Drilling Fluids Solutions

Custom drilling fluid solutions
No two resource plays or even wellbores are the same. There is of course learning to be gained from similar situations, but that does not mean you can adopt a one-size fits all approach. That’s why we chose to invest in the people, processes and technology to engineer and customize drilling fluid solutions for every specific well. 

More accurate planning and monitoring
Besides our fluids systems and chemistries, we’ve made significant investments in digital technology in order to gather and analyze data and respond more proactively. These technologies help us to not only alleviate problems as they arise but better yet, predict and avoid them all together. 

Risk mitigation and safety
The rigor and thoroughness of our mainstay processes, adaptation of digital technology, and focus on engineering fluid solutions customized to local conditions helps us to manage risk and improve safety at your well site. 

Increase your performance
Our industry-leading technologies, customized approach and rigorous process have been developed for any resource play, anywhere in the world.  Once the fluid solution has been customized, the process focuses on proactive monitoring and continual improvement to optimize drilling performance.

Drilling Fluids Solutions

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Summary Summary BOREMAX® High-Performance Freshwater Fluid - Sales Data Sheet
The BOREMAX® non-dispersed, low-solids system is a unique fresh-water drilling fluid that performs well under extreme conditions including high differential pressures, acid gas, wet cement, and high temperatures.
Summary Summary HYDRO-GUARD® Inhibitive High-Performance Water-Based Fluid - Sales Data Sheet
HYDRO-GUARD® water-based fluid is a clay-free system designed for maximum shale inhibition in highly reactive formations like those found in deepwater.
Summary Summary Baroid Helps Operator in Norway Save US$679,000 on Offshore Well
High-Performance Non-Aqueous Fluid Systems and Applied Fluids Optimization Service help Operator save US$679,000 in Norway
Summary Summary BaraXcel™ HP NAF System Helps Drill Reactive Shales and Abrasive Sandstones with Improved ROP
The wells in northwest Saudi Arabia encounter highly reactive sloughing shales that are followed by abrasive sandstones. These reactive shales pose serious wellbore stability issues and if not managed appropriately can lead to wellbore collapse, hole cleaning issues, stuck pipe incidents, and even lost circulation due to high ECDs (Equivalent Circulating Densities).
Summary Summary Customized Kill Mud Enables Operator to Abandon Well Ahead of Time, Saving USD 1 Million
» Minimize ECD while working with collapsed tubing » Develop a low-solids/low-rheology kill-weight mud within a tight time frame
Summary Summary BAROLIFT® Sweeping Agent and DFG™ Modeling Software Help Save 10 Days, $800K on Horizontal Well
An operator in Iraq’s West Qurna field faced hole cleaning challenges in the 8-1/2-inch and 6-1/8-inch intervals, as the wellbore transitioned through the build section (40–60° angle) into the 1,250-meter (4,101-foot) horizontal step-out. This was the first horizontal well drilled by the operator in this area. Drilling on offset wells had been delayed by frequent backreaming and sidetracking in the 8-1/2-inch section. There was a high risk of stuck pipe and loss of the well.
Summary Summary Optimized CARBONOX® WBM Weighted Up to 2.55 sg (21.3 lb/gal) for High-Pressure Exploration Well
An operator in Argentina’s Parva Negra field planned to re-enter and deepen an extended-reach well that had been temporarily abandoned in 2015. A high-density drilling fluid would be needed to maintain well control. The ability to control equivalent circulating density (ECD) and optimize rheological properties would be critical to the success of this exploratory well operation.
Summary Summary BaraECD® Non-Aqueous Fluid System Helps Customer Reach Reservoir in The Netherlands
A Dutch operator was faced with the challenge of drilling various slimhole wellbores containing a narrow hydraulic window into the Carboniferous-aged Rotliegend reservoir formation in the North Sea, offshore the Netherlands. The well targets were reached by first drilling through the Zechstein salt formation and the Silverpit and Lower Slochteren formations, which are all depleted formations.
Summary Summary BaraECD® Fluid System and WellSET® Wellbore Strengthening Treatment Solve Deepwater Subsalt Drilling Challenges
Offset well data indicated that an operator would encounter a high-pressure subsalt sand between the base of salt at 19,200 feet (5,852 meters) and 19,700 feet (6,005 meters) measured depth (MD). A severely depleted sand was known to follow at 19,797 feet (6,034 meters) MD. Controlling equivalent circulating density (ECD) while drilling these sands would be critical to avoiding significant down time.
Summary Summary US Colorado: Use of SHALEDRIL® Water-Based Drilling Fluid Successfully Mitigates Intermediate Casing Run, Saving Operator Approximately $250,000
In the DJ Basin of Weld County, Colorado, Baroid recommended SHALEDRIL®, its inhibitive water-based system specifically formulated to help combat swelling and sloughing of shale while drilling. The customized fluid system enabled the operator to successfully drill to TD without the time and expense of running 7-inch intermediate casing, saving approximately $250,000.
Summary Summary High-Performance Fluid System Enables Low-Pressure Circulation During Challenging Scab-Liner Run
Major operator recently attempted to run and cement a 12,000-ft scab liner in a well located in the Gulf of Mexico (GOM).
Summary Summary Netherlands: Hollow-Glass Spheres allow Drilling Fluid Densities as Low as 0.8 SG
An operator intended to develop a low pressure gas reservoir in a sandstone formation and the reservoir had been depleted by previous production. The fracture gradient, already low in the virgin reservoir, was anticipated to be significantly reduced. Lost circulation and formation damage were recognized as significant drilling hazards. A low density drilling fluid was required to drill and complete the low pressure environment.
Summary Summary Gulf of Mexico: BARACARB® Bridging Agent Helped Operator Prevent Severe Losses and Stuck Pipe in Depleted Sands
Drilling in depleted sands in the production interval (12-1/4”) at 7,600 PSI overbalanced, an operator was concerned with differentially stuck pipe or suffering severe fluid losses.
Summary Summary Drilling Fluids Solutions
Besides our fluids systems and chemistries, we�ve made significant investments in digital technology in order to gather and analyze data and respond more proactively.
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