WellLife® 708 Additive

WellLife® 708 additive is designed to increase the ductility of set cement while helping to reduce the overall specific gravity of the slurry. The vulcanized elastomeric particles are ground to a-10+30 mesh scale and as a result there is no water requirement. The material is inert and will not react with cement, nor with any other cement additives available today. This additive is thermally stable and has been tested to 300°F (149°C).

The primary use of WellLife 708 additive is to lower the Young’s Modulus (increase elasticity) of cement that may be subjected to cyclic hoop stresses once set. WellLife 708 additive can be used in any cementing slurry application where increased sheath ductility is needed. This material can act as a bridging additive to minimize or eliminate effects of lost circulation. Other applications include cementing junctures where laterals connect to a parent wellbore, conditions where the cement sheath is likely to be subjected to pressure and temperature cycling, and wells where the plan calls for a high number of run in/out of production tubing/equipment.