Health and Safety

Journey to ZERO

Journey to ZERO is our vision to achieve ZERO safety incidents, ZERO environmental incidents, and ZERO non-productive time. This vision expresses our dedication to setting the highest standards, embracing all challenges, and making no compromises in fulfilling our commitment to our employees, customers, and communities.

Leadership and Oversight

The Board of Directors’ HSE Committee oversees the HSE and Sustainable Development (SD) Committee, and reviews reports at each meeting of the HSE Committee. The HSE/SD Committee is responsible for setting annual strategies and goals to ensure that actions are aligned to HSE statistics and data, and also for monitoring the HSE audit program implemented by our IAS group. The Chief HSE Officer leads our programs to improve individual safety, process safety, and environmental performance, and chairs the quarterly HSE/SD Committee meetings.

Halilburton Management System

The Halliburton Management System (HMS) is how we work and is central to putting our Journey to ZERO into action. HMS defines our work, by providing reliable processes that equip employees to work safely, consistently and effectively. The standards, processes, guidelines and work methods that make up HMS enable us to address the risks that are inherent in our business. A key element of the system is control points, which are defined objectives or activities in the job plan that provide confidence that the job purpose will be achieved.

HMS Compliance

HMS complies with the requirements of all relevant recognized management system standards, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, API Q1, API Q2, and API RP 75.

Identifying and Communication Safety Risks

The HMS incorporates several programs that play a key role in preventing incidents by identifying potential risks and providing processes to communicate those risks to employees and contractors.

Our global Stop Work Authority (SWA) program gives all employees and contractors the authority – and the responsibility – to stop a task if they observe an unsafe action or condition at a worksite or have a concern regarding the control of an HSE or SQ risk.

Our Management of Change (MOC) process controls change-related risk when we identify new risks or adjust the approved operational plan. The MOC process requires that we plan, review, and approve all operational and process changes before implementation to reduce the potential for service disruption or the creation of new hazards.

We have immediate visibility to high-risk incidents through our Significant Incident Review process, which prioritizes incidents in terms of severity and consequence. This process brings immediate visibility to high-risk incidents after they occur, thus enabling timely and rigorous investigations to determine root causes.

Process Verification and Continuous Improvement

Halliburton is committed to verifying our performance on key HSE and SQ metrics through our Tiered Assurance Program, a systematic self-verification process consisting of a job site or location assessment, a management system assessment, and global oversight by our Internal Audit Services group. We use the results to assess and verify that the HMS processes are implemented in all work locations, and to drive our focus through the associated corrective action process.

We encourage improvements of our HSE policies and programs to ensure that our health and safety processes are properly focused and keeping up with changes in the workplace. Our manufacturing organization has implemented a global initiative to empower small teams of employees, known as E4 teams (Every Employee Engaged Every day), to identify risks and to brainstorm and implement solutions to make a safer workplace. This collaborative effort has enabled employees to engage in problem-solving efforts related to safety during the manufacturing process.

Health and Safety Training and Awareness Programs

We require all Halliburton employees to complete introductory HSE training to reinforce the Halliburton core value of safety in all that we do. Employees involved in certain activities receive additional training, administered through our HSE representatives in all regions, to ensure that they have the competencies necessary to execute their jobs safely and responsibly.

For specialty job functions, such as radiation and explosives safety, we embed specific training curricula in our automated learning management system and link it to individual employees by role to ensure that mandatory training is delivered and completed as required.

Halliburton received its Competence Assurance Accreditation from the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) in 2013 on its program, and this has been reconfirmed each year audit cycle, including 2021. Halliburton is the only full-spectrum service company with a globally certified competency program with no restrictions.

Our People

We listen and respond to employee feedback, and work hard to provide employee-driven solutions to nurture an engaged workforce that feels valued and accepted with the right support and resources to be successful.

We comply with all applicable employment, labor, and human rights laws to ensure fair and ethical employment practices. Our non-discrimination, minimum employment age requirement, freedom of association and fair compensation policies, as well as our policies on health, safety and security for our employees, cover these practices. We also align our policies with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, expressed by the United Nations.

Health Care and Other Benefits

We provide a core set of benefits worldwide that are tailored to meet the needs of our diverse workforce.

In each local market, Halliburton targets the market median in offering comprehensive medical, disability, accident, and life insurance coverage. Company-sponsored medical plans typically include inpatient, outpatient, and professional services for medical and behavioral health needs, as well as prescription drug coverage. We also offer dental and vision coverages in the majority of countries.

In the U.S., all regular employees who are scheduled to work a minimum of 20 hours per week are eligible for all health, welfare, and retirement benefits offered by Halliburton, including retirement consultation and planning. Employees can elect different levels of coverage for themselves and their eligible family members for medical, prescription drug, behavioral health, dental, and vision coverage. Best-in-class nationwide vendors administer our medical plans to offer our employees comprehensive coverage wherever they reside.

In addition to healthcare coverage, our benefit plans include options for employee customization with a variety of options, including short-term and long-term disability, life insurance, and accidental death and dismemberment insurance. Employees in the U.S. and Canada also have access to accounts to help save for large health expenses.

Halliburton Retirement and Savings Plan

All active U.S.-based employees are eligible to participate in the Halliburton Retirement and Savings Plan.

Family Focus

We recognize our employees have obligations outside work that may affect their abilities, at times, to be present, productive, and engaged. To ensure that our employees bring their best selves to work every day, we provide support to our employees and their families with multiple options to suit their needs as their work and home life dynamic evolve.

Halliburton’s Family Care Program for U.S. employees include the following benefits:

  • Paid Parental Bonding Benefit - Mothers and fathers who have experienced either the birth of a child or adoption of a child under the age of 18 may be eligible to take a paid bonding leave or receive a bonding payout in lieu of taking a paid leave.

    To provide flexibility, employees may elect either eight weeks of paid bonding leave or a bonding payout in lieu of leave equivalent to two weeks of regular pay.

    Paid bonding leave may be taken as one continuous leave or in increments, allowing the option for flexible working hours for new parents transitioning into a new work/life balance. Paid bonding leave is separate from, and in addition to, our existing medical leave benefits associated with a birth.

    Employees anticipating a birth or adoption may contact the program advisor, who will provide informational resources and guidance to ensure the employee is successful in their ability to utilize the bonding benefit available to them.

  • Adoption Assistance - Provides financial assistance to eligible employees with the reimbursement of adoption-related expenses up to a lifetime maximum reimbursement of $20,000 per employee.

  • Surrogacy Assistance - Financial assistance to reimburse employees with eligible expenses incurred when using a surrogate to assist in carrying and giving birth to a child for which the employee is the intended parent.

  • Dependent Sick Days - Allows eligible employees the opportunity to take up to five paid days off each calendar year to care for, or attend to, an immediate family member without having to use their own sick or vacation time.

  • Back-Up Dependent Care - Assists employees in securing care for a child, disabled adult, or elder family member when their regular care is unavailable at little or no cost to the employee.

    Halliburton provides employees with up to 15 days of back up care annually, in addition to access to other educational resources and benefits – such as priority waitlisting for care centers and childcare facility discounts. 

In addition to the Family Care Program, preferential parking is provided for expectant mothers, along with lactation rooms at Halliburton to support expectant and new mothers.

We also offer two global programs that provide additional support and flexibility for our employees and their families. These include the Work Location Flexibility Program, which allows employees to work from home or from an alternate location, in addition to their assigned work location, and the Dual Careers Program, which provides career support services to an employee’s spouse when an employee relocates, either domestically or internationally, to work for Halliburton. These spousal support services include résumé development, career planning, personal branding, networking, and job skills information.

Wellness Programs

Halliburton offers a variety of tools and resources to help employees advance their personal health and wellness. Our employee lifestyle management program, LiveWell, provides all U.S. domestic and expatriate employees and their spouses with access to information and tools to help them achieve their personal health and wellness goals, including tobacco cessation, weight-loss programs, and stress reduction.

The Halliburton Wellness Committee, under executive sponsorship, has a mission to increase awareness and create opportunities for employees and their families to take ownership of their health and well-being, with a focus on five key pillars: (1) nutrition, (2) physical health, (3) emotional health, (4) financial wellness, and (5) community involvement. As part of our wellness awareness efforts, employees volunteer as Halliburton Wellness Champions to help fellow workers stay informed of wellness initiatives and to encourage a culture of health and wellness at Halliburton.

We also offer programs that help employees constructively address wellness issues that may arise within or outside the workplace. These programs include the Halliburton Dispute Resolution Program, which provides an independent ombudsman and mediator support to help employees resolve workplace issues.

Training and Development

Training and Education

At Halliburton, global learning and development teams are responsible for establishing our learning and development framework, which includes the standards, processes, and systems related to employee training and education. The teams then create employee development plans at the business unit level to build a tailored curriculum to meet the individual needs of the employees in each business unit.

Employees have access to a variety of learning and career resources via the Employee Development Program, which includes the Learning Central and Competency Central platforms. Learning Central is a comprehensive learning management system that tracks more than 4,000 courses, including technical, professional, and leadership training in online, classroom, and workshop settings. Employees have access to this platform through a mobile application that can be viewed on their phones and tablets, putting development in the palm of their hand.

Competency Central connects required competencies to job roles to ensure that employees receive relevant training and development that are aligned to business needs. To identify and address gaps in knowledge or skills, managers assign training and assess employees on their competencies for both their current roles and their next roles of interest.

In addition to these resources, Halliburton offers tuition reimbursement for Halliburton employees who pursue degrees that will further enhance their competencies. The Company has also partnered with universities across the U.S. for Halliburton employees to take undergraduate or graduate classes online at a discounted rate.

The quality of our learning and development programs remains best in class in the industry.

Talent Identification and Succession Management

With more than 8,000 leaders at Halliburton, the ongoing identification and development of leadership talent strengthens our competitive advantage and is critical to our short- and long-term success. Halliburton manages employee performance and engagement through frequent Check-ins between employees and managers. These discussions focus on status of work, priorities, performance feedback, and development. All employees participate in this Check-in process, which is the cornerstone of our performance management and career development framework. 

Halliburton has many career development frameworks that prepare qualified employees for leadership roles, including the Supply Chain Management programs, as well as our Hire-to-HSE Manager, Hire-to-Project Manager, and Hire-to-Country Manager processes. These development processes ensure that our employees have the right knowledge, skills, and experience to be successful. These processes require substantial commitments of time and effort from the organization and include intensive training and bootcamp events.

A key factor in fostering employee engagement is supporting employees in enhancing their professional growth and building their careers with succession planning, leadership development plans, and specialized leadership programs to open doors for high-potential employees. Succession management is a proven method for assessing the skills, talent, and potential of employees. It targets top talent for accelerated development within the Company through tailored development plans.

Succession Management Process

We follow a structured Succession Management process that engages employees and managers. Annually, our executive management team holds a two-day session focused on our top leadership pipeline. For employees who have been identified as having top leadership potential, Halliburton has a four-tiered Business Leadership Development Program that provides additional skills, knowledge, and experience. Since its launch in 2004, together with the Center for Executive Development at the Mays Business School of Texas A&M University, more than 10,000 Halliburton employees have participated in this leadership program. Upon completion of each tier, a select number of employees progress to the next tier. The highest level is the President’s Leadership Excellence Program, which prepares executives for senior leadership at the Company.

Listen and Respond

Halliburton listens to employees on what they see as challenges, and empowers them to share their perspective on how to improve their overall employee experience. Given the size and complexity of Halliburton, it is essential to have multiple avenues to connect and engage with employees, especially in this evolving digital and remote world.

Diversity and Inclusion

Halliburton is committed to fostering a positive work environment by maintaining a strong culture of diversity and inclusion, supported by our Code of Business Conduct and employment practices. We reinforce this culture by how we live out our mainstay of “listen and respond” to drive open communication, collaboration, and employee-driven solutions.

The Company’s efforts and actions to foster an inclusive culture help to drive diversity in hiring, development, and retention. We focus on hiring, developing, and retaining science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) students. STEM skills are an important consideration for Halliburton leadership positions. This is a strategic focus of our graduate hiring, and it is supported in our Diversity Hiring Objectives. Senior leadership develops these objectives and the Board of Directors oversees them. The Executive Committee receives monthly reports tracking hiring and employment data by gender, age, nationality, and other criteria. The Company’s Board of Directors annually reviews a comprehensive report on our workforce diversity.

To read more about Diversity and Inclusion download our 2023 Annual & Sustainability Report. Additionally, see U.S. workforce demographics data in our EEO-1 report.

Employee Resource Groups

Halliburton has Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) that are open to all employees to help foster engagement, networking, and professional development across our global workforce. These ERGs support the Company’s diverse workforce through expanding professional networks, enhancing leadership skills, and empowering career mobility within Halliburton. These ERGs strengthen our business by further supporting our positive and inclusive work environments.

ERG members participate in cross-industry events and forums with customers and service partners, as well as collaborate with functional groups within Halliburton and with their fellow ERG members. Halliburton engages with these ERGs to listen, empower, and help educate the workforce. Each of the following Halliburton ERGs are open to all Halliburton employees.

Local Communities

By dedicating our time and talent to volunteerism and supporting charitable organizations, we enhance the economic and social well-being of our communities. Our community engagement creates sustained value for the Company and all our stakeholders by focusing on four critical areas: Education, Environment, Health and Safety, and Social Services. You can learn more here.

Halliburton Volunteers

Halliburton employees help others, and the Company supports employee volunteer efforts around the world. To maximize our impact, we use volunteer teams under our Energy to Help™ program in the regions where Halliburton operates. These teams continually assess the needs of their respective communities, and our employees volunteer thousands of hours to a wide variety of organizations.

Corporate Giving

Halliburton corporate and our individual business units provide financial support to our local communities through cash donations and in-kind goods and services. Halliburton provides support to our local communities through cash donations and in-kind goods and services.

Each year, Halliburton employees around the world pledge money to their charities of choice through our annual workplace giving program, Giving Choices. Halliburton provides a 10% matching gift.

In addition to employee volunteerism and corporate donations, Halliburton provides support to our local communities through two non-profit foundations: Halliburton Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that provides financial support to qualified educational and charitable organizations in the U.S. through direct grants and employee matching gifts.

We provide annual funding for educational initiatives at all levels through our Halliburton Granting Programs for STEM programs at elementary and secondary institutions, and for business programs at U.S. colleges and universities. Our Educational Advisory Board reviews grant requests and ensures that we invest our donations in programs that align with our Company’s strategic business objectives. We support programs that effectively develop key skills for the future workforce, particularly underrepresented minorities, and encourage more students to enter targeted STEM and business programs to pursue specific fields of study and careers.

Halliburton Landmark

Halliburton Landmark sponsors a University Grants Program that offers Landmark software licenses free of charge to academic institutions to be used for learning, teaching, and research. The software grants are evergreen with three-year renewable terms, and come with software maintenance, training, and technical support. Currently, more than 200 academic institutions worldwide benefit from this program. 

Halliburton Charity Golf Tournament

One of our hallmark fundraising events is the Halliburton Charity Golf Tournament. Since 1993, the tournament has raised more than $25 million for nonprofit organizations to help strengthen our communities and improve the lives of those in need.

View Tournament

Educational and Community Engagement

Halliburton is one of the leading supporters of STEM education for women, underrepresented students, and minorities. We have worked with U.S. colleges and universities to introduce women and minorities to STEM majors, with the mission of empowering women to feel included in STEM programs at a collegiate level and to then pursue a career in a STEM-related field. We have seen significant success rates in recruiting women and minorities to science or engineering programs at schools that include the Colorado School of Mines and the University of Oklahoma. These educational arrangements also raise awareness of future career opportunities in the energy services industry, including careers at Halliburton.

Halliburton is a member of the Greater Houston Partnership, an organization of community-minded business leaders. Additionally, the Company is a member of the Corporate Community Relations Council (CCRC) of Greater Houston, which comprises member companies from a broad range of industries.

Human Rights

Halliburton operates in more than 70 countries around the world. The broad diversity of our workforce, customers, and suppliers helps to support our business excellence, and this diversity is central to the Company’s support for universal human rights, as defined by the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

We are committed to compliance with the requirements of all applicable employment, labor, and human rights laws to ensure that fair and ethical employment practices are followed at Halliburton and throughout our global supply chain. We demonstrate this commitment through our employment practices (including our policies on non-discrimination, minimum age requirements, freedom of association, and fair compensation policies), and through our policies regarding health, safety, and security. Human rights training is covered by our COBC training, which all employees must take every two years.