BaraStream™ Honey Comb Base (HCB™) Tanks

HoneycombAddress increasing environmental regulations safely, reliably and efficiently
The number of crane lifts required to perform traditional skip and ship operations can be very high resulting in increased health, safety and environmental risk.  In addition, in inclement weather conditions, cranes may not be able to operate, which can cause drilling operations to cease.  This combined with increasing environmental regulations governing drill cuttings disposal, especially in offshore environments, has led to the need for safer and more dependable technology for bulk storage and handling of drill cuttings.

In many cases, the highly variable properties of drill cuttings limit the ability to adequately discharge conventional pneumatic silos.  Halliburton Baroid developed the HCB™ tank, a unique and patented product for reliable and efficient discharge of bulk materials from pneumatic silos. 

HCB Tanks save space at your rig site while holding 20% more material in a fully enclosed environment
Single cone pneumatic tanks create limitations in storage capacity of the tank in a set footprint.

The HCB tank does not rely on a high angle, conical bottom to ensure mass flow discharge and can hold approximately 20% more bulk material in the same footprint as a high angle, conical bottomed silo.

Modular and customizable to meet your needs
HCB Tanks have a range of storage capacities and the tanks can store and discharge cuttings in various states ranging from dry power to liquid.  We pride ourselves in engineering solutions customized to meet your operational needs.

Honey Comb Base (HCB™) Tanks

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Summary Summary HCB Video
HCB Tanks Video
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HCB Tanks Animation
Summary Summary BaraSolve™ Services and BaraStream™ Solutions Save Rig Time and Cost
Halliburton was awarded key offshore and onshore waste management contracts for BP’s drilling campaign in Egypt. For offshore, the customer contracted a drillship with a screw conveyor as the primary, and only, means of transporting cuttings from the shakers to a zero-discharge cuttings handling system.
Summary Summary BaraPhase™ TCC and BaraStream™ HCB™ Tanks Eliminate Skip-and-Ship Issues
Baroid Solutions enable operator to finish project six months ahead of schedule
Summary Summary BaraStream™ Honey Comb Base (HCB™) Tanks
Designed for the reliable discharge of bulk materials from pneumatic silos
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