Products & Services Index

Avenger® Motor Lead Extension Pothead
DuraHard® Coatings
Liberator™ Gas Separator
Hellcat™ Downhole Gauge
Triton™ Downhole Gauge
Vigilant™ High-Temperature Downhole Gauge
Corsair™ Motors
Tiger Shark® II Pump
Defender® Seal
SandRight® Solids Fallback Preventer
GeoESP™ Electric Submersible Pumps
Hercules™ Horizontal Pumping System
MineESP™ Submersible Borehole and Surface Pumps for Mining Operations
Summit ESP ACS®-15 Variable Speed Drives
Baroid Laboratories
SHALEDRIL™ Water-Based Drilling System
BaraH2O Offshore Slops Treatment
BaraMesh® Shale Shaker Screens
BaraStream™ Honey Comb Base (HCB™) Tanks
BaraStream™ SV60 Portable Cuttings and Fluid Transfer Unit
BaraECD® High-Performance Non-Aqueous Fluid System
BaraPure® Salt-Free, High-Performance Non-Aqueous Fluid System
BaraXcel™ High-Performance Non-Aqueous Fluid System
BaraShale™ Lite Direct Emulsion Fluid System
PERFORMADRIL® Water-Based Drilling System
SUPER-SAT™ Riserless Drilling Fluid
BaraBlend®-657 Lost Circulation Material
BaraBlend®-665 Lost Circulation Material
BaraBlend®-680 Lost Circulation Material
BaraLock®-666 Lost Circulation Material
BaraShield®-632 Lost Circulation Material
BaraShield®-633 Lost Circulation Material
BaraShield®-664 Lost Circulation Material
STOPPIT® Lost Circulation Material
THERMA-FLOW 500™ Low Molecular Weight Dispersant
TAU-MOD® Viscosifying/Suspension Agent
Baroid® 41 Weighting Agent
N-FLOW™ Filter Cake Breaker Systems
BaraKlean® Well Cleaners
BARADRIL-N® Reservoir Drilling Fluid System
BRINEDRIL-N® Brine-Based Drill-In Fluid System
SupaVac™ SV400 Cuttings Collection and Pumping System
Thermomechanical Cuttings Cleaner (TCC)
Analytical Technical Support
Completion Fluids Technical Services
Drilling Fluids Technical Services
Quality Assurance
Research and Development
Completion Fluids Graphics Software
Applied Fluids Optimization (AFO)
DFG RT™ Drilling Fluid Graphics
Obex™ Annular Casing Packer
Buoyancy-assisted casing equipment (BACE)
Guide Shoes
Insert Float Valve
PDF™ (Pressure Differential Equipment) Float Collars and Shoes
Super Seal™ II Float Collar
Super Seal™ II Float Shoe
Trophy Seal® Float Shoes and Collars
Commander™ 1000 Top-Drive Cementing Head
Five Wiper Cementing Plugs
High Wiping Efficiency (HWE®) Plugs
Non-Rotating (NR™) Cementing Plugs
SSR-II™ Subsurface Release II Cementing Plug System
SSR® Subsurface Release Five Wiper Cementing Plug System
Commander™ Full Bore Cement Head
Super Seal II® Down-Jet Float Shoe
SuperFill™ Auto-Fill Equipment
eRedBookà ® Features
eRedBook® Software
FLECS™ Control System
iCem® Service d
WellLife® III Cementing Service
GasChek® Cement Additive
GasStop™ Cement
FlexPlug® Lost Circulation Service
PhenoSeal™ Lost Circulation Material
SentinelCem™ Cement
Plug Setting Aids
HalSeal™ Cements
Halliburton LIGHT Cement (HLC)
LifeCem™ Cements
LifeSeal™ Cements
LockCem™ Cement
ReverCem™ Cement
ReverSeal™ Cement
SwiftCem™ Cements
SwiftSeal™ Cements
ThermaCem™ Cements
ThermaSeal™ Cements
Tuned® Light Cement
VariCem™ Cements
VersaCem™ Cements
VersaSeal™ Cements
SqueezeCem™ Cement
SqueezeSeal™ Cement
ChannelSeal® Process
BridgeMaker™ LCM Spacer Fluid
FLO-CHEK® System
Foam Wiper Balls Darts
Gel Modifier 750™ Anti Fluid Migration Additive
Liquid Additive Automated Metering
LockCem™ and LockSeal™ Cement Systems
Reverse Circulation Cementing
1410 Cubic Foot Pneumatic Field Storage Trailer
1600 Cubic Foot Pneumatic Field Storage Trailer
80 cu-ft Steady Flow Separator
Model 660 Pneumatic Cementing Trailer
BMR 100-Barrel Batch-Mixer Trailer
CPT-Y4™ Severe Environment Cementing Unit
Elite™ Cementing Unit
HT-400™ Pump
Red Tiger™ Cementing Unit
Cal-Seal™ 60 Accelerator
Foamer 760™ Cement Additive
ZoneSealant™ 2000 Agent
Barite Heavyweight Additive
Hi-Dense® No.4 Weighting Agent
Hi-Dense® No.5 Weight Additive
MICROMAX® Weight Additives
Bentonite (Halliburton Gel) agent
Econolite™ Additive
GasCon 469™ Additive
GasCon III™ Additive
Hollow Glass Spheres (HGS)
LiquiLite™ Cement Additive
Microbeads™ Mineral Spheres Additive
Potters Q-Cel® Agent
Silicalite Cement Additive
Flocele™ Lost-Circulation Cement Additive
Gilsonite™ Lost-Circulation Additive
Kol-Seal™ Lost-Circulation Additive
Pol-E-Flake Lost Circulation Additive
Tuf Additive No.2™ Lost Circulation Additive
Tuf Fiber™ 594 Lost Circulation Additive
Enhancer 923™ Agent
FineCem™ Cement
Micro Matrix® Cement Retarder
ThermaLock™ Cement
D-Air 4000L™ Defoamer
D-Air 5000™ Defoamer
NF-6™ Defoamer
CFR-3™ Cement Friction Reducer
CFR-4™ Cement Friction Reducer
CFR-6™ Cement Friction Reducer
CFR-8™ Cement Friction Reducer
Microbond™ Expanding Additive
Microbond HT™ Expanding Additive
Super CBL™ Additive
DeepFX™-L Additive
Halad®-200L Fluid Loss Additive
Halad®-23 Fluid Loss Additive
Halad®-300L Fluid-Loss Additive
Halad®-322 Fluid-Loss Additive
Halad®-344 Fluid Loss Additive
Halad®-413 Fluid-Loss Additive
Halad®-567 Fluid Loss Additive
Halad®-600 LE+ Fluid Loss Additive
Halad®-688 and Halad®-688 EXP additives
Halad®-862 Fluid Loss Additive
Halad®-9 Fluid-Loss Additive
HALADVANCE™ 344 Cement Additive
Latex 2000™ Cement Additive
Latex 3000™ Cement Additive
Stabilizer 434B Latex Stabilizer
SCR-200L™ Cement Retarder
HR®-12 Cement Retarder
HR®-25 Cement Retarder
HR®-4 Retarder
HR®-5 Retarder
HR®-6L Cement Retarder
HR®-7 Cement Retarder
HR-800™ Cement Retarder
HR®-817 Cement Retarder
SCR-100™ Retarder
SCR-500™ and SCR-500L™ Cement Retarders
CleanSpacer™ III Spacer Fluid
Attapulgite™ Additive
Dual Spacer™ E Spacer
Dual Spacer™ system
Mud Flush™ III Powder
PHPA™ Preflush
Super Flush™ Additive
CleanBore A™ Surfactant
CleanBore B™ Surfactant
Dual Spacer™ Surfactant A
Dual Spacer™ Surfactant B
Morflo® III Surfactant
SEM-7™ Emulsifier
SEM-8™ Emulsifier
Tuned® Defense™ Cement Spacer
Tuned® Prime™ Cement Spacer
Tuned™ Spacer Cement Spacer
Tuned® Spacer E+ Cement Spacer
Tuned® Spacer III Cement Spacer
Tuned® Spacer V Cement Spacer
80-Ft3 (2.26-m3) Steady Flow Separator
BMS-100 Batch Mixer Skid
Continuous Metering System (CMS) Proportioning System
HCS Advantage™ Cementing System Skid
HCS AdvantageOne™ Cementing Skid
HCS COMBO Cementing System Skid
SKD-4 Modular System
OptiCem™ Software
SuperFlush™ Reactive Flush
Tuned® Solutions
WellLife® 708 Additive
WellLife® 734 Additive
WellLife® Service
Sand Control Versa-Trieve® Packer / Multi-Position Tool Systems
Red Zone® FracPac™ Systems
Sandface Instrumentation (SFI) Gravel Pack System
ESTMZ™ Enhanced Single-Trip Multizone Completion System
Horizontal Gravel Pack Systems
Advance-MZ System
STMZ™ (Single-Trip Multizone) Systems
Xtreme Single-Trip Multizone (XSTMZ™) System
Endurance Hydraulic Screen®
PetroGuard® Advanced Mesh Screen
PetroGuard® Mesh-DS Screen
PetroGuard® Wrap Screen
PoroMax® Screens
Prepacked Screens
Wire-Wrapped Screens
EquiFlow® Flow Control Devices for SAGD
EquiFlow® Autonomous Inflow Control Device
EquiFlow® Nozzle ICD
EquiFlow® Remote
EquiFlow® Sliding Side-Door® Inflow Control Device
PetroGuard® Sliding Side-Door® Screen
PetroGuard® Openhole Shunt System
RapidStart® Initiator CT Multistage Frac Sleeve
RapidShift® Multistage Frac Sleeve Systems
RapidStage® Multistage Frac Sleeve Systems
RapidStart® Initiator Multistage Frac Sleeve
VersaFlex® Big Bore System
VersaFlex® Breech Lock System
VersaFlex® High-Torque System
VersaFlex® Low ECD System
VersaStim® Expandable Liner Hanger System
XtremeGrip™ Expandable Liner Hanger System
MillRite® Milled Exit Multilateral System (TAML Level 2 or 4)
ReFlexRite® Milled Exit Isolated Tieback Multilateral System
FlexRite® Isolated Tie-Back Multilateral System (TAML Level 5)
LatchRite® Pre-Milled Window Multilateral System (TAML Level 2 or 4)
LRW™ Lateral Re-entry Whipstock
LRW-SL™ Self-Locating Lateral Re-entry Whipstock
TEW™ Tubing Exit Whipstock
FlexRite® Multibranch Inflow Control (MIC) System (TAML Level 5)
FloRite® Multi-String Multilateral Completion System (TAML Level 5)
IsoRite® Isolated Multilateral Completion System
ZoneGuard® FP Isolation Packer
Hydraulic-Set Perma-Series® Packers
Hydrostatic-Set Perma-Series® Production Packers
Wireline-Set Perma-Series® Packers
Hydraulic-Set AHR Retrievable Packer
X-Trieve Retrievable Production Packers
Versa-Set® Packer
ZoneGuard® HE Isolation Packers
ZoneGuard® SR Isolation Packers
DuraSleeve® Sliding Side-Door® Sleeve
Sealing Protection Sleeve
TTRD Protection Sleeve
DepthStar® Tubing-Retrievable Safety Valve
NE™ Tubing Retrievable Safety Valve
SP™ Series Tubing-Retrievable Safety Valve
Swellpacker® Slip-on Isolation System
Swellpacker® Cable System
Swellpacker® Zonal Isolation System
Bristle Tech® Brush
Combo Tech® Scraper/Brush
Drill Tech® Casing Scraper
Mag Tech® Casing Magnet
PowerMAG® Magnet
CleanWell® Vac Tech® Downhole Eductor System
Vali Tech® Downhole Mechanical Filter
Vor Tech® Casing Junk Basket
Jet Sub
Jet Tech® Slimline Valve
Jet Tech® Valve (16 in.)
Turbo Tech® II Multi-Activation Bypass Valve
Mag Tech® Riser Magnet
Riser Bristle Tech® Brush
Vor Tech® Riser Junk Bucket
Integral Stabilized Bladed Mill
Spiral Wrap String Mill
CleanWell® Solutions
Inflow Tech® Test Packer
Pressure Tech™ Test Sub
StimTech® Long-Stroke Slick Joint
Tru-Drift® Mill Sleeve
Consulting - Integrated Reservoir Characterization
TDReam™ Tool
Cerebro Force™ In-Bit Sensing
Cerebro® In-Bit Sensor Package
Cruzer™ Depth-of-cut Rolling Element
Geometrix™ 4D Shaped Cutters
Geotech® Fixed Cutter Drill Bits
RockStrong™ Coring System
NBR® Tool
Adaero™ Roller Cone Drill Bit
StrikeForce™ Drill Bits
Crush & Shear™ Hybrid Drill Bit Technology
Ascend™ Surfactant Solutions
Legend™ Stimulation Fluid Chemicals
RockOn® Surfactants
MicroScout® Service
AcroClear® Sulfide Controller
NaturaLine® Products and Solutions
Transcend™ Permeability Enhancers
FracHeight® Service
FracNet℠ Services
Reservoir Monitoring Service
TerraVista™ Visualization Software
TiltTalk for Clients™ Tiltmeter Software
ViewData™ Tiltmeter Software
InnerVue™ Non-Intrusive Pipeline and Wellbore Diagnostics
InnerVue™ PipeSuite Diagnostics Service
InnerVue™ WellSuite Diagnostics Service
Subsea Pigging and Hydrostatic Testing Unit (SPHU)
Ultrasonic Cleaning System
Hydra-Jet ProSM Service
DuraKleen<sup>®</sup> Asphaltene Removal Service
Paragon™ Solvent
Targon<sup>®</sup> II Asphaltene Solvent
K-Max-Plus™ Fluid Loss Control
LO-Gard℠ Service
Temblok™ 80
Carbonate Acidizing
AccessAcid℠ Stimulation Service
Guidon AGS™ Acid Diversion System
Matriseal® O Diverting Agent
TBA-110™ Diverting Agent
Sandstone Acidizing
BaSO4lvent™ Barium Sulfate Scale Remover
HalKleen™ G Calcium Sulfate Scale Removal Service
Cla-Sta® FS Additive
SandTrap Formation Consolidation Service
PropStop Service
BackStop™ Water Conformance Control Service
CrystalSeal® Water Conformance Control Service
CW-Frac℠ Water Control Service
EquiSeal™ Conformance Service
Foam<sub>2</sub> Zero
H<sub>2</sub> Zero<sup>®</sup> Conformance Control Service
Injectrol<sup>®</sup> Service
K-Max-Plus™ Fluid Loss Control
Matrol™ Conformance Control Service
MOC/One™ System
QuikLook® Reservoir Simulation Service
Thermatek<sup>®</sup> Fluids
WaterWeb® Water Control
CoilComm Service
CoilSweep® Wellbore Cleaning
DepthPro® Wireless Coiled Tubing Collar
Enhanced QuikRig® Unit
SPECTRUM Real-Time Coiled Tubing Services
Milling and Fishing Services
HydraJet™ TS
HydraJet™ Pro
HydraJet™ SPT
HydraJet TS
Pulsonix® TFA Bypass
Pulsonix® TFA
Downhole Ball-Drop Tool
Hydraulic Hold-Down
SurgiFrac® NWB
Slip Interlock System
Dead Well (Conventional) Workover Operations
Drilling (Snubdrilling) Operations
Live Well Workover Operations
Drilling Hydraulic Workover
ESP Change Out for Offshore Hydraulic Workover
Plug Abandonment
Pressure – Offshore Hydraulic Workover
Velocity Strings
Emergency Solutions
Services Technology
InSite Well Intervention Design - Hydraulic Workover Technology
Safe Grip
Slip Interlock
Nitrogen Equipment
Pumping Equipment
Emergency Response Plan
Global Rapid Intervention Package (GRIP)
Proprietary Kill Analysis Solutions Software
Well Control Contingency Plan
Illusion® and Illusion Spire Dissolvable Frac Plugs
EZ Drill® SVB Squeeze Packer
Fas Drill® Squeeze Packers
Fas Drill® SVB Squeeze Packers
Obsidian® Bridge Plug
Obsidian® Frac Plug
EZ Drill® Bridge Plug
Fas Drill® Bridge Plug
Fas Drill® Frac Plug
Intercept® Retrievable Bridge Plug
CHAMP® IV Packer
CHAMP® V Non-Rotational Packer
RTTS® Packer
Subsurface Control Valves
EZ Drill® Squeeze Packer
CHAMP® IV Packer
Champ® V Packer
RTTS® Packer
Subsurface Control Valve III (SSC III)
RapidBall™ Self-Removing Ball Technology
RapidForce® Multistage Frac Sleeve Systems
Elect® Monobore Frac Sleeve Systems
ADT® Drilling Optimization Service
GeoForce® Even Layer Thickness Motors
NitroForce™ High-Torque, High-Flow Motor
StrataForce™ High-Performance Motor
Geo-Pilot® Rotary Steerable Systems
iCruise® Intelligent Rotary Steerable System
SlickBore® Matched Drilling Service
TerraForce™ Positive Displacement Motors
Turbopower™ Turbodrills
Short Radius Drilling
AGS™ Adjustable Gauge Stabilizer Tool
Shock Tool
Sledgehammer™ Hydromechanical Drilling Jar
9½-inch ALD™ Azimuthal Lithodensity Logging-While-Drilling (LWD) Service
EAGLE™ Gas Extraction System
EarthStar® Ultra-Deep Resistivity Service
XBAT™ Azimuthal Sonic and Ultrasonic LWD Service
PixStar™ High-Resolution Ultrasonic Imaging Service
QBAT™ Multipole LWD Sonic Tool
M5™ Integrated LWD Service
ABG™ At-Bit Gamma Sensor
DGR™ Dual Gamma Ray Sensor
Radian® Azimuthal Gamma Ray and Inclination Service
CTN™ Compensated Thermal Neutron Sensor
MRIL®-WD™ Magnetic Resonance Imaging Logging-While-Drilling Sensor
Quasar Trio® M/LWD Triple-Combo Service
EWR®-PHASE 4 Resistivity Sensor
Aurora™ Surface-Access Magnetic Ranging Service
DDSr™ Drillstring Dynamics Sensor
Evader® Gyro-While-Drilling Service
Pressure-While-Drilling (PWD) Services
DrilSaver™ III Vibration Monitoring System
GyroStar™ Gyro-While-Drilling Service
Directional Sensors
Connection Flow Monitor Software (CFM)
Constant Volume Extractor (CVE )
MaxActivity™ Rig Floor Activity Monitoring Software
Electromagnetic Telemetry (EMT) System
IXO Interface
JetPulse&reg High-Speed Telemetry Service
Mud-Pulse Telemetry Services
QuickPulse™ Automated Directional Gamma Service
InSite Anywhere® Direct Service
Real Time Centers™
AccessAcid℠ Stimulation Service
DuraKleen® Asphaltene Removal Service
Expedite® Proppant Flowback Control
SandWedge® Conductivity Enhancement System
CrystalSeal® Water Conformance Control Service
CW-Frac℠ Water Control Service
MOC/One™ System
QuikLook® Reservoir Simulation Service
Frac of the Future™
ExpressSand Delivery System
Q10™ Pump
SandCastle™ PS-2500 Vertical Storage System
Fracture Consulting
GOHFER® Software
Prodigi™ Intelligent Fracturing Service
Simul-Frac Operations
Helium Leak Detection Services
ROCC™ Remote Operations Command and Control Center
Guardian™ Tubular Protection Acid System
Sandstone 2000™ Acid System
K-Max-Plus™ Fluid Loss Control
LO-Gard℠ Service
AquaLinear® HT Fluid Service
AquaLinear® Fluid Service
PowerSafe-D-Scale™ Scale Remover
CobraMax® DM fracturing service with Downhole Mixing
Stim Star Arabian Gulf
Stim Star Angola
Stim Star III
Stim Star IV
Water Injection Services
e-cd™ Plus System
e-cd™ System
Automated MPD
Flex MPD
GeoBalance® Service
Rig Pump Diverter
Marine Sentry RCD 3000™
Rotating Control Device 2000
Rotating Control Device 5000
Rotating Control Device 1000
CALIBR℠ Engineered Flowback Service
DynaLink™ Telemetry System
DynaMem® Electronic Memory Gauges
SPIDR® - Self Powered Intelligent Data Retriever
Mechanical Integrity Testing
SPIDRlive™ - Streaming Live Well Test Data
RezConnect® Well Testing System
Environmentally Distinctive Burner
Armada® Sampling System
Odassea™ Subsea Fiber Optic Solution
Dash® 3” Subsea Safety System
Veto™ Subsea Safety Systems
CheckStream® Chemical Injection System
Multiline Spooling
Accu-Pulse™ Incremental Positioning Module
Digital Hydraulics™ Downhole Control System
Direct Hydraulics Downhole Control System
SmartPlex® Downhole Control System
HS Circulating Valve
HS Interval Control Valve (HS-ICV)
MC Interval Control Valve (MC-ICV)
DataSphere® SmartLog™ Permanent Downhole Gauge
DataSphere® Array System
DataSphere® ERD™ Gauge
DataSphere® FloStream™ Venturi Flow Meter
DataSphere® LinX® Monitoring Systems
DataSphere® Opsis® Permanent Downhole Gauge
DataSphere® ROC™ Permanent Downhole Gauges
Standalone Permanent Monitoring Systems
Subsea Control and Monitoring Systems
Evo-RED® Bridge Plug
High-Lift Injection Valve
Hydraulic RED Valve
eMotion® Remotely Operated Downhole Control Unit
eMotion®-HS Remotely Operated Circulating Valve
eMotion®-LV Remotely Operated Isolation Barrier Valve
eRED® Ball Valve
Land and Platform Control Systems
Portable Control Systems and Ancillary Equipment
SCADA and Software Applications
CLCS - Control Line Cut Sub
FMJ Connector
Splice Sub Connector
HF-1 Packer
MC Packer
Seal Stack Assembly
The Halliburton XSpace™ Platform
3D Salt Proximity
Offset Vertical Seismic Profile VSP
Zero-Offset Vertical Seismic Profiles
Advanced Cement Evaluation Service
Halliburton Free-Point Tool
Split Shot® Cutter
Wireline-Conveyed Armada® Fluid Sampling Tool (FST)
Reservoir Monitor Tool 3-Detector (RMT-3D™) Tool
TMD3D™ (Thermal Multigate Decay - 3 Detector) Logging Tool
Electromagnetic Pipe Xaminer® V (EPX™ V) Service
DeepSuite™ Wireline Tool Technology
The Halliburton XSpace™ Platform
LockJar® Multi-Conductor E-Line Hydraulic Jar
Pump-Down Visualization service and Mono-Conductor Tension Device
Mono Conductor Tension Device
Pump Down Visualization (PDV)
Releasable Cable Heads
Target Detection System (TDS) Service
FracInsight® Analysis
ZoneID® and PoreHD® Services
Micro-Spherical Focused Log (MSFL™) and Microlog (ML) Tools
Oil Mud Reservoir Imager (OMRI™) Tool
X-tended Range Micro Imager (XRMI™) Tool
Circumferential Acoustic Scanning Tool-Visualization (CAST-V™) Tool
High-Fidelity Borehole Imager (HFBI)
Array Laterolog Tool (ALAT)
Chi Modeling® Logging Simulation Software Service
GEM™ Elemental Analysis Tool
Hostile WaveSonic® Tool
Xaminer® Array Sonic Tool
MRIL®-XL Magnetic Resonance Imaging Logging Service
MRIL-2D Fluid Characterization
MRIL®-Prime Magnetic Resonance Imaging Logging Service
Xaminer® Magnetic Resonance (XMR™) Service
Xaminer® Coring Tool
CoreVault® System
Xaminer® Multicomponent Induction (MCI) Tool
Corrosive Hostile Environment (CHE) systems
The Advanced Perforating Flow Laboratory
Integrated Well Completions
ShockPro™ Software
MaxForce®-FRAC Charge
MaxForce® Perforating Shaped Charges
MaxForce® Flow System
DrillGun™ Perforating System
Differential Firing Head
Velocity™ Perforating System
Fluid Identification Section (FLID) - Best-in-class high-resolution density sensor.
DPU®-Actuated Tubing Perforator
Heavy-Duty Fishing
HERO™ Bridge Plug
High-Expansion Gauge Hanger
Memory Production Logging (MPL℠ ) Service
RELAY™ Digital Slickline System
Smart Release Tool