SUPER-SAT™ Riserless Drilling Fluid

Provides excellent riserless and hole cleaning ability in many environments
Baroid’s SUPER-SAT™ drilling fluids are cost effective, salt-water based shale inhibiting fluids. Not only can the system be used for offshore rigs in gumbo formations and high salt formations, but it can also be used in deepwater drilling.  Customized to specific well needs, SUPER-SAT™ fluid provides reduced dilution, wellbore stability, CO2 tolerance and reduction of salt creep.   

Unique chemistry eases the drilling process
As in many of our highly inhibitive water based muds, SUPER-SAT maintains chemistries for shale inhibition from both a dilution and depletion standpoint, making it easier to drill through reactive gumbo shale and salt beds with minimal issues. Composed of uniquely designed products and blends, such as ZEOGEL® viscosifier/suspension agent, FILTER-CHEK™ filtration control agent and PAC™ filtration control agent, the unique chemistry of SUPER-SAT fluid eases the drilling process.