system that was capable of drilling cement, shoetrack, and reaming while still providing an effective wellbore cleanout trip.
Summary Summary FS2 Fluid Loss Isolation Barrier Valves Contribute to Successful Completion on Deepwater Project
Halliburton helps optimize operating efficiency and run reliability
Summary Summary Intelligent Sand Control in Deep Water - Offshore World
The article explains the single-trip multizone sand control system that gives operators the ability to complete, monitor and control multiple zones within wells, without mechanical intervention and minimising its associate risks & costs.
Summary Summary Raising the Bar for Liner Hangers - As Seen in Upstream Technology April 2015
Heavier parent casing in increasingly deep waters has posed challenges for conventional ELH. Halliburton's new metal-to-metal sealing system is designed for extreme conditions.
Summary Summary BHP Shenzi GoM Project
After six years, BHP Billiton’s Shenzi field is still the top-performing deepwater development in the Gulf of Mexico.
Summary Summary Multiple reaming trips to reduce rathole length are a thing of the past
TDReam™ Tool enlarges wellbore and reduces rathole length in one trip, saves rig time and costs
Summary Summary Engineered Solution Maximizes Drilling in Pre-Salt Carbonate Formation, Saving USD 833,000
The Turbopower turbodrill used in conjunction with the TurboForce diamond-impregnated bit drilled 948 feet (289 meters) in just 93.2 drilling hours, achieving an ROP of 10.2 feet/hour (3.1 meters/hour).
Summary Summary Operator Drills Gulf of Thailand’s Longest Openhole Production Section...
Quasar Trio® M/LWD Triple-Combo Service reduces well time in extreme-temperature well
Summary Summary Radian® Azimuthal Gamma Ray and Inclination Service
The Radian® azimuthal gamma ray and inclination service provides a cost-effective solution to geosteering challenges.
Summary Summary XBAT™ Azimuthal Sonic and Ultrasonic LWD Service
The XBAT LWD service delivers accurate acoustic measurements in a wide range of formations via sensors and electronics.
Summary Summary The HCS AdvantageOne™ offshore cementing system
The HCS AdvantageOne™ offshore cementing system is the next generation of cementing and well-control pumping system.
Summary Summary SuperFill Surge Reduction Equipment
Running casing in the well at an operationally efficient speed without damaging the formation due to surge pressure is a long-standing challenge in the oil and gas industry. With Halliburton's SuperFill surge reduction equipment, a reliable auto-fill system, running speeds can be optimized while protecting the formation.
Summary Summary LiquiLite™ Cement Additive
LiquiLite™ cement additive enables efficient delivery of Tuned® Light cement in offshore and remote locations by eliminating bulk blending logistics and allowing for tailoring of slurry density on location.
Summary Summary DeepFX-L Additive
DeepFX-L additive is a single additive to address two challenges designed to enable logistics efficiencies and to be blended with cementing systems to help address both shallow water flow and gas migration conditions.
Summary Summary ZoneSeal Isolation Process and Foam Systems
The ZoneSeal Isolation Process helps ensure a stable, foamed slurry. The process includes a fully integrated automated system that adjusts nitrogen content to maintain constant density by accounting for increasing hydrostatic pressure with depth.
Summary Summary Operator in Saudi Arabia Optimizes Milling Performance via Real-Time Coiled Tubing Data
SPECTRUMSM Intervention Services Enables Accurate Downhole Motor Positioning and Flawless Operation on Critical Well Mill Out
Summary Summary MaxFire® electronic firing system saves Gulf of Mexico operator USD 2.2 million
Lightning strikes and disables operation, but Halliburton’s MaxFire® electronic firing system delivers, saving USD 2.2 million in rig time
Summary Summary Halliburton Electronic Firing System Saves USD 800,000 Per Well in a Single-Trip Completion
The cost of operating in deepwater Angola demands efficiency and reliability. When an operator needed a solution to reduce firing head initiation pressure to test and complete their wells, they turned to Halliburton for an answer.
Summary Summary Halliburton technology helps Cobalt International Energy save more than USD 10 million in presalt carbonates
Saving deepwater rig time with cutting-edge technology and collaboration
Summary Summary Circumferential Acoustic Scanning Tool (CAST-I) Service
CAST-I tool results confirmed casing integrity, saved USD 10 million by avoiding unnecessary sidetrack
Summary Summary World’s first acoustic firing head system allows safer and more flexible TCP operations
Acoustically initiated firing head requires no pressure to activate
Summary Summary ACX™ tool identifies low-rate gas leak in production casing, saving Caelus Energy Alaska USD 3 million
Operator avoids costly workover operation by using the ACX™ service
Summary Summary Electronic firing system successfully initiates 222 ft (68 m) of large OD guns in extreme conditions
Halliburton’s innovative MaxFire® technology meets operator’s perforating challenges in Gulf
Summary Summary Halliburton Integrated Abandonment Solutions
Halliburton Integrated Abandonment Solutions offers complete well diagnostics through its cased-hole portfolio. Combining tool outputs, a complete pre-abandonment diagnosis of the well is carried out.
Summary Summary Operator’s deepest TVD well perforated with MaxFire® electronic firing system
Operator and Halliburton partner to surpass perforation records MaxFire® electronic firing system successfully initiated perforation in Gulf of Mexico
Summary Summary MaxForce® Flow Ultra-Kleen Gun System delivers unsurpassed flow area with lowest gun debris in the Gulf of Mexico
Gun system meets client’s expectations at extreme downhole pressure greater than 21,000 psi (1,448 bar)
Summary Summary Halliburton saves time and money in deepwater southeast Asia
Two large-scale deepwater projects successfully launched using Halliburton’s advanced technology and top service delivery
Summary Summary Offshore Egypt Rigless Wireline Intervention Solution Adds 4,000 BOPD with Zero Water Production
Complex Wireline Job Executed Safely and Efficiently
Summary Summary CAST-XR™Tool Pushes the Limits of Circumferential Ultrasonic Cement Evaluation
Halliburton performs first-ever circumferential ultrasonic cement evaluation in 1-in. casing for Petrobras
Summary Summary Halliburton Collaborates with Client to Develop World’s First Corrosive Hostile Environment Gun System
CHE™ technology built to last 20-plus years in extreme deepwater environments
Summary Summary Wellbore Cleanout Saves Customer USD 18 Million
Operation helps customer avoid 90 days f deferred production and a coiled-tubing intervention
Summary Summary Statoil Saves Substantial Rig Time Using Efficient Conveyance in Deep Water
Halliburton Extended-Stroke DPU® tool offers dependability, power, and savings
Summary Summary Halliburton Makes Splash in Deep Water — Saving Operator USD 1.2 Million in Rig Time
Successful Acquisition of Cores, Samples, And Borehole Seismic Data in Ultradeep and Ultrahigh-Pressure Well
Summary Summary Integrated Characterization Section C - HP - Gulf of Mexico
HP Integrated Characterization Section-C
Summary Summary Bulk Chamber Section - HP - Gulf of Mexico
Data Sheet
Summary Summary MaxFire™ SL Electronic Firing System
The Halliburton MaxFire™ SL Electronic Firing system has numerous built-in safety features, which enable explosive tools to be deployed and initiated on slickline, coil tubing, or jointed pipe.
Summary Summary Mono-Conductor Tension Device
Halliburton’s Mono-Conductor Tension Device (MCTD) provides downhole tension measurements at the cablehead for improved operational control.
Summary Summary LockJar® Multi-Conductor Enhancer
The Enhancer increases effectiveness of the LockJar hydraulic jar impact by utilizing energy stored in a compressed spring stack to increase velocity of the hammer mass as it travels up the well bore when the jar activates.
Summary Summary SurgePro™ Software
Perforating Assemblies and Procedures Designed to Maximize Dynamic Underbalance to Achieve Optimum Well Productivity
Summary Summary LockJar® Multi-Conductor Enhancer – Model B
Halliburton’s LockJar® Multi-Conductor E-Line Jar can be run with an Enhancer tool that significantly increases jar impact to free stuck tool strings and preserve logging in open-hole wireline operations.
Summary Summary 390 MaxForce® Perforating Shaped Charge
The 390 MaxForce® perforating shaped charge represents Halliburton’s newest family of shaped charges, exemplifying the company’s reputation for unmatched jet-perforating capabilities.
Summary Summary LockJar Multi-Conductor E-Line Hydraulic Jar – Model S
Halliburton’s LockJar® Multi-Conductor E-Line Jar and Enhancer provide a simple way to help avoid time-consuming and expensive stuck strings and fishing jobs in wireline logging operations.
Summary Summary LockJar Multi-Conductor E-Line Hydraulic Jar
The Enhancer provide a simple way to help avoid time-consuming and expensive stuck strings and fishing jobs in wireline logging operations.
Summary Summary LockJar Multi-Conductor E-Line Hydraulic Jar – Model B
Halliburton’s LockJar® Multi-Conductor E-Line Jar and Enhancer provide a simple way to help avoid time-consuming and expensive stuck strings and fishing jobs in wireline logging operations.
Summary Summary G-Force® System Enables Perforating in any Direction, Regardless of Gun/Casing Positioning
Halliburton’s G-Force® system comprises an internal orienting charge tube assembly and gun carrier that allows perforating in any direction irrespective of the gun's position relative to the casing.
Summary Summary 175 MaxForce® Perforating Shaped Charge
The 175 MaxForce® perforating shaped charge represents Halliburton’s newest family of shaped charges, exemplifying the company’s reputation for unmatched jet-perforating capabilities.
Summary Summary LockJar® Single Conductor E-Line Hydraulic Jar – Model B
Halliburton’s LockJar® Single Conductor E-Line Jar provides a simple way to protect against time-consuming and expensive stuck strings and fishing jobs in cased hole logging and perforating operations.
Summary Summary MaxFire™ Electronic Firing System
MaxFire™ Electronic Firing System
Summary Summary LockJar Multi-Conductor Enhancer – Model S
Halliburton’s LockJar® Multi-Conductor E-Line Jar can be run with an Enhancer tool that significantly increases jar impact to free stuck tool strings and preserve logging in open-hole wireline operations.
Summary Summary LockJar® Mono-Conductor E-Line Hydraulic Jar
Halliburton’s LockJar® Mono-Conductor E-Line Jar provides a simple way to protect against time-consuming and expensive stuck strings and fishing jobs in cased hole logging and perforating operations.
Summary Summary Formation Evaluation Capabilities
Deepwater Risk Mitigation
Summary Summary MaxFire Electronic Firing Systems
Flexiability and reliability for challenging and complex wells
Summary Summary Flexible Solutions for Electric Line and Slickline
Combining the Largest Slickline Company in the World with Leading Cased Hole and Perforating Technologies
Summary Summary Advances in Perforating
Halliburton has long been known for the breadth of its perforating technologies. Now we offer solutions for more demanding environments than ever. Introducing new ultra deep penetrating MaxForce™ shaped charges, an ultra high-pressure gun system rated to 30,000 psi, and an electronic firing head that operates with a full suite of safety features even under extreme pressures.
Summary Summary Deepwater Capabilities
Industry-Leading Technologies for Deepwater Solutions
Summary Summary Slickline Services for Challenging Environments
Slickline Capabilities Brochure
Summary Summary Precise formation evaluation of complex mineralogies in shale gas plays
Halliburton’s GEM™ elemental analysis tool provides superior results to competitor’s tool in shale gas market
Summary Summary How Statoil determined tubing and annular integrity in a scaled and corroded completion
Effective assessment of cement and casing conditions in mature wells
Summary Summary Exploring one of the world's largest natural gas finds in an area with no oilfield infrastructure
Halliburton’s unique, mobile wireline facilities provide cost-effective, reliable, support for operator’s deepwater exploration efforts in Tanzania.
Summary Summary Halliburton helped set bridge plug in high-pressure environment at record depth
Halliburton saved client a day and a half of nonproductive time in plug and abandonment of deepwater well
Summary Summary Simple, effective device for freeing stuck tool string
Halliburton LockJar® system helps operator avoid nonproductive time and costly fishing jobs in openhole logging operations
Summary Summary Precise formation evaluation of complex mineralogies in shale gas plays - Chinese
Halliburton’s GEM™ elemental analysis tool provides superior results to competitor’s tool in shale gas market
Summary Summary Halliburton collaboration saved operator over USD 500,000, while improving safety and efficiency
The first MaxFire® TCP electronic firing system successfully deployed in The Netherlands
Summary Summary The Halliburton Xaminer™ Coring Tool retrieved 71 sidewall core
High recovery rate helps Petrobras achieve objectives while saving 24 hours of deepwater-drillship time.
Summary Summary Revolutionary advance in freepoint determination saves operator $500,000 of deepwater rig time.
Halliburton helped deepwater operator in Gulf of Mexico save at least 10.5 hours of non-productive time (NPT) in stuck pipe situation
Summary Summary Unique integrated solution offers safer way to minimize operating costs
Integrated cased hole with combined nonexplosive solution improves safety and logistics cost, reduces footprint on high-profile P&A project
Summary Summary Real-Time Acoustic Evaluation of Cement Integrity Saves Operator USD 100,000
CAST-M™ / RBT-M tool combination enables faster, more-confident cement evaluation
Summary Summary RDT™ Formation Tester - HP - Gulf of Mexico
Data Sheet
Summary Summary Integrated Characterization Section A - HP - Gulf of Mexico
Data Sheet
Summary Summary Dual-Probe Section - HP - Gulf of Mexico
Data Sheet
Summary Summary Hostile Array Compensated Resistivity Tool (HACRt™)
Fast, accurate, induction for hostile environments
Summary Summary Super Combo Unit
Efficient cased-hole and slickline unit, Small footprint, Easy and quick rig up
Summary Summary Mini Drillstem Testing (DST) /Fast Test with Shock Sensing Sub Tool
Conventional DST is a proven means of evaluating a well. However, sometimes a “quick look” pore pressure and permeability from early-to intermediate-time pressure transients are required.
Summary Summary Shock Sensing Sub Tool
By capturing actual dynamic reservoir response at multiple points throughout the perforation interval, and during and after the perforating event, the Shock Sensing Sub tool provides “quick look data” that will be utilized to enhance future designs and exploitation of your asset.
Summary Summary Advanced Measurement System (AMS)
The Halliburton Advanced Measurement System (AMS) for slickline and cased-hole logging provides unsurpassed wireline depth measurement and data storage for job log summaries, downhole memory logging, and wire management.
Summary Summary Borehole Compensated Sonic Array Tool (B-SAT)
Halliburton Wireline and Perforating Services' Borehole Compensated Sonic Array Tool (B-SAT) service integrates two monopole transmitters with an array of five piezoelectric receivers. The full waveform data is digitally recorded permitting advanced data analysis and quality control for waveform amplitude, slowness, and arrival time in both open hole and cased hole applications.
Summary Summary Stoneley Wave Fracture Conductivity Analysis
Sonic waveform analysis of Stoneley-mode arrivals can locate and estimate the conductivity of fractures crossing a borehole. A key feature of the analysis is to discriminate Stoneley responses due solely to conductive fractures by using borehole Stoneley waves recorded by a Xaminer®-level borehole sonic tool.
Summary Summary Releasable Wireline Cable Head (RWCH™ Tool)
The Releasable Wireline Cable Head (RWCH™ tool) has an electrically activated wireline-release system instead of the tension-activated release system of conventional cable heads.
Summary Summary Gamma Telemetry Tool
Gamma Telemetry Tool
Summary Summary Addressable Release Tool (ART)
The Addressable Release Tool (ART) is designed for use in wells where the controllable release of all, or part of, a stuck tool string may be required and/or higher pulling weights would be desirable
Summary Summary Halliburton Free-Point Tool (HFPT™) Technology
Conveyance Independent—Will Run Off Most Wireline Units
Summary Summary Toolpusher™ Logging (TPL) Service
The Toolpusher™ logging service provides a low-risk and cost-effective means to acquire premium-quality wireline logging data in highly deviated and horizontal wells.
Summary Summary Integrated Characterization Section B - HP - Gulf of Mexico
Data Sheet
Summary Summary Crossed-Dipole (HTI) Anisotropy Analysis
Sonic crossed-dipole anisotropy analysis—the analysis of shearslownesscharacteristics around the borehole—is modeled in theindustry as a formation with horizontal transverse isotropy (HTI).
Summary Summary Fluid-Identification Section - HP - Gulf of Mexico
Data Sheet
Summary Summary Multi-Chamber Section - HP - HP - Gulf of Mexico
Data Sheet
Summary Summary Hostile Density Neutron (HDNT™) Tool
Helps provide accurate data in HP/HT conditions
Summary Summary Circumferential Acoustic Scanning Tool-InSite® (CAST-I™) Service
The Circumferential Acoustic Scanning Tool-InSite® (CAST-I™) tool is an ultrasonic tool that provides high-resolution images in cased holes.
Summary Summary Reservoir Description Tool (RDT™) Formation Tester
When flexibility and versatility are required, the Halliburton Reservoir Description Tool (RDT™) tool collects—in a single deployment—formation pressure, fluid ID, and samples.
Summary Summary MaxFire® SL Electronic Firing System
The Halliburton MaxFire® SL Electronic Firing system has numerous built-in safety features, which enable explosive tools to be deployed and initiated on slickline, coil tubing, or jointed pipe.
Summary Summary 6¾-in. 18-SPF MaxForce® Flow Ultra-Kleen System
With a proprietary charge tube design, the 6¾-in. 18-SPF MaxForce® Flow Ultra-Kleen System family provides an almost debris-free operation, even in severe doglegs and high-angle wells.
Summary Summary Cased Hole Slickline Unit
Efficient openhole unit, Small footprint, Easy and quick rig up