Manage Complex Well Trajectories in Development Projects


How can I best plan and drill complex trajectories to hit the most productive reservoir targets?


In deepwater West Africa, finding and reaching relatively small targets often requires complex well trajectories. Many development wells are drilled from fixed installations. The resulting well paths require precise wellbore positioning to navigate around existing wells, reach smaller targets and obtain proper trajectories through and around salt bodies.

Collaborative well planning software, with 3-D multidiscipline data visualization, automated planning features and scenario sensitivity analysis can help planners more effectively optimize platforms while creating trajectories to reach multiple targets with a minimum number of wellbores.

Halliburton's geomechanical software and rock strength analysis can allow complex wellbores to be drilled more successfully. Our geosteering software uses geological information and dowhnole technologies to enable complex wells to be guided to the reservoir. Rotary-steerable tools provide smooth wellbore trajectories while azimuthal, deep-reading LWD sensors help make real-time adjustments to stay in thin reservoir sections.

We apply the right technology and personnel to optimize wellbore placement while maintaining well trajectory to remain near the top and maximize recovery.

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