RTTS® Packer

Simple, versatile means for testing, treating and squeeze cement operations

The RTTS® Packer is a full-opening, hookwall packer used for testing, treating, and squeeze cementing operations. In most cases, the tool runs with a circulating valve assembly.

The RTTS packer has been one of the most used and well known service packers in the industry for over 60 years. These Halliburton packers have been run successfully in over a hundred thousand jobs in just about every country oil and gas is produced. Reliability and durability is what makes operators ask for them by name - some are still in wellbores that have been working continuously for as long as 29 years.

Features and Benefits

  • Full opening design of the packer mandrel bore allows large volumes of fluid to pump through the tool
  • Tubing-type guns and other wireline tools can be run through the packer
  • Packer can be set and relocated as many times as necessary
  • Tungsten carbide slips provide greater holding ability and improved wear resistance in high-strength casing
  • Optional integral circulating valve locks into open or closed position during squeezing or treating operations and opens easily to allow circulation above the packer

RTTS® Packer

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