Gel Modifier 750™ Anti Fluid Migration Additive

Gel Modifier 750™ anti-fluid migration additive helps prevent migration by reducing the gel structure of cement slurries and reducing transition times without negatively affecting the slurry viscosity, early strength, and thickening time. Traditional anti-gas migration additives may viscosify and retard the slurries to an unacceptable amount.

Gel Modifier 750 additive may have particular application to Tuned® Light cementing system applications offshore. These applications are often at cold temperatures with relatively viscous slurries.   This additive can be used in 50ºF to 400ºF (10ºC to 204ºC) bottomhole circulating temperatures and has been evaluated in both lightweight and heavyweight slurries. 

Gel Modifier 750 additive can:

  • Provide shortened transition times with longer zero gel times.
  • Promote lower and more stable viscosities than other anti-gas migration additives.
  • Help cement slurries achieve earlier strength development than other anti-gas migration additives.
  • Reduce the yield point of the slurry in which it is blended.
  • Impart less retardation at cold temperatures than other gas migration additives.