Work in Unconsolidated Formations


How can I maintain high, sand-free production rates in unconsolidated formations?


Sand production is almost always detrimental to well productivity.  Deepwater reservoirs in West Africa are characterized by unconsolidated sands that generally require some form of sand control or gravel packing for flow assurance.

Halliburton’s proven completion techniques have successfully enabled sustained productivity improvement and prevented sand production in deepwater West Africa wells. In one seven-well development project with steep formation dips and coarse, unconsolidated sand deposits at the border of the formation, Halliburton performed 19 frac jobs, providing an efficient, economical sand-control solution.

Halliburton offers dedicated equipment and total services for modeling and controlling sand production.  Services start with an in-depth analysis of the reservoir and well conditions. Once a sand control method has been chosen, the design of the related fluid systems and downhole equipment can begin.

Halliburton provides specialized surface and downhole equipment, including gravel packs and screens to inhibit the movement of formation sand into the wellbore, as well as surface pumping equipment, fluid systems and filtration systems. Sand-control completion services are customized to suit individual well and reservoir requirements with designs to capture the best value from the asset.

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