Tuesday, September 28, 2021 | 8:00 a.m. CST (UTC-05:00)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) provide powerful benefits and efficiencies across the entire oil and gas value chain in this dynamic energy landscape. The key to unlocking the benefits of AI lies in data. However, most companies have struggled to transform the deluge of data that exists across E&P lifecycles into production ready AI models, and therefore actual business value.

This disconnect is primarily due to data science teams spending more than 80 percent of their time on data accessibility, integration, and data engineering rather than creating and deploying AI models into production. provides enterprise capability and scale by empowering you to rapidly train pre-built models or create and deploy innovative ML solutions into operations to enhance subsurface, drilling and production workflows. It achieves this by overcoming industry challenges to design, develop, and deploy models at scale with unified DataOps, simpler MLOps and streamlined DevSecOps.

Join us for a webinar to experience this paradigm shift in intelligent automation and innovative digitalization in action and how it empowers you with a creative, cost effective and smarter approach to E&P processes and workflows.

Discover how

  • Provides access to proven and production ready ML models that can be deployed across subsurface, drilling and production lifecycles.
  • Accelerates the creation and deployment of custom AI solutions into production with a built-in automated model training and inference pipeline.
  • Enables consistent, centralized data access by connecting to multiple key E&P databases to automatically detect, connect and unify data sources.
  • Maintain the quality of data throughout its lifecycle via built-in QC function that delivers quantifiable, numeric diagnostics and performs necessary data cleanup.
  • Helped leading NOCs/IOCs across the world to accelerate their digital transformation and reduce uncertainty and risk with its computational and technological prowess.

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Presented by:

Amanda Smith

Amanda Smith

Head of R&D for Information Management and Platform Technology