RTTS® Packer

Simple, versatile means for testing, treating and squeeze cement operations

The RTTS® Packer is a full-opening, hookwall packer used for testing, treating, and squeeze cementing operations. In most cases, the tool runs with a circulating valve assembly.

The RTTS packer has been one of the most used and well known service packers in the industry for over 60 years. These Halliburton packers have been run successfully in over a hundred thousand jobs in just about every country oil and gas is produced. Reliability and durability is what makes operators ask for them by name - some are still in wellbores that have been working continuously for as long as 29 years.

Features and Benefits

  • Full opening design of the packer mandrel bore allows large volumes of fluid to pump through the tool
  • Tubing-type guns and other wireline tools can be run through the packer
  • Packer can be set and relocated as many times as necessary
  • Tungsten carbide slips provide greater holding ability and improved wear resistance in high-strength casing
  • Optional integral circulating valve locks into open or closed position during squeezing or treating operations and opens easily to allow circulation above the packer

RTTS® Packer

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Summary Summary Model 3L Retrievable Bridge Plug
The Model 3L retrievable bridge plug consists of packer-type sealing elements, mechanical slips, and a large-area bypass.
Summary Summary RTTS® Safety Joint
The RTTS® safety joint is an optional emergency backoff device.
Summary Summary RTTS® Circulating Valve
The RTTS® circulating valve is a locked-open/locked-closed valve that serves as both a circulating valve and bypass.
Summary Summary Halliburton Retrievable Tools Save Operator $750,000
Engineered Single-Trip Completion Solution Reduces Time and Cost
Summary Summary World's first run with 20-in. RTTS® high-expansion packer takes safety and savings to new heights
In the North Sea, a major operator’s floating drilling rig failed to pull out the wear bushing when running 13 3/8-in. casing, preventing the pulling tool from passing through the upper annular preventer. They needed to quickly find a solution that would allow them to displace to seawater and disconnect the lower marine riser package (LMRP).
Summary Summary Selective Injection Packer (SIP) Tool
The selective injection packer (SIP) tool has opposing cups that isolate perforations for chemical treatments or perforation washing.
Summary Summary PinPoint Injection (PPI) Packer
The PinPoint Injection (PPI) packer is a retrievable, treating, straddle packer that features 1-? spacing between packer elements.
Summary Summary RTTS® Straddle Packer
The RTTS® straddle packer allows selected sections of the wellbore to be isolated and serviced.
Summary Summary Subsurface Control Valve III (SSC III)
Subsurface Control Valve III (SSC III) animation. 29.5 MB
Summary Summary RTTS® Packer
The RTTS® packer is a full-opening, hookwall packer used for testing, treating, and squeeze cementing operations.
Summary Summary RTTS® V3 Packer
Robust, field-proven design that helps minimize down time
Summary Summary Model 2 RTTS® Circulating Valve
The Model 2 RTTS® circulating valve is a locked-open valve that serves as both a circulating valve and a bypass valve. It is held closed by internal pressure and/or pipe weight.
Summary Summary Temporary Well Abandonment System Stays Intact for Nine Years, Despite Hurricane
Just eight days after Halliburton installed a temporary well abandonment system on an operator’s jack-up rig, the rig was found beached in West Cameron. Without these special tools, the workstring that was secured inside the well would have been left standing in the derrick and likely would have blown away with the rig.
Summary Summary FO Muli-Stage CS SDS
The FO (full-opening) multiple-stage cementer (or FO cementer) is used to place any number of stages of cement or other fluids outside a casing string at different selected points along the casing. This tool is operated manually and requires the use of a drill or tubing string and the sleeve positioner operating tools. These operating tools are available through Halliburton tool departments as rental items. In addition, they are also manufactured for customer purchase.
Summary Summary RTTS® Packer
The RTTS® Packer is a full-opening, hookwall packer used for testing, treating, and squeeze cementing operations.
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