Narrow Pressure Margin – Fluid Systems

Velocity and flow rate of spacers and cements during placement affect the probability of efficient displacement of preceding wellbore and annular fluids, which in turn affects complete cement placement.  However, these variables should be managed carefully in a narrow pressure margin well.  While pipe movement such as rotation and reciprocation can help facilitate displacement / placement dynamics, when wellbores present narrow pressure margins, or when well trajectories are highly deviated and/or slim hole, pipe rotation may not be possible.  Thus, fluid densities and rheological hierarchy, among many other variables that influence a successful cementing operation, need to be thoroughly evaluated. 

Solutions for Fluid Systems

ChannelSeal® Process
Enhances the ability of the slurry to fill washouts and to completely surround the casing prior to cementing.
Latex 3000™ Cement Additive
A liquid additive designed to lower equivalent circulating density (ECD) and to impart excellent fluid-loss control, high-temperature suspension properties, and acid resistance to cement slurries.
LockCem™ and LockSeal™ Cement Systems
LockCem™ cement represents a Portland cement and resin blend; LockSeal™ cement is the foam version of the slurry system.
Tuned® Light Cement
Designed to perform effectively in wells with where loss of circulation with conventional weighted cement slurries might occur.
WellLock® Resin
WellLock® resin can act as an annular barricade against water and gas leaks.
ZoneSeal® Isolation Process
A fully engineered zonal isolation process with automated controls to deliver the benefits of light-weight (foam) cement during placement and for the life of the well.

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