Business Ethics, Policies & Practices

Supplier Requirements
Halliburton’s Code of Business Conduct requires that our employees treat suppliers fairly, with honesty and integrity. Our supplier selections must be based solely upon the superior value offered by any supplier in the goods and/or services they provide. In return, our suppliers should expect to be paid a fair price in accordance with the agreements established between our two companies.  Please refer to our supplier ethics letter for additional information.

Policies & Business Practices
Halliburton issues policies and business practices to define the fundamental requirements governing all decisions and actions worldwide. Specific documentation is available for customer review upon request.

Company Policies define the fundamental requirements governing all decisions and actions. Company Policies are under the oversight and administration of the Policy Committee (whose members are designated by the CEO), which approves Company Policies, ratifies Company Business Practices, and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors relating to policies.  

Company Business Practices define the functional requirements governing how Company Policies are implemented and require the approval of senior executives of the relevant departments. 

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