Middle East

Halliburton - Middle East

The Middle East region is divided into four strategic areas, also known as geomarkets. The geomarkets have been grouped based on their respective characteristics including reservoirs, operational and technical challenges. The organizational structure in this region has been built to ensure that we offer local expertise and technology teams focused on reservoir challenges, coupled with an operational organization that understands logistical and supply chain requirements.

Halliburton’s success in this region is due to the knowledge of our employees, together with the introduction of industry-leading technologies and the collaboration with your geology and geophysics, reservoir, and completions and drilling teams. We are the trusted advisors in your areas of operations.

Oil Operations Street
District #24 Western Burjisia
Basra, Iraq
Tel: +971 42374559
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Saudi Arabia
Jubilee Highway, AbuHadria Exit
Al-Khobar 31952
Saudi Arabia
Tel: +966 38389999
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Northern Gulf
(Kuwait, Qatar, Turkey)
Warehouse no. 1
KGL Logistic Warehouse
Facility Office, Road 40
Mina Abdullah, Kuwait
Tel: +965 254580005
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Southern Gulf
(Oman, Pakistan, UAE, Yemen)
14th Floor, CitiBank Tower
Al-Qutayat Street
Dubai, UAE
Tel: +971 43036666
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