BaraShield®-632 Lost Circulation Material

Engineered, composite solution helps seal fractures in depleted formations

BaraShield®-632 lost circulation material (LCM) is a multi-modal particulate additive that can quickly seal fractures up to 1,500 microns in size. BaraShield-632 LCM contains Baroid’s exclusive resilient graphitic carbon material, STEELSEAL® LCM. The proprietary formulation has been engineered specifically to prevent lost circulation in depleted formations, where high fracture closure stresses are observed.

Operators can control seepage to partial fluid loss rates effectively by using BaraShield-632 LCM as a continuous treatment to the active system or spotting a pill across unconsolidated sand or gravel, small natural fractures, or small induced fractures. BaraShield-632 LCM is suitable for all well types in any location, but is not recommended for use in the reservoir.

Single-sack blend simplifies inventory and treatment

Inventory control can be managed more effectively by having a pre-defined combination blend that works successfully for every fractured application up to 1,500 microns in size. Distributed in a single sack, BaraShield-632 LCM helps operators save rig space and reduce costs with lower inventory while simultaneously reducing waste with fewer pallets needed and fewer emptied sacks to discard. Versatile BaraShield-632 LCM works in both aqueous and non-aqueous-based fluids without altering fluid properties.