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Halliburton’s corporate matching programs allow employees to make monetary donations to nonprofits, charitable organizations, and educational institutions, and in turn the Company matches employee donations.




Maximum per employee each year to higher education


Maximum per employee each year to schools

Halliburton Foundation

Etablished in 1965, the Halliburton Foundation is an organization that supports educational institutions and charitable organizations through employee matching gifts and direct grants. The Foundation matches U.S. employee donations at a rate of 2.25 to 1. Each U.S. employee can make an annual donation of up to $20,000 to colleges and universities and up to $500 to primary and secondary schools.


Donated in 17 years




Matching gift

Giving Choices

Giving Choices is a program for employees around the world to support qualified charities and non-profit organizations with donations and volunteerism. From 2005 to 2022, Halliburton employees have pledged nearly $42M (USD) to support more than 1,500 charities worldwide.

Employees pledge money to charities of their choosing, and Halliburton provides a 10 percent matching gift. Over the last two years, employees have pledged more than $1.8 million to nonprofit organizations through the Giving Choices program.

Retiree Program

The Retiree Program enables employees who have been retired for five years or less to remain eligible for the Matching Program. Recent retirees are able to make donations to educational institutions to be matched by the company.

To participate in a Retiree Matching Program and request login credentials, please email Community Relations Manager. After you receive your login credentials, click here to access the platform.

If you have questions about the platform or need technical support, email


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