The Perma-Lach PHR hydraulic-set retrievable packer is a high-performance, rotate-and-pull release packer based on the proven PHL packer design. It incorporates enhanced tension-loading capabilities useful during multizone selective waterflooding applications, where straight-pull-release mechanisms might be inadequate. Rotate-and-pull mechanisms help reduce retrieval costs when compared to cut-to-release or permanent equivalent offerings.

The PHR packer has no hold-down buttons, helping eliminate potential leakage from the O-rings and potential retrieval challenges when retracting buttons. Furthermore, the PHR packer’s optimized outer diameter (OD) enhances the run-in-hole efficiency. Setting is achieved by running the packer on tubing, dropping a ball, or setting a slickline plug and applying pressure; no tubing manipulation is required. Releasing the packer involves rotating it clockwise and pulling on the production tubing. Setting pressure can be field adjusted, allowing multiple packers to be run and set during a single trip. Additionally, tubing can be spaced out before the packer is set.


  • Single- or multi-packer production completions
  • Multizone selective waterflooding applications
  • Multizone completions at predetermined pressures
  • Up to 7,500 psi (51.7 MPa) differential pressure typical


  • Wide performance envelope with robust tension capabilities
  • Optimized OD
  • Triple-seal multi-durometer elements
  • Shear screws allow operators to vary the setting pressure and release torque
  • No mandrel movement when setting
  • Available as API 11D1 4th edition monogrammed V3-R validated


  • Field-adjustable setting pressure
  • No tubing manipulation required for setting
  • Ability to retrieve multiple packers simultaneously
  • Multiple packers can be run and set in one trip
  • High performance cost effective solution
  • Tubing can be spaced out before the packer is set
  • Packer element package designed for retrievability 

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